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Karben wallet reviews: Truth About Karben wallet RFID.

04-20-2022 08:58 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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The karben wallet

The karben wallet

No, that is not possible and it doesn't look to be some days in the future. Your forty nine dollars ninety nine cents can be a waste of money. It is built with durable Aluminum and genuine carbon fiber. Users have testified that Karben wallet keep going when other wallets have fallen And that just what it is.

Karben Wallets is a minimalistic RFID-blocking, aluminum and carbon fiber wallet designed to be slimmer, smarter, and safer. Have you thought of having a wallet like this before? You are Lucky to meet us today. This is exactly that thing. Maybe we are going to give you One after reading the karben wallet reviews….., Don't mind him, it looks like a joke.

Wallets have been around since the invention of paper money. Leather wallet being the most popular and preferred by Many due to its quality look and durable nature. Most designs keep changing as the size of money keeps changing . Some then have a dedicated port for inserting a few credit cards, Debit cards and things like that.

Men are mostly customers. Women do use them sometimes but they don't like stress. Some leather wallets, when stuffed with things, become ugly and look more heavy. I think that's why women don't really fancy that.

Here comes an upgrade, the karben wallet. It combines both security, style and social media. Security wise, it is the best. When we first heard about it, I thought it was another joke till I checked others for more information. I read the karben wallet reviews from others and I see consistent information. Many are believers now including me!!!

Keep reading for more updated information about this. We will give a rundown of everything that is worth knowing here. It is entirely free.

Check the pros, the cons, features and see why it is trending in the United states and other countries. As we said before, many are now believers.

Don't browse away from this site looking for this product, we provide links to get it directly from the official website and at the lowest price with fastest shipping time. Seeing is believing, this has come to replace all the leather wallets.

Read more and check if it is helpful, see you there!!!.


In addition to other things, the karben wallet is a Radio Frequency Identification Blocking wallet that is more compact and safe. It is a revolutionary product produced to address some issues with traditional wallets.

It can hold up to 12 cards without any hassle. It is slimmer when compared to leather wallets. Made with quality carbon fiber, more durable, lightweight and very portable.

Karben wallet is really an innovative wallet. The company wants to address the downsides of our popular leather wallets. It is made with quality and military based carbon fiber. It is more secure than normal Wallets, remaining flat when fully stuffed with cards and money.

Despite being made From high grade military fibre, they remain Very light in weight. It has many features that other wallets don't have, looks more beautiful, more secure and can do more with the karben mobile app.

This accessory is really trending because people are showing more interest in buying it now. It is really a special wallet made for people that like smart things and affordable as well. It is one of the products that contain Both good qualities and good price. It is not that kind of RFID blocking Wallets you have in mind, use it and confirm, many people are now believers!!!.

Most people claim that RFID wallets don't always work. Most people prefer homemade RFID blocking devices ( Aluminum foil). Karben wallet is totally new with embedded aluminum foil to block and RFID readers trying to capture your personal information.

Technology is changing the world from both ends, RFID was initially used for our convenience, but now tools for identity thieves. With a karben wallet, this will be the least of your worries. You don't need to wrap aluminum foil around your cards again. It works perfectly well.


Below are the Unique Features of this smart wallet. See why it will work unlike some RFID blocking Wallets that are in the store. Karben wallets have already attracted positive reviews despite the fact that it was a New product. That tells more about its uniqueness. Let's see its features.

COMPACT: Unlike that kind of wallets, karben is very compact. Gone are the days when we are comfortable using some heavy wallets in our back pocket, sometimes it will even damage our pocket as it will force it. Karben looks slimmer and contains More.

DURABLE: This product is produced from carbon panels which are mounted on an aluminum frame. This special architecture is to produce something that can last long, More durable. This can stand the test of time. Just get and enjoy this new innovation. Time of using fragile stuff is over, the karben wallet is super tough and more durable than what you have been using.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Despite having all this quality materials, the manufacturer still maintains its weight. Lightweight and compactness makes this the most portable wallet you might see in the store. People love it and I'm sure you will love them too. No stress going out with your wallet. It is one of the best for now. I don't know what the future holds but I know this is the wallet every other wallet wants to beat.

