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Neck Relax UK ($54) - honest reviews from United Kingdom.

05-30-2022 03:51 PM CET | Health & Medicine

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Neck Relax

Neck Relax

Neck Relax is a personal and effective neck massager that you can take anywhere.

Priced at around $55 per unit, Neck Relax Promises to give you a quick Massage without any hassle.

What is Neck Relax? How does the Neck Relax massager Work? Why is it trending in the UK? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about NeckRelax Massager.


Working from the computer has become the new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of online works since 2019. Sadly, Neck pains are one of the prices one has to pay as a result of the constant use of laptops, Smartphones, and others.

Stiff neck, soreness, and difficulty moving the neck, especially when trying to turn the head from side to side are major symptoms of neck pains. Headache is also a serious case. There are other symptoms anyway.

Surprisingly, most people said that Neck pains are Natural, some say that it has relation with age claiming that there is no reliable device to cure them. They might be right but the truth is that everything has a solution provided you use the right formula.

Currently, there are many personal massagers in the market. Most of them can do the job well provided that you don't mind certain things like price, weight, and the technology used.

NeckRelax is one of the latest inventions, it is advertised as a complete messaging device, low-cost, and very efficient. The manufacturer claims that it is one of the best managers currently available online today. The reviews of course are impressive, read more to see every bit and byte of Neck Relax massager

What is NeckRelax?

Neck Relax is a compact, lightweight, and portable massaging device.

Like some popular massagers, NeckRelax uses three modalities - Electronic Pulse massager Technology, infrared Heat mode plus massage mode to stimulate and relax your muscles. It is easy to wear and remove without any side effects.

Neckrelax combines Electrical pulses with the magnetic mode to provide a two-pronged healing experience, the heat soothes the muscles while the electrical pulses release tension. With the Electrode pads that come with the device, you can massage some specific areas.

NeckRelax is Currently sold online at the official website where they are priced at $54.99 per unit. The seller claims that buying more than more in one round unlocks some discount, though this is as of the time of writing this review. Check the current price through the links down the page.

Neck Relax: Features

The manufacturer advertised the following features on their official website.

Different Massage modes: NeckRelax is all about options according to the marker. Users can choose From Any of these 6 modes. This includes soft tissue massage therapy, shiatsu, kneading, deep massage, automatic massage, and acupuncture massage mode.

Different intensity: This is another great feature found in Neck Relax. You can select from any of the 12 strengths depending on your body conditions.

Compact and Lightweight: Like something you can be worn around your neck areas, NeckRelax is extremely compact. If there is only one thing we love about this, it must be its compactness and lightweight.

Portable: Due to its compact Nature and lightweight design, NeckRelax is a very portable massager, allowing you to take it anyplace without any hassle.

Durable Batteries: NeckRelax features AAA batteries that can last several hours before needing to be changed.

Reasons Why NeckRelax is Recommendable

Before the invention of NeckRelax, there are a lot of options. Recent surveys suggest that it is becoming the best option. Many users are satisfied with it and the reasons are clear.

Truly, NeckRelax is a complete massaging device, it can soothe the muscles and tissues. It has vibration techniques that have proved to be beneficial for aching muscles.

Here is why most people are recommending it.

Easy to use: NeckRelax is produced to be used by anyone, whether you have used a similar device or not, you shouldn't have to worry about the NeckRelax massager as it is extremely easy to use.

Customizable: NeckRelax is all about what you want. It is dynamic in operation. The manufacturer understands that everyone has different degrees of Neck pain. All users can customize it to work the way they want.

Efficient and fast massager: NeckRelax is a very effective messaging device. Within 5 minutes you are done and free from any pain.

Outstanding design: Initially, most people don't mind the design. In addition to its great features The Neck Relax has a very good appearance. It looks like some big expensive headphones.

NeckRelax Specifications

Cutting-edge massage therapy technology.

