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Shadow x drone Review: what makes this your smarter choice?

12-01-2021 11:24 PM CET | Advertising, Media Consulting, Marketing Research

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Shadow x drone

Shadow x drone

Technology is in a constant state of forward motion, making things not possible a few years ago one of the normal ways of doing things now. Drones are one of those things researchers and engineers keep working on and recently have been one of those things an average person should have talked more of a photographer or a hobbyist. In this drone Review: shadow x drone Review we are going to rundown everything concerning this innovative product, one of the best drones with camera.

Generally drones have attracted positive reviews from customers but there is a problem, there are so many drones available, making choice become difficult if not impossible, most brands claim to be the Best, claiming to do all sorts of things for you. We have prepared this review based on our user experience with shadow x drone.

We picked a shadow x drone based on price and performance. It is one of the cheapest drones with cameras out there that offers the most features like other big brands drones. It is easy to control and capable of flying indoors and outdoors. Equipped with sensors for optimal performance, it is also foldable for easy transit. Featuring a 12 megapixels camera for capturing quality images with a degree of freedom up to 15 minutes.

Shadow x drone has been That selfie drone you have been looking for and we are happy to present this to you today. Don't jump on any page, follow up and check if this is what you want and also if this can really do what it says it will do.

As we start the review proper, we will tell you what this drone is all about, what it does and what it doesn't, benefits of having one, pros and cons of this product, the specifications and features and possibly where to buy it at the cheapest price you can ever think of.

Shadow x drone Review:What is a shadow x drone?

Shadow x drone is Compact, Lightweight, Durable, foldable, Fast wifi enabled selfie drone that has the capability of flying indoors and outdoors. Can be used as personal drones, photographer and videographer drones. Being one of the cheapest drones available can be purchased at a 50% discount from the company official website.

Shadow x drone is built with high quality plastics and advanced electronics. Featuring things only seen in expensive drones. This is really one of the best drones with camera you can get at this price. Indeed this gives you value for your money. Taking and recording High quality pictures and videos from any angle looks awesome

Featuring components are controllers GPS module, Battery, Antenna, Receiver, Cameras, sensors, Altimeter and others which make this the Best low cost drones with camera Available. It's propellers are foldable Making it the easiest brand to carry and offers more protection during transit.

It has an amazing speed of 19 meters per seconds which makes it one the fastest drones ever produced with the gravity sensor allowing you to fly it at this Fast speed. It's controller is easy and it is Compatible most available smartphones making it the best choice for a total beginner.

Also, this is capable of flying for 15 minutes without having to touch the ground or change the battery. Record in HD at 120 frames per seconds and is capable of taking photos up to 12 megapixels. With 3.7V, 600mAh battery capacity you can take continuous photos during this flight time.

Generally, if you love taking pictures of your loved ones from any angle, it will be Wise if you try this drone.

Shadow x drone Review: Features of shadow x drone

This session will be taken care of with some unique features that make this stand out of the crowd. There are many drones out there. There is something here that makes this popular now.

1:This is a foldable drone: Shadow drone features foldable propellers that can be folded inwards so that you can easily work out with your drone. This also protects the drone from unnecessary damage during traveling.

2: Gravity sensor: This sensor detects the ground and other obstacles and changes the flying course automatically to avoid collision with other objects. This Makes the drone even easy to fly by an inexperienced person.

3: Extremely fast speed: The speed of this good compared to other drones at this price and weight. It's speed is hardly seen in other brands of drones and the gravity sensor helps control things for you in case something happens. This is one of the fastest selfie drones in the market and one benefit is that this is coming at a price very hard to ignore.

4: HD camera: shadow x drone comes with a high definition camera with 12 megapixels resolution, giving you quality images with boomerang and asteroid features.

5: Increase flight time: This drone is capable of surviving up to 15 minutes before needing to change the battery, this is an improvement based on the flight time obtainable in other selfie drones. Though this is a problem in the selfie drone industry, we keep hoping that one day the problem will be solved.

