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This Miracle Pillowcase Reviews article was carefully gathered after the new Miracle Pillowcase started garnering popularity around the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. This Miracle Pillowcase Review contains all you need to know about this trending pillowcase before you make a decision to spend a dime on it. Therefore, taking a few minutes to peruse this article will help you make a good decision.

No matter how comfortable you think it is, your pillow may be messing with your skin and hair, casing you to wake up in worse shape than when you laid down for your beauty sleep. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and most of that time is spent with our faces on our pillows, so it's important that we do all that we can to ensure that whatever we're sleeping on is actually doing us some good - or at the very least, not hastening our aging process. You'd be surprised to find out how your pillowcases affect your skin and hair.

Pillowcases can clog your pores. This is how pillowcases cause acne. Your pillow is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing bacteria, oils, old makeup, sweat, drool, hair products and all the other stuff coming out from your body. Your pillow may look clean but trust us, it most likely isn't. If you get enough sleep at least 7 - 8 hours each night, you're exposing your skin to everything on your pillowcase for about 210 -240 hours each month. The problem is that even if you start with a clean pillowcase, after a night or two, you're lying down on old dirt and microorganisms. As these materials come into contact with your face again, they clog pores and encourage inflammation, increasing your chances of waking up with breakouts or at least carrying bacteria that might cause one later.

Your pillow could be making you older. Shocking? In June 2016, Oxford University reported that when people sleep on their sides or their bellies, the forces applied to the face on the pillow can result in the manifestation of 'sleep wrinkles' over time. In simpler terms, gravity smashes your face into the pillow for hours each night. Over time, this may result in the appearance of wrinkles or creases. Another earlier study from the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found similar results, with mechanical forces during sleep creating crow's feet, lines around the mouth, flatting of the forehead, and nasolabial folds.

As we age, this problem gets quite worse for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we do not change positions during sleep as much as we get older, which means that we have more pressure on a certain part of the face for longer periods of time. Secondly, as we get older, our skin gets older and gradually becomes less able to resist these forces because of decreased elasticity and skin 'thinning'.

Also, you may encounter a rash from your pillow case. If you are usually waking up with red, itchy, irritated and inflamed skin, then it's time to take a second look at your pillow and pillowcase. Remember that a dirty pillowcase is re-depositing dirt, oil germs, makeup, hair products and more onto your skin, which could be the cause of temporary irritation though it could also be the material in your bedding.

These important effects of your pillowcase on your skin is why the manufacturers of Miracle pillowcase brainstormed and came up with this high quality, super healthy pillowcase that is guaranteed to provide the best comfort and also protect your skin. The rest of this review contains information on the key features, pros and cons including where to get this Miracle pillowcase.

What is Miracle Pillowcase?

The Miracle Pillowcase is a self-cooling, high quality pillowcase designed with anti-aging and antibacterial features that ensure you wake up with healthier skin and hair each morning. This pillowcase is designed from premium, silky soft, long staple cotton that gets even softer with every wash. According to Miracle Pillowcase Reviews online, 87% of customers report far better rest. The manufacturers have made it their mission to design thoughtful, remarkable products that make people's daily lives better.

Miracle pillowcase ensures that you wake up with healthier skin and hair as the fabrics repel bacteria so you can stop resting on filth. Miracle Pillowcase prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth to support and improve your skin care. With this pillowcase, you can stop sleeping on dust mites and bacteria. You can then be rest assured that you are putting your face and hair to rest on a clean surface. It achieves this antibacterial property naturally using antibacterial silver. The pillowcase is infused with natural antibacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth through a natural process called ionization.

Miracle Pillowcase is made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. OEKO-TEX certification means that you can be certain that every component of the fabric or article i.e. every thread, button and other accessories have been tested for harmful substances and that the fabric or article therefore is harmless for human health. This means that you do not have to worry about your body reacting to certain substances in the fabric of the pillowcase or inhaling harmful substances into your lungs. People that are asthmatic or have other lung diseases are really careful about the pillow cases they use. Its OEKO-TEX certified fabrics ensure a hypoallergenic sleep while the natural silver fights bacteria, so you can wake up breathing clearly.

