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Burst Audio Earbuds reviews (UPDATED VERSION 2): Read the Newest features before buying !

01-05-2022 01:03 AM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Burst audio earbuds, Burst audio earbud review, Burst audio earbudtAudio E

Burst audio earbuds, Burst audio earbud review, Burst audio earbudtAudio E

Burst Audio Earbuds reviews
The global pandemic has changed the way most humans interact, live, and work, which will remain the same for a while, unfortunately. Because of the pandemic, many find themselves in and around their homes these days than it has ever happened in the past decade, which causes boredom in most cases.

While this period has been a trying time for everyone, technology has proved to be useful and has come to the rescue a zillion times. But is it not amazing to see the cheap ways coming up to keep yourself entertained indoors? Entertainment may not always necessitate lots of dollars; there are good fun ways to keep oneself entertained on a "budget," and one of the ways is with Burst Audio Earbuds.

Work is not the same for every individual. While work is relatively painless and straightforward for some individuals as they do not have to work for long hours and while they are on their working hours, they also do not have to do much at their work, and the situation is entirely the opposite for some.

This latter group of individuals works for long hours, but these individuals also have a lot of work to meet up during those hours. This makes the whole routine very boring, challenging, and cumbersome for the individual. This set of people mostly is office workers.

While the individuals who do not have to work long hours or do strenuous work also have time for entertainment, those whose work and job routine are both tiring and boring only have the time to do something fun after their work.

If you happen to fall in the category of the people who have to do backbreaking and tiring work for long hours, then one of the only ways you can have time for yourself to enjoy life and have fun is after your tedious and tiring work hours.

When it comes to enjoying life and having fun after work, many individuals are not sure what they should do. Often, they choose to go home and get enough rest to have enough energy to work for the next day. While it is essential to rest after having a stressful day, there are other things that you can also engage in to ease the stress off your mind.


One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained is through music and movies. There are numerous ways people keep themselves entertained. Music is relaxing and so good for the soul, and it is also such a great way to get into a mood. For many, they can maintain entertainment by listening to music as they work as it allows them to block out outside noise, which helps them focus on their work while they can also enjoy the music itself.

Like in many other things, people's taste in music also varies. While classical music or downtempo electric music is what many people love because it gives them this sort of music that keeps them calm and helps them stay focused, many people prefer to listen to rock or up-tempo music because the genre makes them feel like they are getting some energy boost. Some individuals also love listening to podcasts while working, although we believe this can cause some distraction.

Another thing some people do to keep themselves entertained and relieve themselves of stress from tedious and tiring days at work is by watching movies and their favorite TV series. Watching Netflix or Hulu, or HBO is one of those things that many individuals do when they are tired after a long strenuous day at work. These streaming services and production companies have tons of TV series that you can watch after you subscribe to the monthly subscription page.

Not only is watching movies an excellent way to keep yourself entertained, but it also saves you from extra stress because as all you have to do is sit on your bed or couch and watch what you love. Another good is that you can watch these movies and listen to music on your smartphones while lying in bed, which can ease your way into dreamland.

However, you know some frustration comes the moment you are binge-watching something amazing like a movie or TV series on your favorite streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. Still, the battery of your earbuds dies after a few episodes, but Burst Audio Earbuds has you covered.


A wireless earbud is a pair of small listening devices. Unlike the standard earbuds, which have trended for many years, these devices do not use a cord to keep each bud connected. Wireless rely on wireless technology, for instance, Bluetooth, to transfer audio from a hardware device.

There are nine different technologies like the System on a Chip otherwise known as SoC, the speaker, accelerometers, MEMS microphone, audio codecs, Bluetooth, the Printed Circuit Board otherwise called PCB, noise cancellation, and as the Lithium-Ion Battery inside these incredibly complex and small plastic earbuds. Each of these technologies is somewhat involved in building a wireless earbud.

Wireless headphones and earbuds vary, and there many of them are built by different companies, but they all follow the same basic principles and techniques. The amount of engineering that goes into making wireless earbuds, so lightweight and so minimal, is awe-inspiring, to say the least.


