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Spinaltrax lumber TRACTION

Spinaltrax lumber TRACTION

Most individuals will have lower back pain at some time in their life since it is so widespread. In fact, lower back pain is the most frequent cause of employment-related impairment and one of the main causes of missed work in the US, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).
One of the most frequent causes of missed work days is lower back discomfort, which is highly prevalent. This can be avoided by applying the spinaltrax product which can help to correct the adverse effects of lower back pain on your daily activities. The lower back's role in supporting the upper body's weight and its frequent exposure to stress and strain, particularly during routine activities like lifting and twisting, usually result in pains that can be chronic sometimes. The Spinaltrax product supports the lower back and helps to reduce the burden vested on it.
Lower back discomfort is often brought on by either a sudden accident or the age, arthritis, and physical activity-related wear and tear. Spinaltrax is a perfect product that helps you treat and avoid lower back discomfort, no matter what the reason may be.
One of the most typical bodily conditions is back discomfort. Eight out of ten Americans, according to studies, have back discomfort at some time in their life, often in the lower back. Spinaltrax product is specifically designed to address all manner of back discomfort
You could have strained your back while cleaning the home or working in the yard. Or your back might hurt as a result of an old sports injury or a persistent illness like ankylosing spondylitis or arthritis. Whichever is the case, the Spinaltrax product is a quick solution and support tool that gets you going at all times. This article will explain in detail the processes and uses of Spinaltrax products in your everyday life.
What is spinaltrax?
Spinaltrax Lumbar traction is the product used to gradually and delicately push on a broken or misllligned bodily component. Frequently, ropes, pulleys, and weights are used. These instruments aid in exerting force on the tissues close to the injured region.
Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction serves to stabilize and support the body component while it is guided back into position. In order to: stabilize and straighten bone fractures, such as a broken arm or leg; lessen discomfort associated with a fracture prior to surgery; and repair scoliosis-related bone abnormalities, rectify tight, restricted muscles, joints, tendons, or skin, extend the neck, and avoid unpleasant muscular spasms.
An all-in-one lumbar therapy solution for reducing lower back pain is the SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device. The system offers a variety of treatments intended to treat and manage lower back pain as well as keep the lumbar region healthy and active.
We often cannot afford to put our life on hold due to severe or persistent discomfort. The lower back plays a crucial role in how well we can perform. The lower back supports the upper body's weight in addition to giving us mobility for many of the actions we do every day. For instance, the lower back controls the pelvic, leg, and foot muscles and rotates the hips as we walk.

Features of Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction
The intelligent dynamic traction may reduce mechanical strain on a nerve caused by a dislocated disc or by promoting disc or joint healing by altering the disc-nerve interaction.
The SpinalTraxTM intelligent dynamic traction system handles all the work, unlike conventional lumbar traction devices. Because of this, the SpinalTraxTM is far more efficient and secure than other subpar solutions on the market.
Vibrating Massage
The purposes of vibration massage treatment may be utilized to relieve lower back discomfort, tension, loosen up tense muscles, and improve blood circulation. By promoting numbness in the region, vibration massage helps ease lower back discomfort.
The device offers a variety of health advantages while producing a massage feeling akin to a hot stone massage. The thermotherapy function not only soothes lower back discomfort but also eases muscular spasms, lowers inflammation, speeds up recovery, and promotes blood flow.

Spinaltrax Uses Electrotherapy
In order to assist activate damaged muscles or nerves and reduce pain, the SpinalTraxTM contains electrode massage pads that may be applied externally.
The repetitive muscular contractions caused by electrical pulses from the electrode massage pads replicate neural impulses, increasing blood flow and speeding up the repair of injured muscles.
You may apply the feeling to any region of your body, and it is really soothing. can be applied to places without any discomfort or injuries.
Importance of Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction
100% LIFETIME Money-Back Guarantee
Personalized Settings
Free Shipping On All Orders
How does Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction works
Decompression treatment, such as spinal traction, releases pressure on the spine. It may be carried out mechanically or manually.
Herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and several other back disorders are all treated by spinal traction.
By stretching the spine, spinal traction relieves pressure on compressed discs. This boosts the body's capacity to mend itself by straightening the spine.