Miracle Pillowcases stay fresh 3x longer thanks to antibacterial silver. The antibacterial silver fights off 99.9% of bacteria that usually cause the smell and dirtiness on conventional pillowcases. With those bacteria out of the way, Miracle Pillowcases stay fresh 3x longer and this means 3x less laundry needed and fewer odors. Thanks to the antibacterial fabrics, Miracle Pillowcases has helped prevent waste from over 1 million loads of laundry amounting to 14million gallons of water saved since 2019.

Miracle Pillowcases vs. Traditional pillowcases
Many Americans are ditching their traditional pillowcases for Miracle pillow cases seeing that the latter combines antibacterial silver with premium Supima cotton for clearer, softer skin and a better night's rest. Here are a few reasons why Miracle Pillowcases trump the conventional ones.

Designed for Clearer skin and healthier hair: We spend so much time on our daily skincare and hair routine to see results. But are we treating the root of the problem? It's kind of a surprise that so many of us neglect to think the place you spend a third of your life would have such a dramatic effect on your skin and hair. Miracle doesn't. It goes right to the source of the issue by using materials that prevent up to 99.9% of bacteria growth. Stop sleeping on dust mites and bacteria. Lay your face and hair to rest on a clean surface when you lie down to sleep.

Anti-Aging and Anti-Bedhead materials: You've heard of anti-aging creams, but what about anti-aging pillowcases? By laying your head in a figurative bed of bugs each night, you're not helping things on the old wrinkle front. Wear and tear is real and is one of the side effects of unhygienic sleep. So try placing those plush cheeks on a figurative bed of roses instead with pillowcases made from luxuriously soft fabrics to reduce pillow lines, hair breakage and split ends caused by typically coarse fabrics. You can now say goodbye to bedhead hair and say hello to shining skin and luscious locks.

Advanced Temperature Regulation: Did you know that poor temperature regulation is understood to be one of the most common contributors to poor sleep quality? That is why Miracle designs pillowcases to tackle that problem for you. No more tossing and turning, and no more drenching night sweats. Miracle pillowcase's silver technology keeps you at a temperature perfectly suited to your body. So you can sleep on the 'cool side of the pillow' all night long.

Prevents 99.9% of Bacterial Growth naturally: It uses antibacterial silver to perform this function. But how does this antibacterial silver work? In essence, studies have shown that natural antibacterial silver prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth through a natural process called ionization. So, these pillowcases were infused with this amazing natural antibacterial silver so you can enjoy the benefits: clean, fresh linens and everything that comes with them.

3x Fewer Odors, 3x Less Laundry needed: Thanks to the antibacterial silver, Miracle fabrics can stay fresh 3xlonger than traditional fabrics. That means 3x less laundry needed and fewer odors. So not only can you finally rest your face and hair on cleaner fabrics, you can wash them less too. Save money and time, including the earth using Miracle pillowcase.

Luxuriously soft: Using Miracle pillowcases does not mean that you have to sacrifice softness and any other thing you might be getting from your traditional pillowcase. In fact, Miracle pillowcases are both clean and very comfy. With Miracle, you can sleep like royalty thanks to the premium, silky soft, Supima cotton that gets even softer with every wash

How To Care For Your Miracle Pillowcases
Although the pillowcases prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, we recommend washing them as dirt and dust have a way of getting caught in home linens. Take these steps to effectively care for your Miracle pillow cases.

Machine wash warm using mild, liquid detergent.

Wash similar colors together.

Tumble dry low and remove promptly.

Warm iron, if necessary.

If there are any loose threads, please cut them with a scissor instead of pulling.

Do not wash with zippers, hooks or anything that can get hooked with the fabric.

Do not use fabric softeners or powdered detergent.

Do not use household cleaning products.

Avoid personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids and chlorine bleach. These items may include: skin care and acne medication, hair products and dyes, cosmetics, toothpastes and other toiletries.
How To Remove Stains From Your Miracle Pillow cases
Body Fluid Stains

Body fluid stains or sweat stains are caused by acne products or other creams you may be using that contain benzoyl peroxide. Here are the steps you can follow to remove the stains using a gel detergent product and NOT powders.

1. STAIN removal pretreatment

Soak the stained laundry in a gel detergent solution for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature or rub it directly on the stained area to cover it and spread it over the stain with your fingers.

Leave the detergent on the stained area - later add the fabrics into the washing machine.

2. WASHING in a washing machine

Run washing cycle with high dosage of the washing detergent at the highest temperature recommended by the care label - 140oF preferred.

Rinse well and unload.