6:Slo-mo mode: This is very capable of replaying the highlights of some of your memorable moments in high definition slow- motion. With this you can vividly figure out what happened in the scene.

7: Controller features: The controller is not complicated, it is very simple and it is completely Compatible with your Android and iOS phones making it a smart option to consider.

8: Battery:. It comes with one 3.7V, 600mAh battery.

9: Panorama mode: This is highly capable of capturing 360 degree photos from air with just one command.
Check out here.

Best drones with camera: Benefits of using shadow x drone

Below are benefits for using this drone, one of the best drones with cameras. The only person that might not like this is that kind of person that likes to spend big on all his belongings. Shadow x drone is made for everyone and has many benefits.

1: It comes at an affordable price: Unlike some drones that come in that kind of price that seems too big, shadow x drones are cheap. Being cheap doesn't mean that it is of low quality, it's just that the company is offering a 50% discount on all purchases to encourage everyone to lay their hands on this awesome product.

2:Compact and Lightweight: this drone is one of the lightest selfie drones we have personally used. I don't know about others but I know anything lighter than this is hard to find If it really exists.

3: Easy to control: Even someone who has never flown a drone before can comfortably play with this. It. User manual is readable and very easy to understand.

4: Take Quality pictures: This helps you to take a selfie of your loved ones from any angle. With its 12mp camera the quality of what you get can't be doubted, all this comes at the lowest price.

5: No hassle return: in case you don't like what you received, you can quickly return the drone either for replacement or for your money. The company will work with you either way provided that you come within 30 days after your offer arrives.

6: Long Transmission distance. Shadow x drone can be monitored and controlled Even though the drone is 4km away from the controller. This Makes things more flexible for the user.

There are some benefits attached to this product, just get yours and have this nice experience. Shadow x drone is the best for a newbie. Controlling things is not that kind of difficult task.

What makes this the best smarter choice for a total beginner?: Best drones with camera.

It is not easy for a newbie to select the best drone that will guide him. There are many drones available and many sites are loading you with entirely different information concerning one topic. Shadow x drone is one of those kinds of choices you will need to make. This is not a basic selfie drone, it is entirely on another level.

1: Extremely easy to fly: All drones must fly first before doing other things they say that they are doing. Shadow x drone is a precision engineered drone, best drones with camera, which is specifically designed for Easy fly. If other things about this drone are hard, this one is an expectation. An amarture can easily joke with this.

2: It Go Further Faster: This is the fastest drone of its size. It has an incredible speed that is hardly obtained on other drones. This is really small but mighty, don't look at the size try it and see the function, the video quality is great.

3: Best in class features to enhance your drone experience: Shadow x drone has this kind of thing that will take you to another level in terms of drone. This control system is easy and Compatible with your phone. It makes things more accessible to you.

4: 360 degree rotation: This is that kind of drone that is capable of complete rotation while on flight.

5: One key take off and one key return: These are just other things about this nice drone .

6: Fixed height and strong wind resistance: These are one of the things we observed while using this drone and we believe you will love them with the price you pay.

7: Shoot like a pro: In addition to all this, this drone comes with a built-in pre-programmed camera that will make even a complete beginner take nice looking and professional quality footage by just clicking a button. This is one of those things that make us recommend this to a newbie.

8: Their customer service can't be compared with any: As a newbie in the game, getting relevant information is the only way to learn Faster. Shadow x drone is gaining popularity now and getting assistance won't be difficult. The customer care service will always support you .

PROS of shadow x drone
1: It is cheap.
2: Ultra Compact and Lightweight.
3: Sleek design.
4: It has a longer flight time.
5: Give quality pictures.
6: foldable propellers.
7: Effortless control.

CONs of this drone

For a complete Review, we will like to show some downsides of this product as well. No matter how good it is, it has some other things.

1: Its flight time is limited to 15 minutes. This is a general problem in selfie or photographer drones. The highest flight I have seen is 30 minutes. With shadow x drone you can get close to 18 minutes of flight time but to keep things simple just target 15 minutes. For me I like it based on the price I paid and you hardly see drones with such flight time to under that valuation. For us it is not actually a downside but you may have other ideas.