How to use Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction
Getting Ready for Treatment
With the wheels pointing up, place the Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction device in its case on a hard surface or bed. Unzip the casing and remove the wheels. The case lid should be opened with the head of the bed or treatment area in mind.
From the mesh storage area, take out the hand pump. Next to the gadget, place the hand pump. Each harness's buckles should be opened. Place the bottom harness so that it just touches the top harness.
To time your treatment, have a clock, timer, or wristwatch handy.
Traction Application
Laying down, position the bottom harness of the Spinal Trax Lumbar Traction device so that it is 1 inch over the top of your hips.
Pillows, wedges, or bolsters may be placed beneath your knees, back, and/or head, if preferred or as directed by your physical therapist.
First, fasten the bottom harness over your exposed flesh. Belts should be adjusted as tightly as feasible without hurting. Next, fasten the top harness in the same manner.
Utilize the pump to provide traction as directed in the user's handbook. Anywhere between 50 and 150 pounds is the ideal weight for the lumbar region. 20 to 30 minutes is the ideal treatment time. Observe the guidelines and processes laid forth by the physical therapist.
What to Avoid
Do not take antispasmodic medications too quickly. Many have anticholinergic or sedative side effects.
Avoid using lumbar traction. It hasn't been shown to be any more effective in treating back pain than a placebo. Don't provide back braces, lumbar pillows, or orthotics for the lower back. They have no known advantages. Lumbar supports shouldn't be regularly advised for the prevention of low back pain since they haven't been shown to decrease the incidence of low back pain in industrial workers.
Only suggest bed rest when the discomfort is unbearable and for no more than two days. Resting in bed does not hasten healing from severe low back pain; in fact, it may even slow it down.
Some benefits of Spinal Trax Product
Lower back pain does hinder people from performing certain important activities. Therefore, any product that can alleviate the pain and enable you to go about your normal daily businesses is highly essential. Spinaltrax products are unique and better than others lumbar traction products in so many ways and some of those reasons will be discussed here.
Easy to use.
The Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very easy to use. The process of applying the product is simple. There are no complicated procedures nor does it inflict any pain when using it.
Lightweight and portable.
This product is portable to the core. You do not need to worry about how to move it from one place to another. The Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very compatible and lightweight.
Dual high-power 3000 rpm multi-frequency vibration.
The frequency vibration of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is top notch, up to 3000 RPM. This makes the product very effective when it comes to relieving lower back pain.
Rhythmic Dynamic Air Traction.
The air traction of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very unique. It reduces all kinds of muscle fatigue and swelling, increases blood circulation by dissolving any blood cluster, and helps to give you immediate & lasting relief lower back pain.
ABS & PC materials supporting more than 450lbs of weight.
A mixture of PC and ABS is used to make the technical thermoplastic known as Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS). The specific ratio of PC to ABS in the mix, the molecular weight of the polycarbonate, and any thermoplastic additives in the blend all affect the unique balance of qualities. The final part's heat resistance is strongly impacted by the PC to ABS ratio. Spinaltrax lumbar traction uses these materials which make lower back pain relief quick and effective.
Comfortable ergonomic design at 26° to the body.
Instead of attempting to make the body conform to a traction device, the ergonomics of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is designed to match the shapes of your body. It has been shown that good ergonomic design improves your wellbeing as well as job effectiveness of the product which in turn increases your productivity.

Specification of Spinaltrax Product
Material: ABS + PC
As stated earlier, the Spinaltrax lumbar traction comprises Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS).
Power: 12V 100-240V AC/DC Adapter
The power or capacity of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is very high and commendable. 12V 100-240V AC/DC Adapter can be hardly seen in other similar products.
Heating Temperature Range: 45℃-65℃
The Spinaltrax lumbar traction temperature regulates its temperature around 45°C to 65°C. The temperature of the product is designed to facilitate pain relief instantaneously.
Vibrating Speed: 3000RPM/Min
3000rpm/min vibrating speed is superb. Other conventional products do not make up to half of this vibrating speed.
Adapter Cable Length: 1.5M
The cable length of Spinaltrax lumbar traction is 1.5m. This allows for flexibility. It will give you space to adjust to positions that are suitable.
Product Size: 48 * 26cm / 15.7 * 8in (L * W)
Measuring by length and width, the Spinaltrax lumbar traction has the size stated above. The size makes the product suitable for all individuals.
Product Weight: 1180g / 2.6LB
The product is lightweight. 1180g or 2.6lb is quite handy. The Spinaltrax lumbar traction being lightweight makes the product compatible and portable. Thus, it can be used for any activity both outdoor and indoor.
When you purchase a spinal trax lumbar traction, you are sure of getting 1x SpinalTrax Lumbar Traction Device, 1x Set of External Electro Pads, 1x User's Manual, 1x Power Adapter (UK/US/EU/AU) and the Complete SpinalTrax™ Lumbar Traction System
It is affordable.
Spinaltrax lumbar traction has a long lasting battery capacity.
The vibrating speed is perfect as well as effective
Spinaltrax lumbar traction is user friendly, no complication during usage at all.
It is designed to fit your body shape.
Free ship delivery once you purchase Spinaltrax lumbar traction on the product website.
It might be suitable for those who do not like a vibrating effect.
It is not affordable for low income earners
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Spinaltrax lumbar traction used for?
The gaps between your vertebrae, the bones that make up your spine, are separated with the use of lumbar (low back) traction. The sciatic nerve, among other pinched nerves, may be relieved of pressure by gradually separating these bones, which should lessen discomfort and increase movement. Spinaltrax lumbar traction is used for these things.
How long does it take to work?
Within the first week, 20% of patients will begin to experience pain reduction. Within two to three weeks, 40% of patients will see considerable improvement. Between 4-6 weeks, the remaining 20% will have considerable alleviation. Less than 20% of people will get little to no alleviation.
How often should you use Spinaltrax Lumbar Traction?
The patient may execute the process at home three to six times a day, and therapy sessions normally take 10 to 20 minutes. Positional distraction enables frequent, intermittent nerve root unloading, which is thought to have beneficial therapeutic benefits.
Last verdict
Staying in pain is disconcerting. A product that can ease your pain is not only important but highly essential. This article recommends Spinaltrax lumbar traction for all kinds of lower back pain issues. The product has unique features that made it stand out from other conventional products. If you wish to be relieved of your lower back pain, get a Spinaltrax lumbar traction and say goodbye to all lower back pain.

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