Orange Stains

1. Presoak (the method of soaking a stained article in warm water before laundering it) in a solution of:

1 quart warm water

½ teaspoon liquid dish washing or laundry detergent.

1 tablespoon white vinegar for 15 minutes.

2. Rinse well with water and launder as soon as possible.

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Notable Features (Miracle Pillowcase Reviews)
Healthier Skin and Hair: Miracle pillow cases contribute a lot to the health of your skin and hair. Its fabrics contain antibacterial silver that repels bacteria from your pillows. This means therefore that you can finally stop sleeping on a literal bag of filth. When you sleep on a pillowcase filled with bacteria and germs, you are basically asking for skin infections, irritations and reactions. But when you instead choose to start sleeping with Miracle pillow cases, your skin will be rid of all the bacteria in your former pillowcase and this creates room for marked skin improvement especially the skin of your face.

Anti-Aging: Most conventional pillow cases cause skin wrinkles and crease marks when they are laid upon especially when you lay on your side or your stomach. A lot of studies have confirmed that these pillow crease marks contribute markedly to the aging of the face. Miracle pillow cases, however, are made with OEKO-TEX certified soft fabrics that reduce pillow lines, hair breakage and split ends caused by coarse fabrics. When you lay on the Miracle pillow case, it cushions the skin of your face for the time period you are going to spend sleeping and helps you wake looking younger and more refreshed than ever.

Self-cooling: Sometimes, we sleep and keep waking and tossing through the night. This gets some people worried and they start taking sleep medications and going the extra mile to ensure they enjoy their sleep without knowing that their poor sleep quality is due to their pillowcases. The fabric of the pillowcases magnifies their body heat and makes them uncomfortable through the night. But Miracle pillowcases are different. They use a unique silver technology to keep you at a temperature perfectly suited to your body. No ore tossing and turning and no more night sweats. Miracle pillowcases tackle that problem for you.

Anti-Bacterial: Miracle pillowcases are noted to contain a natural antibacterial material that repels up to 99.9% of bacteria growth naturally. This antibacterial is silver and it works amazingly using its natural properties. Studies show that natural antibacterial silver prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth through a natural process called ionization. Miracle pillowcases are infused generously with antibacterial silver and this means a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can now enjoy clean, fresh linens without worrying about unseen germs. Secondly, the pillowcases can now stay 3x longer without losing its clean, germ-free nature. Finally, it smells far less meaning that there are no unnecessary or funny odors on your pillowcases unlike when you use traditional pillowcases.

Pros (Miracle Pillowcase Reviews)
Advanced temperature regulation: With Miracle pillowcases, you can now wake up refreshed and not sweaty due to its silver technology that keeps you sleeping on the 'cool side of the pillow' always.

Anti-aging and Anti-bedhead materials: Miracle pillowcases are infused with natural anti-bacterial silver and are also made with premium, silky soft, long-staple cotton fabric. These two properties work in tandem to make Miracle pillowcases anti-aging and anti-bedhead.

Prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth naturally: Miracle pillowcases are infused with natural anti-bacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth on the pillowcases through a natural process called ionization.

3x Fewer Odors: Because of the pillow cases' antibacterial quality, they always smell fresh and clean. You will hardly experience any funny odors emanating from your pillowcase when you use Miracle pillowcases.

Luxuriously Soft: The pillowcases are made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that are high quality and come from silky soft, royalty cotton.

Comes in two sizes: standard and king size. You can choose the size you want on checkout depending on the type of bed and pillows you have in your home.

Comes in three colors: stone, white and sky blue. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the color you want on checkout.

87% of customers report better rest: When you sleep on always clean, always cool and always fresh pillowcases each night, you will definitely wake up refreshed and well rested.

30-day Money-back guarantee: Try Miracle pillowcases for 30 days. If you don't love them, get your money back in full.

Cons of Miracle pillowcases
The product cannot be purchased in retail stores around. It can only be purchased from the manufacturer's website online. It is recommended that you only buy directly from the manufacturers as you are assured of buying the original product and you also have access to the numerous discount packages the manufacturers offer from time to time.

Stock is quite limited, as it is selling out fast. Due to high demand by customers around the world and the United States, the manufacturer is having a hard time keeping up with orders.

Where To Buy Miracle Pillowcases
Reading up to this point means that you are probably interested in purchasing a set of Miracle pillowcases for yourself. It is highly advised that you purchase directly from the manufacturer's website. There are advantages to purchasing directly from the official website.

