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Novawave Antenna Reviews (UPGRADED VERSION 2): Here are the most trending features with reduced pricing!

01-14-2022 08:58 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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novawave review, Novawave antenna review, Novawave antenna reviews, Novawave Reviews

novawave review, Novawave antenna review, Novawave antenna reviews, Novawave Reviews

Novawave Antenna review
Are you fed up with the excessive price of subscription TV, whether you are getting it with the aid of a live TV streaming service, from a satellite dish, or over a coaxial cable? If that is your case, it can also be time to reduce the wire cost and look into this high-quality Novawave antenna system.

A friend complained that his cable TV consignment each month was costing me as much as my auto payment. It was insane. He revealed how he used to be paying an outrageous charge for a cable "package," but solely without a doubt always on Google searching for different alternatives to his cable TV.


After a series of research, we came across the Novawave antenna, and after the said friend had used the antenna for a while and confirmed how good it is, this led to this Novawave antenna review. This review is to help those who might find themselves in the same position as my friend.

Novawave Antenna is free to air, and they can't be interrupted by the weather. Novawave Antenna has a stronger signal, has more channel options, is portable, does not require installation, is compact, easily detachable, convenient to use, very affordable, and cost-effective. Notable, isn't it?

Often, some individuals ask if there is any antenna they can use to get rid of monthly expenses, so they do not have to pay for any subscription anymore. There is a solution to that question. Novawave Antenna is the best option for your question.

Cable, satellite, and streaming subscriptions are becoming more and more expensive. That's why more homes are ditching paid television and getting free, over-the-air broadcasts with NovaWave antenna. This NoveWave antenna review tells you all you need to know about the best indoor tv antenna available.

Honestly, suppose you multiply how much you spend monthly to subscribe to your TV in one year. In that case, you will assimilate the reasons why most people are looking for another means of getting access to all their broadcast channels without having to pay for a monthly subscription or whatsoever.

However, it is good to remember that antennas were not as helpful as now in the olden days; the reason being that producers of antennas keep increasing the price of their products because they now know that so many people need them.

We'll go over everything you need to know about the closest thing to free cable: the lightweight, high range, full HD 1080p supporting NovaWave antenna. This antenna is one of the best TV antennas for rural areas and one of the best long-range TV antennas on the market today.

Furthermore, we will examine the Nova wave Antenna, its features, how to use the Novawave Antenna, its benefits, PROs and CONs, customer reviews, and many more.

If you are obsessed with enquiring more about the Novawave Antenna, stay tuned with us as we dive deep into the review!


The NovaWave antenna is best defined as an indoor, passive gain that operates on the 87.5 to 230 MHz range and the 470 to 862 MHz range.

NovaWave Antenna gives you free access to all of your favorite HDTV movies, shows, sports events, and more.

The Novawave antenna is made extraordinarily lightweight and compact; it can still receive FM, VHF, and UHF waves broadcast by US television hardware throughout the country.


Depending on your location, you can enjoy all of your favorite programs and news without paying a cent in monthly bills. We'll go over all that and more in this antenna TV channels guide.

Few people realize that out of the top 100 television channels available, more than 90 broadcasts over the airwaves for free. That means upwards of ninety percent of the channels you pay cable companies top dollar is available to you by purchasing a single NovaWave antenna.

The NovaWave antenna allows you to access those same premium channels using their easy-to-use plug-and-play unit that'll work with any modern TV set.

Just connect the provided cables, mount, or hang the unobtrusive unit wherever reception is best in your house, and you will be kicking back, enjoying TV with no monthly bills or annoying interactions with the cable companies.

Novawave antenna is undoubtedly the best alternative for you if you have been on the lookout for the cheapest way to get TV without having to spend a fortune on cable plans, satellite setups, or other online streaming services. This antenna is also your best go-to antenna if you don't want to lose your favorite channels in the long run.

The Novawave Antenna is designed to be very compact and lightweight yet to ensure everyday comfort for the broadcast of TV shows that you can't miss watching. This small but excellent product is the perfect alternative to Cable TV, which is made to help you save on the usual expenses of paying for cable subscriptions.