It is a complete mystery to many people as to how earbuds work. With wired headphones, it is easier to deduce that the electricity flows from your smartphone, through the plug, up the tangle of wire, and then to your headphone. But when it comes to wireless headphones, how does the audio of your favorite music or podcast or movies gets transmitted from your smartphone, through the air, and into the wireless earbuds?

In this section of Earbuds, we will give an answer in a short and precise way.

When you turn on your paired wireless earbuds near your smartphone, a Bluetooth communication channel is established in other to send information back and forth. As soon as you stay playing music or a podcast or even watching a movie, your smartphone collects the audio data from its flash storage chip, decompresses the audio, and stores it in your phone's working memory.

Digitally, for the audio to be able to be sent to your wireless headphones and earbuds, the audio, which is first characterized as a long set of numbers, is compressed and divided into packets by your smartphone, conforming to Bluetooth specifications.

Your smartphone then converts these packets into electromagnetic waves or protons and sends the data to the earbuds over a Bluetooth connection. The earbuds collect the data and split and uncompress the packets back towards long sets of values.

These values are then transferred to the audio codec, translating the digital values towards an analog electrical waveform. This waveform is then transferred to the voice coil, which is hooked to the back of the diaphragm. The voice coil moves in an alternating way based on the waveform it receives, thus moving the diaphragm, which consecutively creates pressure waves in the air. These pressure waves are detected by your ear and then demystified as sound by your brain.

So there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of wireless earbuds nowadays. It is a norm to listen to music and watch videos as that is what many does to keep themselves away from being bored. However, while there are many earbuds in the market, one question that keeps popping up in the minds of many is, how can I know the best wireless earbuds? In this article, we will be talking about Burst Audio Earbuds, the best wireless earbuds currently in the market.

In this Burst Audio Earbuds Review, we will be answering all the possible questions you may have about the Burst Audio Earbuds after we first made mention of it. Questions like what is Burst Audio Earbuds?, the features of Burst Audio Earbuds, and whether Burst Audio Earbuds is legit Or not? The Pros and Cons of the Burst Audio Earbuds and the Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews from people who have used the wireless earbuds and many other questions an average human being would want to answer when something new is mentioned.


Burst audio earbuds are a newly launched in-ear device that is built to give you a premium and user-friendly in-ear experience. The pair of wireless earbuds give its users better performance with faster, more stable connections.

Like every other earbud, the BurstAudio Earbuds offers you the ability to pair and listen to music easily or watch movies with your smartphone, laptop, or desktop and any other gadgets that have Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to pair.

Added to the seamless experience that the latest high-end technology makes sure that you always have, BurstAudio Earbuds offers durability and waterproof ability.

Because of the quality and its affordability, since its launch, BurstAudio earbuds have gained increasing popularity in many countries from around the world, like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, where high-end "premium" brands sell their products for a ridiculously high price.

For music enthusiasts, expensive big brands that spend more money on advertising their earbuds rather than offering a premium quality service have been blow after blow- and so the idea of going for earbuds is the best way to go. If you fall in this category, burst audio earbuds are a great product to look forward to.

While BurstAudio Earbuds is still a new product in the market and is very affordable, the high-tech product comes with unique features found in your regular expensive earbuds but is better. Burst Audio Earbuds also gives you an incredible quality of sound.

If you happen to be part of the many individuals who are scared to use earbuds because they are small and uncomfortable as they sit in the ear, you are safe using BurstAudio Earbuds. BurstAudio Earbuds are designed for efficiency and comfort, making them perfectly fit into every ear no matter its size or shape.

BurstAudio Earbuds are also designed with the safety of their users in mind. If you love music and happen to listen to music for very long hours, you are putting your eardrums at risk and might end up losing your hearing. However, with earbuds, you can blast music all day long and be rest assured of the safety of your ear.

In addition, you can adjust the volume of your music or podcast from low to the highest level you could think of without any loss in the quality of the sound BurstAudio Earbuds produces. However, while this might sound good, we would advise you against it for the safety of your eardrums.