Firstly, the manufacturer offers special discounted offers from time to time. Currently, the manufacturer is offering a 50% discount when you purchase from the official website. If you want to purchase more than a single set, the manufacturer offers special discounted offers for multiple purchases which mean that you can purchase sets of two or four at the same time and pay less than the price for a single set if you were purchasing them singly. The order is uncomplicated and can be completed within a few minutes.

Secondly, there are numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers. Here, the buyer does not take any risk because he/she can use secure methods of payment like PayPal or credit cards. These possibilities also hold the prospect that if you send the product back if you don't like it, you will get your money back hassle-free. A further advantage is the dispatch, which takes 3 - 5 working days and is delivered to your doorstep and the gadget can be put to use immediately.

Thirdly, they offer FREE domestic ground shipping for all orders within the USA. Orders to Canada have a flat $15 rate and the rest of the world is calculated at checkout and shipped using DHL Express.

Return Policy
If you're having second thoughts about your products when you get them, the returns are made as simple as possible. The product(s) should be returned within 30 days of the order. Unless a return is approved by our customer service department, refunds will not be given for items returned to this address.

To initiate an exchange or a return, please send an email to that includes your order number, few photos of your order, the condition of your product, and the reason for the return.

Price of Miracle Pillowcases
Set of 1: $49.99/each (Save 30%)

Set of 2: $44.99/each (Save 40% at a total of $89.98)

Set of 4: $37.49/each (Buy 2, Get 2 FREE at a total of $149.96)

Frequently Asked Questions on Miracle Pillowcase Reviews
How does the return policy work?

You have 30 days after the product has been delivered to return it, even if used! To start a return process, you can email them at and they will send you the instructions where you can obtain your shipping label.

How do I adjust or cancel my subscription? I need to change address or delivery time.

All their pillow cases are made in Bahrain and are shipped from the US, domestic and internationally. The pillow cases are manufactured from the world's most famous USA-grown Supima cotton grown from the central part of California and are blended with anti-bacterial silver that prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth.

What are the production methods? Do they really use less energy and water?

Regular pillow cases must be washed weekly, however, doing so on a regular basis can be time-consuming for most people. That's why Miracle offers antibacterial pillow cases that can be washed 3x less frequently than traditional ones all while helping you save time and keeping you clean.

How does silver protect us?

Some metals like silver are scientifically proven to repel microbes and bacteria. The silver in the pillow cases is specially designed to keep you clean and safe.

Does it have strong chemicals?

All of their products are OEKO-TEX certified which means that they are free from any harmful chemicals.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact them at for general inquiries and updates regarding your order. If you have a more urgent request for exchanges, cancellations or modifications, you can contact them at They typically respond within 1 hour on business days and they are available 24/7.

Miracle Pillowcase Reviews Consumer Reports
Dorothee-M says, "Wish I had found these pillow cases years ago as I'm a hot sleeper and go from hot to cold to hot, etc and with these pillow cases, I can sleep comfy all night!!! I have also put many friends onto these pillow cases and they also love them."

Frank says, "We absolutely love our pillow cases. They are everything they say they are. We have 2 little Yorkies that sleep with us. The pillow cases don't smell like dogs. The corners do not come off after a night's sleep like other pillow cases come off. We love our pillowcases. We will buy again."

Cyla says, "Smooth and silky, it's like I've changed the pillow cases daily. They are cool and crisp and make me look forward to a great night's sleep every night! I'm even noticing a visible improvement in my skin. I'll definitely be buying another set."

Rebecca M says, "I don't normally write reviews, but I loved this so much I had to. This was one of my recent investments. Ever since I put this set on my bed, I swear I never want to get out of it. It is so COMFORTABLE! I have been waking up every morning now for the last week feeling so good and refreshed. Even my husband agrees he can see a noticeable boost in how clear and fresh my skin looks too. Well worth it."

Final verdict on Miracle Pillow Case Reviews

The Miracle Pillowcases are truly the best pillow cases you will ever own. Stop sleeping on bacteria that give you acne. Silver has been proven to fight bacterial growth. Upgrade to a cleaner sleep with Miracle Pillow cases.


The Miracle Pillowcases are truly the best pillow cases you will ever own. Stop sleeping on bacteria that give you acne. Silver has been proven to fight bacterial growth. Upgrade to a cleaner sleep with Miracle Pillow cases.

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