10 Minutes treatment sessions.

EPM Electronic Pulse Massage technology.

12 Adjustable pulse intensities.

Six modes
Mode 1: Automatic
Mode 2: Acupuncture
Mode 3: Soft Massage
Mode 4: Shiatsu
Mode 5: Kneading
Mode 6: Deep Massage

Auto 15 minutes shut off.
3D fit to any neck size.

Extra plug for extending electrodes to other muscles.
2 electrode pads.

2 AAA batteries

Working Principle of NeckRelax Massager

From the advertiser page, NeckRelax doesn't rely on any gimmicky moving parts. Once you fit it in a comfortable place, usually your neck, click on the button and set it up the best way that suits you. It will give you a proper massage in under 10minutes But what happened inside that makes this work? It doesn't just happen like that, something is happening behind the scenes.

See the process

Neck Relax combines Electrical pulses with the magnetic mode to provide a two-pronged healing experience. With the Electrode pads that come with the device, you can massage other Remote areas.

It also uses a non-invasive massage mode that utilizes high-frequency vibrations to stimulate tissues, loosen the body and allow them to relax. Ideal for people who love sports. The gel pads that come with this help you massage targeted places, it has a connection cable to socket on the device.

How to use NeckRelax: Steps

Using the NeckRelax is straightforward. Just the instruction manual we get you going.This is something everyone who never used it before can use. It is as simple as any other simple thing.

Step 1: Unboxing your order: Once your package arrives, unbox it and make sure it is what you ordered, check for any damage, if you aren't satisfied, re-package it and send it back to the manufacturer for total refund or Replacement.

Step 2: Open the battery case and put the 2 AAA batteries, make sure you follow the polarities otherwise it won't power on. Everything is written clearly.

Step 3: Put your gadget around your Neck.

Step 4: Switching on the device. After inserting the batteries, power on by pressing the power button.
The preferred default setting is 1 which provides the lightest massage and shortest massage. You can change the strength by pressing the mode button.

It comes with Electrode pads with a connection cable, plug it into the NeckRelax and place the two pads to other areas you want to massage other than the Neck.

Advantages of using NeckRelax

There are a lot of pros associated with this product. It has been trending in the United Kingdom due to some of the benefits users get.

Here are some of them:

It offers full body massage: most devices are just for necks or some target areas like shoulders. This device is a complete massaging solution, it can massage some remote parts with its electrode pads.

NeckRelax is highly reliable. One user said: "Since I bought this, it Never failed". Provided that the battery has enough charge, Neck Relax is ready to work.

NeckRelax is also available at discounted prices. The company is offering it at a 50% discount on all purchases and it looks like they will leave it at that price.

NeckRelax is also Returnable without any hassle. The company offers a 30 days money back guarantee. Buyers who don't like it can return and the company will process their refund immediately.

Little or no running cost: NeckRelax is free from maintenance. Apart from the battery, there is no running cost attached to it.


NeckRelax is available only online. The manufacturer claims that they have run a lot of advertisements but the truth is that most people Will still miss out and buy from the wrong place and get the wrong product.

Also, the manufacturer doesn't include The battery so users are forced to buy From their own budget.

NeckRelax is also limited in supply. Recently the company announced that they have just a few left and they don't know when they will be selling out again.

Buyers are forced to pay shipping fees. The seller doesn't do free shipping on any order.

Neck Relax: Pricing

The price ranges from $54.99 to $164.97

From the product sales page

1x Neck Relax cost $54.99

2x Neck Relax cost $119.98

3x Neck Relax cost $134.98

4x Neck Relax cost $164.97

Neck Relax Uk: Where to buy

Neck Relax is available for sales at the official website. The company said that they have enough payment methods and also have capable customer care services that will attend to any buyers.

Benefits of having your own personal massager

Getting a quick massage: With your own massaging device, You are sure to get a massage anytime you want it.