Not only is Burst Audio Earbuds very affordable, but they also produce a very clean and high-quality sound. With Burst Audio Earbuds, you save you, you save yourself unnecessary spending of your money, not only because of the low and affordable price but also because you get to enjoy your great earpiece for a long time, unlike the expensive one which you buy and keep replacing every few weeks because they start producing low-quality sound and in most cases get spoilt.

So if you are a lover of earbuds but you are tired of the ones by overpriced big-brand which you keep wasting, Burst Audio Earbuds is the perfect solution you might have been looking for.


BurstAudio Earbuds is literally for anyone who is a lover of earbuds. Burst Audio Earbuds is for you if;

1. You are a worker (it will help you in keeping you entertained and also focused on your work)
3. You are a student. It will help you when you are reading for exams or other purposes, with school starting for many children and young individuals this month. Your time in school is essential and a key part of your life, and as you grow up into an adult, you find your interests and decide what music gives you calmness and suits your lifestyle and shows you, love, you will need earbuds like the BurstAudio Earbuds to keep moving.
4. You are tired of wasting money on an expensive 'premium' brand that produces low sound.
5. You are tired of spending money on replacing your earbuds every few weeks of getting a new one.
6. You would love to have earbuds that are cheap and affordable.
7. You would love to have wireless earbuds that are durable and is waterproof.
8. You want a better audio listening experience.


In this section of the BurstAudio Earbuds Review, we list the features that make BurstAudio Earbuds the best earbuds.

LATEST NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: BurstAudio Earbuds comes with the ability to reduce outside noise. The earbuds produce high-quality clear sound and offer a more stable connection.

CALL FUNCTION: This gives you the ability to quickly answer your phone calls without experiencing any form of problems with the connectivity.

AUTO PAIRING: BurstAudio Earbuds can pair with your Bluetooth very fast and almost instantly.

FAST CHARGING ABILITY: BurstAudio Earbuds has a fast-charging ability and can charge from 0 to 100% in 1 hour. A full charge of your earbuds can last more than 4 hours.

SERVES AS A POWER BANK: The charging case of BurstAudio Earbuds works as a power bank for both your earbuds and smartphone, too.

DESIGN TO BE WATER AND SWEAT-RESISTANT: BurstAudio Earbuds is suitable for outdoor and sporting activities.

COMFORTABLE FIT: BurstAudio Earbuds is, designed to fit into any ear shape


• Touch control with innovative technology.
• An extra bass that is amazing.
• Bluetooth version 5.0 (latest)
• Powerbank serves as the backup for your smartphone when it runs low during outdoor activities
• Durability and comfortability.
• HD calling with intelligent dialing.
• Unrivaled sound quality
• Full compatibility
• Picking and hearing calls in high-quality
• Powerful beats to listen to the music of your choice


• Very cheap, affordable, and offers premium quality.
• Multifunctional Bluetooth audio
• Incredible battery life
• Free delivery for all buyers in the United States
• 48% Discount using the link given on this page. You save up to $50
• Resounding bass response
• Very compact and easy to carry anywhere
• Modern Bluetooth technology has a data transmission speed two times faster than the previous generation, guaranteeing faster and more stable connections.
• Modern high-end features are found in expensive big brand products but better.
• Great for listening to music and clearer calls as it provides you with crystal-clear sound quality
• It is waterproof and sweatproof, making it perfect for outdoor and sporting activities like running, hiking, exercises, and yoga.
• 2000mah power bank to charge your earbuds as well as your phone (suitable for long-distance travel)
• Lovely and handy design
• Designed to perfectly fits all shapes of ear
• Money-back guarantee up to 60 days
• Sold for a reasonable amount
• American owned
• Shop with confidence
• No hidden fees



Many websites online pop up when you search for the BurstAudio Earbuds Reviews; In contrast, many of these websites may give an in-depth review on the BurstAudio Earbuds, and they tend to leave out mentioning the cons of the product they are reviewing.

There is no product made with the latest technology that has no pros and Cons. The cons of the BurstAudio Earbuds include;

• Unavailability of multiple color options
• No availability for purchase in retail stores


With all the incredible features packed into these fantastic mini wireless earbuds, no big brand company selling premium earbuds would be selling BurstAudio Earbuds for anything less than $200.

