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A Comprehensive Guide to the Elden Ring runes Ranni the Witch Sidequest

04-24-2022 05:03 AM CET | Business, Economy, Finances, Banking & Insurance

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You've probably already realized this, but Elden Ring runes ( are a massively popular game. It's huge, like, really huge. Apart from the fact that it's a massive open world, there's also a plethora of things to do in it such as killing monsters and collecting weapons as well as completing sidequests. Ranni the Witch introduces the largest optional quest in the game, a mission that will take you through both beautiful and noxious environments in equal measure.

Ranni's quest is worthwhile for three reasons. First, it is a unique opportunity. First and foremost, you'll learn some extremely valuable information. First and foremost, you'll be rewarded with some even more valuable loot. Finally, it will have an impact on the number of different endings that are available to you. It is necessary to have unlocked the Liurnia of the Lakes area before you can begin the quest line. To begin Ranni's quest, travel to the northwest of Liurnia, passing through Carnia Manor on your way there. If you defeat the boss of that dungeon, you'll unlock a door that leads to a field brimming with glintstone crystals.

This area is guarded by three towers and one dragon who patrol the area. Ranni's Rise can be found to the west of the field, past the dragon, and to the north of the dragon. If you climb to the top, you'll find Ranni in her chamber, where she'll ask you to assist her in some way. Accept her request and then proceed downstairs to meet her three other servants, Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis, who will be waiting for you.

Blaidd is the most important non-player character in this story. It is possible that the wolfman will inform you that he wishes to inspect Nokron, the Eternal City, and that you should meet him at the Siofra underground passageway. That's all right. This is something that can be done, but it is completely optional. You'll need to defeat Starscourge Radahn before you can begin the quest in earnest. Wishing you the best of luck!

Once you've defeated him, a falling star will crash into the Lands Between, destroying everything. Fortunately, it will take place at the exact location where you will be able to travel to Nokron. You will now be able to begin Ranni the Witch's quest as a result.

Nokron is known as the Eternal City.

The Fingerslayer Blade for Ranni is the ultimate goal of Ranni's exploration of Nokron. A lot of useful loot will be dropped along the way, including the Mimic Tear summon and a large number of Grave and Ghost Gloveworts, which can be used to level up your summon ashes as you progress. To begin, you'll need to find your way into Nokron and then find the entrance to the city.

Travel to Fort Haight West, where the Site of Grace is located. As you ride Torrent up the path, you'll notice a cluster of floating rocks in the sky, which you can use to your advantage. The Lands Between were struck by a falling star at that location. When you reach the bottom of the floating rubble, you'll discover a pathway leading to Nokron, the Eternal City. Through half-destroyed buildings, across rooftops in an abyss, and across a fallen tower that serves as a bridge into another massive building, you'll make your way through the game. You'll find a Site of Grace if you jump through the open window and proceed down the path.

To get to the town square, run through it, defeating all of the bad guys and collecting as many goodies as you can, and then descend the flight of stairs located at the northern end of the neighborhood. Following the path, you'll be treated to a panoramic view of Nokron, and then you'll come across a yellow magic wall, which indicates the presence of a boss area. The Mimic Tear, which is an exact replica of your character, can be found in this location. If you defeat it, you'll be rewarded with the Mimic Tear summon, which, when powered up a few levels, will prove to be a tremendous asset.

The Site of Grace is accessible after you have defeated the Mimic Tear enemy. You'll have to cross a bridge after you've visited the Site of Grace.(Please keep in mind that you can now ride Torrent.)Eventually, you'll find yourself in a large open area populated by blade-wielding beasts -- the worst kind of beast imaginable. Dealing with them is a separate quest in and of itself, so just ignore them for now. If you continue down the path, you will come across one of the beasts on a hill next to a statue. As she sings, she will be surrounded by a blue aura. To get to the path on the left of the hill where the singing beast is, take Torrent to the end of the road. You'll find a Site of Grace just around the corner if you keep going.

To get to the rooftop you can see on the right, you must jump. Run along the sidewalk, then jump down onto the ledge of the next building, then run around the back to the other side of the building to escape. A graphic will appear informing you that you have entered the Sacred Ground of the Night, and when you jump down onto the pathway, two blobs will transform into Silver Tear warriors who will attack you as you run. Simply following the beaten path will get you there: run to the other side of the neighborhood you're currently in, run along the rooftops, and you'll come across a makeshift bridge that will lead you into a cathedral. Get inside and defeat the bad guys. Then exit the building and go downstairs to find a Site of Grace.

You'll be confronted with a long path that's strewn with black sludge monsters. Beat them all, or simply run past cheap Elden Ring items, into the large building at the end of the path to your destination. A treasure chest with the Fingerslayer Blade can be found inside.

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