MONEY CLIP BAND: In addition to all, the manufacturer of The Karben Wallets also integrated it with an elastic band cash clip. This is another amazing feature as it helps you keep your cash in place without losing it, especially when on transit. Hope these are great features…

KEY CHAIN LOOP: Comes with this is an Integrated lanyard/keychain loop. This is to help you carry the Wallet while on transit without any hassle. Your comfort is their major concern. Hope you will like it.


A lot of that, karben is on another level and looks like it is going to dominate this space for a long time. A lot of things make this special, we will only give some of them, during checkout you Gonna see more.

See some of them here!

Karben wallet is one of the wallets that combines three most important features: security, style and social media. It is a multifunctional wallet. A security device, a fashion product and communication accessory. It is extremely hard to see something akin to this. I'm sure you will doubt it.

Karben can hold as many cards as possible. Will put 12 cards and it will contain them comfortably. Most leather wallets contain few which you still need to wrap aluminum foil to block RFID Readers. Karben has a special place as far as wallets exist. Men reading this understand why.

It comes with NFC STICKER (Near Field Communication Tag) From the look of things, the manufacturer always wants this to be your favorite. They're even giving this away for free. Karben is something everyone should be looking to get. I'm happy that they are even the one handling sales and shipping so everything looks easy and straight.

Karben wallet comes with in-built Aluminum foil which protects your credit card information from identity thieves. Credit card fraudsters are all over looking to steal sensitive information. Some said that RFID Wallets don't work. I believe that person will use this and I'm sure he will Give it a second thought. I don't know about others, I know karben does that.

More of them, let's stop here, see more in the company official website.


Being special means a lot of benefits. Owners have been enjoying this, hope you will be one of them one day, if not today.

Karben wallet combines superior qualities with affordable end-user price. Hard to see something Having these two at once. It might be costly for some who use low quality leather wallets but after using this you will understand why we keep emphasizing on the low price tag.

No hassle return as long as it is karben and you purchase it from the right source: company's official website. They are offered the Chance to return this to them within 30 days of purchase and you will receive all your initial payment without any hassle.

Karben can do more than a wallet as it makes it so convenient to share the information you want to share with just a simple tap on someone's phone. If you are doubting it, keep reading and see why. Users have been enjoying this since.

There are also multiple color options to choose from. Most people have been buying the black color but the silver is very attractive. The good news is that both colours are sold at the same price even though people tend to buy the black color. It all depends on your choice.


1: Money clip bands
2: It can handle up to 12 credit cards
3: It is carbon fibre wallet
4: Preprogrammed NFC STICKER
5: Dimensions: 8 X 61 X 86mm
6: Color: silver and Black.


1: Dimension: 30mm in diameter
2: NFC Chipset
3: CE/ ROHS/Reach certified


A lot of both. Knowing them will really help you in making any decisions regarding purchase. Will always want you to get value for your money.

See the pros first.

1: Karben wallet is portable, making it easy for you to Walk around with them.
2: owners can return the product within 30 days of purchase provided that the product remains intact. This will give you the chance to recover all your initial payment without any difficulties.
3: karben can do more than a leather wallets
4: It is very cheap when compared to its benefits.
5: It is designed with quality engineering and science which improved its durability.
6: It is a smart wallet.
7: it is a real RFID blocking Wallet
8: it is compact and lightweight
9: The karben app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
10: It comes with money clip bands to secure your money firmly.
11: It is available at a 50% unending discount.


1: It is available only online. Few people don't like shopping From home due to some kind of fraud they have experienced online. After shopping From this company today you might make online shopping your preference.
2: limited stock When compared to interested buyers. The company might sell out anytime and nobody knows when it will be on sale again.

These are the few downsides we discovered about this product. We promise to update it if we figure out more cons.


Overall rating of Karben wallet review by customers place this at a place that nobody can question it. It is a complete wallet that offers both security, style and social media. Made by experts after a protracted research and technical analysis. Karben has come to do most of the work leather wallets failed to address. It is super tough with ergonomic design.

Many Karben wallet review sites give this rating of 4.9 out of 5.0. This has a lot of information regarding its quality and usefulness. It fits comfortably and all the cards inserted in it look secured in all angles. After experiencing this you will understand why this unquestionable accessory is called. There is no market hype here. This is what it is. You're gonna see it shortly.

When a new product hits the market like karben has done, people hardly believe it is possible and worth what the manufacturer claims. We understand the world we live in, a lot of fake stuff and hyped reviews everywhere. Try this and check if this has become the new normal. I'm sure you will love them.