The excellent advantage of the Novawave Antenna is that it is easy to use and cannot be affected by bad weather, ensuring uninterrupted flying conditions of your favorite display. As small as the Novawave Antenna is, it also offers an incredible visual and sound quality.

The Novawave HD TV comes with fantastic broadcast channels. Novawave HD TV comes with many broadcast channels available in your area, carefully selected to provide great entertainment for your enjoyment.

The Novawave antenna provides broadcasts from several media companies. These include FOX, CBS, PBS, Univision, MeTV, COMET, DECADES, and Fox movies which you will enjoy for free.

Novawave Antenna is very simple, and its installation is entirely uncomplicated as it can be used indoors and hung anywhere. The Novawave Antenna is a fantastic product that guarantees that your day will be filled with perfect showtime free of charge.



1. Novawave Antenna Has a Progressive Signal Quality

The Novawave Antenna HD TV feature has an excellent signal quality which receives signals and displays these signals at the best rate available. Both the audio and video quality is fantastic, and you are sure to enjoy the quality of the streaming experience.

2. You Can Hang Novawave Antenna Anywhere In Your Home:

Novawave Antenna does not have complications, unlike other cable TVs with large antennas that require climbing outdoors or hung on the roof and must be turned facing a unique feature. Novawave Antenna can be hung anywhere; it does not come with your regular TV antenna will always go with it.

3. Novawave Antenna consumes Minimal Energy.

Another benefit that makes the Novawave Antenna one of the best among many on the market is the fact that Novawave consumes less energy for a short period and can save you a lot of money to pay for fuel.

4. Novawave Antenna Comes with a Free Mobile Application

With Novawave antenna, you are guaranteed full and uninterrupted free access to broadcast channels across the screen with the free app that comes with the product. This free mobile application assists you in placing your Novawave Antenna in the best position it should be. The application also offers guides on the distance between Novawave and the broadcast tower to enhance the reception.

5. Novawave Antenna has a Single Cable Connection.

This fantastic product contains a coaxial cable that makes it completely easy to connect to your TV. The cable connects directly and fits snugly. No additional installation is required. Everything needed to set up Novawave was done quickly.

6. Novawave antenna receives Multiple Signals.

Novawave Antenna can broadcast near you and those far away as it receives FM, VHF, and UHF signals. When transmitted, these signals are further enhanced in full 1080p HD, as previously mentioned, to ensure optimal picture quality and video quality.



Novawave Antenna is one of the most innovations in science and technology because going by what we used to have back in the olden days where the use of television was only for those who are very rich.

Back in the olden days, not everyone could afford the luxury of having a television. Citizens living on minimum wage cannot afford to buy television as of then: those who tried can only afford to get black and white televisions just for knowing what was going on in the country back then.

The use of television started growing to the point where we do not just use colored televisions but now intelligent televisions, which almost do the work of systems. Undoubtedly, not everyone can afford to make monthly payments before they can enjoy their broadcast channels. That is why they need to look for alternatives, which can serve them the same purpose as their monthly-subscribed antennas.

The team of engineers that developed the NovaWave genuinely love what they do. They understand that most people want to sit down to some fun, entertaining TV after a long day.

Many people take a look at their cable bill and raise their eyebrows. They feel they aren't getting their money's worth. They're paying too much for too many channels and features they aren't even asking for.

That's when the engineers behind NovaWave got their idea. These airwaves are filled with free TV channels floating right over our heads. And they're legal for anyone to access, provided you have the right equipment.

And with that germ of an idea, NovaWave was born. Novawave Antenna was taken out of a concern for the average consumer—someone who's just trying to recharge after pulling their weight all day.

With NovaWave Antenna, anyone can access their favorite TV shows and channels in just a few minutes. And best of all, the NovaWave Antenna will let consumers save thousands of dollars in monthly cable bills.

