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Japanese Giant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Goes Into Central Air Conditioners for Home Use

12-27-2021 05:41 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Japanese Giant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Goes Into Central Air Conditioners for Home Use

Japanese Giant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Goes Into Central Air Conditioners for Home Use

In recent years, it’s probably difficult for people to choose between central air conditioners and split air conditioners for home use. In fact the time that central air conditioners are used for home refurbishing is not long yet.

To many people, central air conditioner is an integrated indoor temperature control solution. Compared with the traditional split air conditioner, it has higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, and at the same time, it can save indoor space and maintain the integrity of the interior decoration.

Regarding its installation, central air conditioner is installed in hidden places in the room, mostly attached to the ceiling, which is much more beautiful than cabinet type or split hanging type air conditioner.

However, central air conditioner also has disadvantages of higher price, higher maintenance costs, and other requirements for home decoration. So home users, you should choose central air conditioner according to the actual structural conditions at home.

How Central Air Conditioner Works
Here’s how a central air conditioner for home use works.

In the refrigeration process, the outdoor units absorb the refrigerant vapor from the indoor units and transmit the liquid refrigerant to each indoor unit after compression and condensation.
The energy regulation of the units is designed to be controlled by a microcomputer, and the variable speed compressor of the outdoor units will automatically adjust the working status according to the change of indoor cooling and heating load to meet the requirements of indoor cooling and heating load.

When it’s used for heating, the outdoor units absorb the refrigerant vapor from the condenser and then transmit the vapor refrigerant to each indoor unit after compression. Indoor units are installed on the ceiling. The air is sucked in through the air return outlet and sent to the room after heat exchange, and then the heated warm air is sent back to the room through the air return outlet in the way of local return air.

The Mitsubishi Brand
While you have understood the work principle of central air conditioner, it is also necessary to know the brand. You may have this question, if Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy - Haier, Mitsubishi Electric are the same?

Actually, they are three different brands. In the past, the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company mainly focused on shipbuilding. With the development and adjustment of business, the company has integrated the internal combustion engine and aerospace industry and established Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is engaged in high-tech products and precision manufacturing.

After the separation of mechanical and electrical business, Mitsubishi Electric was born. Mitsubishi Heavy - Haier has no relationship with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries used to belong to the same company, but they are also different. Mitsubishi Electric pays more attention to appearance, function, and internal motor, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is famous for air compressors.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a well-known Japanese enterprise, which has the same title as General Electric of the United States and Siemens of Germany.

In this article, we will take you to further understand the central air conditioner made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Award Winning Refrigeration Compressor
When you enter an air conditioner dealer shop and want to buy one, usually the sales staff will introduce the compressor of the air conditioner. In a refrigeration system, the compressor is the heart of the whole system. A compressor is responsible for increasing the pressure and the suction pressure to the discharge pressure. It means that the quality of the compressor directly affects the quality of the air conditioner.

For instance, the compressor of the central air conditioner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is imported from Japan, which adopts the most advanced 3D scroll DC frequency conversion technology.

The multi-point exhaust compression technology can also improve the seasonal energy efficiency ratio and the service life of the compressor. Designed and manufactured according to European quality standards, and with the most advanced frequency conversion control technology at present, Mitsubishi’s vector control technology can achieve the best energy-saving performance.

The outdoor fan blade of central air conditioners of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a three-piece design. Driven by a DC frequency conversion motor, the blade adopts a sickle shape design, and the outside adopts serration treatment, which can reduce the noise of the fan when cutting wind. It is helpful to realize more efficient heat exchange efficiency and improve the cooling heat rate by air agitation technology.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner adopts a 3D-shaped heat exchanger, which can exchange heat efficiently in a short time, whether it is in summer or winter to quickly make the indoor environment temperature comfortable.

Mitsubishi’s 3D scroll DC frequency converter compressor with this technology has won the 2006 technical award of Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Society, and the professional evaluation of "small lightweight, high compression ratio, high efficiency and ultra-low noise under the same capacity.”

Quality Indoor Units
As the tail equipment of the whole central air conditioner system, indoor units are also important. The structural design and material selection of the indoor units affect the durability of the whole air conditioner system, as well as the comfort of using.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is famous for solid workmanship in the market, especially the structural design and material selection of indoor units. Compared with general brands, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries performs better in anti compression. The design of high strength helps to reduce the noise of the product and avoid deformation due to years of use. In addition, the indoor units with nanosilver mildew-proof antibacterial device can avoid the long-term accumulation of mold in condensate water, which will cause the secondary pollution of indoor air.

Hi-Tech Electrical System
Central air conditioner owes high efficiency to the allocation of the central circuit control system. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries adopts high-end intelligent temperature control technology, in which central air conditioner can achieve ± 0.5 ℃ of regulation.

As is known in HVAC industries, accurate indoor temperature control makes it more favorable for creating a constant temperature environment. Besides, it benefits the elderly, children, and people with a sensitive physique.

What’s more, the electrical system is added with a black box. When there are faults and the device stops, the black box will automatically save the data 30 minutes before the shutdown, which will help the maintenance personnel to analyze the reasons.

Besides, the electrical system applies the advanced communication mode Suoer Link II that can increase the signal transmission speed to 4 times the original, making the control of the system more accurate and faster.

This article takes us to look at the advantage of central air conditioner for home use. Also, you can know about choosing a central air conditioner. Based on the advanced technologies and the official energy consumption data, you will find that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' central air conditioner could be the best choice.

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