Saves time and money: initially the price might be too much but You just need to do it once. You don't need to be paying for appointments always. It also Saves you time because you can get massaged right in your office, house, and car.

NeckRelax Return Policy

From what we know, all orders are backed by a 30- day money-back guarantee if you are not completely thrilled by the device again.
Buyers can return if:

1: They received a product with a damaged package.

2: They received a defective product.

3: They received the wrong item.

4: They changed their mind and wanted to return an unused and opened product.

However, conditions for full refunds are stated below:

Returned products are undamaged and show no signs of wear.

Products are returned in the condition you received them including all packaging, accessories, and manuals.

Neck Relax must be returned to the return facility address provided by Their customer service.

Who needs NeckRelax

NeckRelax is for everyone, everybody needs proper rest after work. The company didn't have any class of people in mind. It is generally for everyone to use. The price is also affordable. After a busy schedule, everyone needs a proper massage for tomorrow's activities.

But after using this we find out that this is a must-have for those who work from their computers, phones, and desk. Those who love sport must have this in their kit bag. It helps the muscles to relax after some exercise. It can suit anybody, you can adjust it as well.

NeckRelax Manual

NeckRelax is shipped with a well structured, detailed, and English user manual at no additional cost to you.

NeckRelax Battery

Neck Relax uses 2 AAA batteries. The battery is not Rechargeable, and it is not included in the package and we don't know if you can buy from the official website.

Caution: Neck Relax Uk

Everyone is advised to take care of their device. NeckRelax can damage if used carelessly. Avoid direct contact with water and Also monitor the battery as well.

In case you want to store your Neck Relax, clean it and remove the batteries. Store I cool dry place and monitor from time to time.

General Opinion

NeckRelax is advertised as a neck massager but from experience, it can be Used to massage shoulders, thighs, feet and other parts. People have been using it and it works just fine in these areas. It has no notable side effects, it doesn't make Noise, and can be Used by children and elderly people. It is recommended to use three times pay day.

Customer Reviews: See their Thoughts.

A lot of people have already bought this with many praising the idea behind it.

See some of the testimonies.

Laura said that It is a simple and inexpensive aid. I found this device to be very helpful in countering neck pain due to muscle strain. I love the idea, it is really awesome. I think you might love them.

Jen Ren said that she has been working From computer since 2020 but neck pains are becoming a serious case. I saw some ads promoting Neck Relax. Before then a friend had told me about this latest design but I never believed it. I prefer booking appointments with massage therapists even though it is time consuming. I missed my appointment one day and I couldn't sleep, I ordered Neck Relax and the result surpassed my expectations. I planned to use it as a substitute, surprisingly, it is now my favorite.

Another user, Williams, from Uk, said that it is the best he has used. This tiny stuff is really wonderful, I least expected what I have seen so far. I recommend it to anyone looking for an efficient Neck massager.

Mark from Cardiff said that getting Neck Relax is one of the best things he has done this year. I thought I was overpriced, said mark. But after two days of using it, I felt I was lucky to have one.

I have used another massager before, said Jordan, from Newcastle. Sincerely, all work fine but I believe that Neck Relax outperformed them, though I bought some at a lesser price anyway.

Final Thought

No doubt, you have seen all that you have been asking. Neck Relax is not a basic massager, it is very close to the best. Think portability, compactness, effectiveness, reliability, and cost. Users have been using this handy device and their reactions were amazing.


All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only.

The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We make no representation and assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on or available through this website, and such information is subject to change without notice.

Neck Relax is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, monitor, or prevent medical conditions/illnesses. Never make any changes to your medication, daily routine, nutrition, sleep schedule, or workout, without first consulting your doctor or other medical professionals. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.

Worth knowing:

Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely substitutes for sound financial advice from a certified financial advisor. Make sure you consult your financial consultant before making any decision.

We are not responsible for pricing inaccuracies. Always check the product sales page for the final price. The seller reserves the right to alter the price anytime they want.


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