However, because BurstAudio Earbuds company spends nothing on advertising their products other than offering high-end mini wireless earbuds, the BurstAudio Earbuds cost just under $50.

• 1X of BurstAudio Earbuds costs only $49.95 instead of the original price of $99.99
• 2X of BurstAudio Earbuds costs $69.90 instead of the actual price of $199.98
• 3X of BurstAudio Earbuds costs only $89.85 instead of the original price of $299.97
• 4x of BurstAudio Earbuds costs only $99.80 instead of the actual price of $399.96

The big Discount off the BurstAudio Earbuds is the reason why customers all over the world are saving big and purchasing four at a time for as low as $99.80 instead of $399.96.

You can join these buyers and also BUY BURSTAUDIO EARBUDS at a very big discount price by USING THIS LINK HERE:

Many fake sites claim to sell BurstAudio Earbuds; however, buying from those unverified sites will make you lose your money.

To be more be at rest and protect you from online theft, we decided to provide a link to the official site of BurstAudio Earbuds below. Using the link, you qualify for the 48% special discount. BUY BURSTAUDIO EARBUDS HERE:


In this section of the BurstAudio Earbuds review, we show you what verified customers of the earbuds have to say about the product.

A verified buyer of BurstAudio Earbuds, identified as Lauren W., has this to say about the earbuds; "I work in an industrial company where heavy-duty machines in work produces a loud noise. The noise these heavy duty machines make causes quite a lot of disturbance to my hearing. I have always wanted something that can help me in blocking out the noise so I can concentrate. I could not afford the earbuds by big brands, however when I heard BurstAudio Earbuds, I thought it would be a fake because of the price. I later decided to try it, and I'm glad I was not disappointed. Thanks to the manufacturer of BurstAudio Earbuds."

Another verified buyer of BurstAudio Earbuds, Jessica L., said, "I saw BurstAudio Earbuds while searching for earbuds to buy for my daughter about a month ago. It was during my research I came across this cool product. These earbuds worked awesomely, and it felt great that my daughter could not stop thanking me. I am very happy I gave it a try, and it was well worth the price."

Jackson S. is a verified buyer of BurstAudio Earbuds, and he has this to say: "My very good friend recommended this earbud for me. When I visited the website of BurstAudio, I was a bit skeptical about buying the earbuds because of the incredibly cheap price. For the price I got the earbuds, I never expected the clear and quality sound and the amazing battery life I got."

Another verified buyer Michael H. said, "I am not a tech-savvy person. When I first got this earbud, I was worried about the pairing and configuration by Bllowth mode. However, after receiving my earbuds, I found out it was easy and immediately connected. Another thing that wowed me about this product is that I did not pay a dime for the delivery, and it was delivered right to my doorstep. The manufacturer of this product is amazing, and I hope they become big and compete will all these big brands and their expensive earbuds."

You can buy burstaudio earbud on Amazon and other online stores only from retail sellers. The manufacturers have their own company store for marketing their earbuds both to wholesalers and retail users. The earbud is also available globally to every country. While countries like United states, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and others may get theirs delivered within 5 to 25 business days, other countries like Nigeria, Ghana and other Africa countries may stay upto a month to receive product. We advise that you buy using the official company store link below:


Phone number: +1 877-544-5068
Working Hours: M-F 9am-5pm PST
Email Address:

Burst Audio Address:
10946 Ratner St #1759
Sun Valley CA 91352


BurstAudio Earbuds is an excellent mini wireless earbud that produces clear and quality sound and works with your smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The compact device offers value for money, and you won't regret getting it.

If your job is a bit repetitive, it can be pretty easy to get tired and bored. With BurstAudio Earbuds, keeping yourself entertained during the workday without any reduction in your productivity level is guaranteed.



Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Phone number: +1 877-544-5068
Working Hours: M-F 9am-5pm PST
Email Address:

Burst Audio Address:
10946 Ratner St #1759
Sun Valley CA 91352

Phone number: +1 877-544-5068
Working Hours: M-F 9am-5pm PST
Email Address:

Burst Audio Address:
10946 Ratner St #1759
Sun Valley CA 91352

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