Karben is good, the features, specifications and other general information is impressive. Check this and confirm if we are exaggerating things here.


A lot of reasons. Karben is likely to run out of stock soon. Many people have been buying since the day it was launched. Most testimonies recommend this and no other wallet.

We aren't condemning any leather wallet. We have them and still keep them. The truth is that an upgrade has come and will not keep doing it that way. Imagine using aluminum foil around your cards and wallet in the era of Karben?

It offers plenty of benefits and has many pros. This will soon be your favorite. A lot has been Said about the effectiveness of its RFID Blocking. You rarely see something as good as this comparing both quality and money. Truly, this offers you more.

Unlike some traditional stuff that make you sit uncomfortable when fully packed with stuff. Back pain is something we must avoid. It is a serious issue. Victims will know why.

Karben can contain many cards unlike other wallets. It is good keeping all your cards One place, it offers more protection and reduces the risk of losing cards. Putting one here and the other there doesn't help matters.

I know you have been looking for something that is light, durable, compact, tough and of course affordable. That is more reason you need this. It is one of the accessories that offers all of this.


Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find a product that almost everybody will find relevant. You can either see something a student will like, an office worker will appreciate, a business mogul, men or women. You hardly see something that is truly universal.
Let's see who might need this.

STUDENTS: let's start from the most important class of people. All students like something smarter, cheaper, more comfortable and portable. Karben has all. The company set it at a price that almost every student can afford. It is one time investment, students don't like spending unnecessarily. They can easily share their social media information with the help of Karben app. It offers protection to their credit card information, preventing attack by fraudsters.

Business moguls: Its durability, smart, lightweight and portable makes it an ideal wallet for business experts. With the help of money clip bands, they can secured their money while on the go. The RFID blocking will make Sure that their credit card is secured from any malicious attack.

OFFICE WORKERS: They will definitely find it helpful despite the fact they sit in one place throughout the day. Some fraudsters might visit and you will end up losing money while at your work place. Due to the nature of leather wallets, it makes it uncomfortable to sit with them for a long time. Most people always drop them on top of their working table which always get lost.

LADIES: Anything that is comfortable is usually meant for them. Manufacturers thought that they have solved problems for Men not knowing that women find this helpful than men. Men do manage but our women can't. No wonder we thought that leather wallets are for men.

Generally, karben wallet is universal, making it everybody's choice. All genders need this likewise all classes of people. Try it and you will repeat this!!!.


Yes, my honest opinion. Other karben Wallets reviews confirmed it. You might have another thing in mind. It is a high quality product, it is worth every penny you're gonna pay for it. It might not be the best in the future but definitely one of the best for the time being.


Pricing, decision time. You want to see what we call an affordable price. Check it here.

One will cost $49.99 instead of the original $76.91.
Two will cost $99.99 which is a discount From regular price of $153.82
Three, which is a recommended deal, cost $111.99 instead of $230.72. you save almost 60%.
Four, which is the best deal, cost $136.99 which is a discount from $307.63 regular price of $307.63. You save more than 70%.

Nevertheless, this is a discounted price, the company might decide to sell at the regular price anytime without notice. Check the updated price at the official website. I'm sure they are going to stick with this for a long time anyway.


I remember telling you to stay here if you want to get this product. We have links to the official website, the best and the most secure place to place an order. They are selling at the lowest price ever and the only people selling exactly this. As of the time of writing this review, I'm not sure that you will see it in any store. You can check anywhere but the probability is very close to zero if not zero.

Getting from the company makes a lot of sense, you can get it at the original price and From the manufacturer, meaning that everything is okay.

They also offer a lot of payment methods unlike some platforms that solely depend on one platform. Things like PayPal, master card, Amex, Visa are available. You just choose the most convenient one for you.

With plenty of customer care Service on ground, you Stand the chance to get the fastest shipping time you never imagined, and the package will arrive in good and secure condition.

Lastly, no hidden charges, everything you need to pay will be made known to you during checkout. all your personal information will be protected as well .Get to the company website today and see more.

Enjoy the most secure shopping today. Many have been enjoying this, be careful where you insert your credit card, there are a lot of knockoffs out there. Always deals with the manufacturer's website.


See some customers' reports below, they have seen it, used it and voluntarily sent their views.