This NovaWave review will show you that all it costs is a one-time purchase of the affordable, easy-to-set-up NovaWave antenna. After that, you'll realize there is such a thing as free cable after all.


• The Novawave Antenna lasts
• The NovaWave Antenna works with all modern television systems
• The NovaWave Antenna works with all primary content
• The NovaWave Antenna has the best video and audio
• The NovaWave Antenna does not require a monthly bill
• Plug and view settings.
• There is a discount (up to 50% slash)



• Overall fewer channels are available on the Novawave Antenna
• The Novawave Antenna can only be purchased online
• The Novawave Antenna could come in more color varieties


If we've missed a few points in this comprehensive NovaWave review, here are a few frequently asked questions.

What are the Qualities of the NovaWave Antenna?

We're glad you asked. With NovaWave Antenna, you can watch your favorite content in full HD 1080p, the same if not better than a cable TV subscription.

Get the Clearest Reception Around

NovaWave's excellent design pulls in the most unambiguous signals, displaying them in the highest possible quality.

Place it anywhere! Try a wall or exterior facing window and use the sided adhesive provided in your NovaWave antenna kit. Your Novawave unit will go wherever you can find the best signal.

Below is the complete list of features offered by Novawave, the very best TV antenna:

• Best indoor TV antenna
• Passive gain antenna
• Double-sided adhesive
• 87.5-230MHz, 470-862MHz
• Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF
• Impedance 75 Ohm
• Passive gain: 6-8 dB
• Coaxial port fitment

How Does the Novawave Antenna work?

In this part of our NovaWave review, we'll cover how this excellent digital TV antenna works, how easy it is to install, and what you can expect from its performance.

There are only three components included in your digital TV antenna package:

• 1 x Antenna
• 1 x RF Coaxial adapter (IEC)
• 1 x Instruction manual

This means it's not out of reach for even the least tech-savvy individual. Even seniors should have no issues installing and setting up the NovaWave antenna.

Even though it's easy to install and set up, there are a few things you should do before you decide where to put it.

Before deciding where to put your NovaWave antenna, it would be best to determine what channels are available and their signal strength. You will also need to figure out which direction the signals are coming from.

Determining which direction the signal is coming from is something you can do with the NovaWave app. This fantastic app lets you find all of the different TV towers near your home. This information will come in handy when determining which stations are available to you. We'll get into more detail about the app and what it does below, but it isn't as tricky as it sounds.

The best rule of thumb to follow for placing your NovaWave antenna is to follow these guidelines:

Indoors: best for areas that have strong signals.
Outdoors: best for areas the have weaker signals.

Either way, you'll have no trouble accessing the best signals with Novawave. Make sure you check multiple spots in your home to find the location with the strongest signal.

How can I use the NovaWave Antenna App?

NovaWave antenna gives you the ability to locate any signal from a nearbyTV tower. This lets you watch all of your favorite channels free from bills and commitments to cable companies.

How does it work? We're glad you asked.

The NovaWave antenna signal finder mobile application serves as a TV tower locator with the ability to scan for the closest TV towers in your area. The app will display all the available channels nearest to your house and direct your NovaWave towards the tower, and the signal of the channel will be sent right to your TV with zero interference or compression.

Currently, this TV tower locator application only works with US towers. However, those behind NovaWave are working to extend their services and offer the best TV antenna in many more countries as possible.

The free TV tower locator app allows you to see all the towers nearest to you. The mobile application also gives you the most comprehensive coverage of TV tower signals, enabling you to scan an area of thirty miles in all directions and see every available channel from each signal. This

The TV tower locator's features also allow users to watch their favorite local and national news, sporting events, and their favorite TV shows for free.

All that is required of you to start using this fantastic application is to follow these four easy steps:

• Download the app: NovaWave TV signal finder
• Create an account and join
• Find all the nearby television towers and view the channels available
• Point your NovaWave Antenna at the building and watch all your favorite programs for free.
• If you have ever thought about cutting the cord, now is the time to take part in one of America's best-kept secrets.

If there are any issues, NovaWave has a swift support team. Do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Why Should I Consider Buying the Novawave antenna?

Because they guarantee connectivity every day and anytime so that you don't miss out on your favorite show, HD TV or Broadcast HD TVs are better alternatives to cable TVs. And the Novawave Antenna is among the advisable HD TVs to have as it guarantees convenient connectivity and enjoyment of non-stop entertainment.

With the almighty Novawave Antenna, this powerful device does not need to worry about monthly subscriptions again. Novawave Antenna has all the features that your other antennas come with, but there is also a big difference between them. It is much easier to operate, compact, and comes with unique features. This review will tell you more about this HD TV gaining attention and patronage to help you make informed choices easier.

Suppose you save the money you spend every month on subscribing to these antennas. In that case, you will see more reasons why you need to change from using them to this lifetime free antenna without any subscription but still gives you full HD quality videos and audios as they are being broadcasted.

Buying a Novawave antenna is the best way to go if you are tired of missing episodes of your favorite TV show due to a subscription.

How Much is the Novawave Antenna?

Price of Novawave Antenna HD TV:

• 1 Novawave Antenna costs $49.99
• 2 Novawave Antenna costs $99.99
• 3 Novawave Antenna costs $111.99
• 4 Novawave Antenna costs $136.99


How Many Channels Can I Access for free with the Novawave Antenna?

The available TV channels depend on your distance from the closest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. In case of any obstructions between your location and the nearest building, your signal may not be as strong.

How Can I Access More Free Channels?

To access more free broadcast channels, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your antenna's range.

Where Can I Buy the Novawave Antenna?

Novawave Antenna can only be purchased via the Novawave official website, which you can access with the below link .licking on the link leads you to the exact location on the manufacturer's website where you can safely purchase your own Novawave. Payment is safe, fast, and secure.

How Do I Place An Order?

To place your order online, visit our website and choose among the different bundles that we have available.

More units mean more significant discounts! You may want to consider purchasing an additional unit for your friend or your family.

Select your delivery address, preferred payment method, and fill out the details where needed on the checkout page.

If you for any reason you want to call or you prefer placing your order via the call center, you can call them with the following phone number +855-442-4510, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

What's the Company Address of the Novawave Antenna?

333 Ube Avenue 3, #08-03 Vertex Singapore

Now let us quickly dive into a few of the many positive benefits customers get when using NovaWave, one of the best TV antennas for rural areas on the market today.

What Customers Who Are Enjoying the Novawave Antenna Have to Say

Devin H. – Plano, Texas

"Novawave was super easy to set up! I'm no computer or gadget specialist. I know nothing when it is about tech. However, setting up the Novawave antenna was super easy, even for someone as technically naive as me. If I could get this antenna set up, I believe anybody else could as long as they can read."

Giselle S. – Decatur, Illinois

"I detest lavishing hard-earned money on a bunch of cable channels that I barely have time even to watch, soI cut my cable TV and moved to use Novawave after a recommendation from a friend. Now I can watch all my preferred TV shows without paying for a through my nose for junk. Novawave antenna changed the way I watch TV shows, and it additionally takes a lot of load off my monthly bills."

Lindsey M. – Detriot, Michigan

"With Novawave antenna, I now get to enjoy certain Major League sports games that were not available on TV in my area. I usually had to go through the stress of watching them on my phone not until I came across the Novawace, which now allows me to watch the big game right on my giant TV! Going back to cable is now a no-no for me even if a million bucks is involved!"


Designed to end the dissatisfaction from using cable TVs that have many drawbacks, the Novawave Antenna is one device that has come to improve streaming and digital media technology. Novawave is also a gadget affordable for anyone, giving users access to free channels with no subscription.

Novawave Antenna is superb and efficient, and it is definitely worth giving a try. To enjoy this device, make your order while stock lasts, and enjoy a better streaming experience, most especially this festive period.


Company Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #08-03, Vertex, Singapore


Company Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #08-03, Vertex, Singapore

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