Mike R. from Boston, MA says, "I used to use a 'dad' wallet. I kept it in the back right pocket of my pants and it eventually wore a hole right through them! And it was uncomfortable. I later developed back pain because of years of sitting on it. A friend recommended this, luckily for me I didn't doubt it as usual and it paid off. Since I started using it the back pain disappeared. I recommend this to you.

Nathan K. from Green Bay, WI says, "more dependable than Aaron Rodgers!. Very sturdy, very slick. Very practical with a super cool look. It's sleek and simple, but sophisticated. All my friends ask me where I got it. It's seriously the best wallet I've owned and I'm sure I'll never replace it with another brand. I'm now a believer. Thank you karben!!!

Nick P. from Butte, MT says, "happy to have seen this, it fits in my front or back pocket easily and discreetly. It literally weighs NOTHING compared to every other wallet I've owned in the past. Happy once again "

Gideon J. from Los Angeles, CA says, "love this, It's compact, lightweight, discreet and looks like it came from 20 years in the future. But my favorite part is how secure it is. Far from RFID Readers, they can't get my sensitive information again "


During the course of this review, we saw some questions being asked about this. We try to answer some of the consistent questions from the information we got from the manufacturer.

See them here.


Strongest among all other strong wallet.Karben is made to last! Built of durable aluminum and genuine carbon fiber, Karben keeps going when other wallets have fallen to pieces!. Feel free and shop this.

Do My Friends Need to be Using the Karben App For Me to Share My Info?

No, The people you choose to share your information with do NOT need to have Karben installed to receive your information. Just a tap on their phone is all that's required!

Can Karben Really Protect Me from Data Theft?

Yes, that is one of the reasons the company produces it. It is one of its selling features. It is a true RFID blocking device.

How Large is Karben? How Heavy?

Karben measures 8 x 61 x 86 mm, just a hair larger than a standard credit card. And it weighs in at an easy to carry 60g. The lightest things you will ever have.

Does Karben Require any Batteries to Work?

No! Only the phone you transfer your information to requires power.

There are other questions, we believe this is the most relevant one that will answer them. In case You have some questions you can contact them, I'm sure they will listen to you. We will be sharing their information


Before the invention of this wallet, there were many carbon fibre wallets in the store. Some do their work while some don't, prompting people to say that RFID blocking wallets don't usually work, but using home made blocking devices like Aluminum foil just work fine. Karben is by far one of the best carbon fibre wallets.

Closer look, you will see that the carbon fibre material used here is better than other carbon fibre wallets. Looking at this with ordinary eyes you might think there is no difference.

In terms of weight, karben beats all its competitors by margin. It is one of the lightest carbon fibre wallets, if not the lightest. Indeed, karben is that wallet every carbon fibre wallet wants to beat. Truly, Karbens are the slimmest and lightest carbon fiber wallets you will find.


1: Download the app From Google play or Apple store.
2: Set up your personal Profile on the karben NFC App.
3: Login using your Gmail, Facebook account or Apple ID account.
4: By clicking add more, you can add your social media profile .
5: Make sure your bio data is Set to the public.
6: Tap and activate your karben sticker.

Note: follow the instructions manual and get more information on how to manage your NFC STICKER and how to delete your account if you want.


Happy seeing you here, I least expected it. There is not much to say about this. Karben wallet is real and does what the manufacturers say that it is doing. I'm sure that you won't regret buying it.


To ensure that your order(s) are properly delivered and that you receive them within the estimated timelines we advertise, please make sure that your address is correctly entered and includes all relevant and/or required information. The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) is critical for ensuring timely delivery. We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of purchase.


Their Return Policy lasts 30 days and it takes effect from the time you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since delivery of your purchase, unfortunately they can't offer you a refund, exchange or price equivalent in store credit.
Assuming you return your purchase within 30 days from receipt, to be eligible for a return:
1: Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and its original packaging.
2: Product packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.
3: Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

To ensure the quick processing of your return please confirm the return facility address with their customer service at and provide them with the tracking number. All products must be returned to the return facility address confirmed by their customer service agent, otherwise they might reject your return. Once your return is received and inspected, they will send you an email to notify you that they have received your returned item. Return will be processed within 30 days upon receipt of the returned item at the returns facility. Once the return has been processed, we will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your return.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to them via

For more information, Read the karben terms and conditions during checkout.


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