2: It is available only online: You can't get exactly this in the retail store. You can only get it From the company's official website. It won't take time to arrive but at least you will be sure of getting the real deal.

How do you control this drone
Understanding the controller is the only thing you need to do. After downloading the app meant for the drone. Follow the instructions Manual, experts don't need it anywhere. As a newbie, constant practice is the only way out.

Like most , their control or transmitter has almost the same features and functions but working with a user manual is the best practice. This session is actually for a newbie, a professional drone user may not find any different information here.

The main functions and most vital aspects of any drone's transmitter are the yaw, the throttle, the roll and the pitch. It is very necessary to master this before flying any drone. Note also that the Left stick controls two things; the yaw ( rotation) and the throttle ( Height).

Understanding the yaw: the yaw generally refers to a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation of the unmanned aerial vehicle, your drone. Pushing the Left stick in the horizontal direction triggers the drone's rotation to either clockwise or counterclockwise as the case may be.

Understanding the throttle: what the throttle actually does is to control the amount of power put in. This in turn controls the altitude. By pushing the Left stick along the vertical direction ( Y-axis) either up or down changes the height/altitude as per the direction. Also note that the right stick controls actual movement of the drone along the horizontal axis.

Understanding the roll: roll actually refers to the right movement or left movement of the drone, pushing the right stick along the x-axis makes the drone fly and roll along the left and right Side respectively.

Understanding the pitch: this means tilting the drone either forward or backward. Pushing the right stick gets it along the vertical direction which can be up or down.

This is a brief description, it is recommended to use your user manual before anything. Even though you position yourself as an expert, always do it.
Place your order

Step by step guide in flying your drone: shadow x drone 8
After you have familiarized yourself with the basic control, the next big step is to fly the drone. We will give you a brief guide but before you fly it for the first time make sure you have an expert around you or you are one.

First step is to find a suitable open area. Once you get your drone you must have some places in your mind for practice. Look for a place that doesn't prohibit flying of drones to avoid getting some fine. This is very necessary to do. That is why we place it here.

Secondly, place the drone on a flat surface suitable for take off and landing as well. In doing this always consult your user manual for guidance. Some settings allow the drone to land exactly where they took off so make sure that place is good for this job.

After taking these two steps, the next thing is to connect the transmitter. But wait,push the throttle way down, turn on the transmitter before Putting the battery. Please make sure you maintain this sequence before take off and after the flight session.

Before take off
After flight sessions
Push the throttle way down
Turn off the transmitter or controller
Turn on the transmitter
Remove the battery
Connect the battery

Then you can take off by pushing the Left stick up and watch the drone lift. For a start don't go too high, maintain some feet above the ground, remember you are still practicing unless you are a guru. You can land the drone by pressing down the left Stick.

You can practice hovering but don't go up much. Just hold it as steady as you can. It is not easy at first, just like playing video games, with time you don't need to look at the controller before taking command.

Drone best practices

1: Make sure you get used to the drone transmitter before flying. This will help prevent unnecessary damage to yourself or to another person

2: Keep the drone close: don't fly it too Much unless necessary otherwise keep it within reach.

3: Charge the battery: Without this it can't fly, always monitor the battery level before landing, consult the user manual as regards this.

4: Download no fly app: some areas are restricted from flying drones so this app will help you monitor those places and save yourself from avoidable fines.

5: Do not fly your drone over humans. Unless you want to take pictures and record videos but otherwise don't form the habit of doing so.

6: Do not fly from moving vehicles, it is funny but most people do that. Anyway, avoid it.

7: Lastly, read the instructions manual and keep it safe for future reference.


Shadow x drone is not costly as you may think, may be considering what you can do with it. This compact system is really affordable. Just watch out:

Let's check out one drone first.
What is included in the box as listed below.
One shadow x drone quadcopter
One rechargeable controller.
One 3.7V, 600mAh lipo battery.
Charging cable
Readable English user manual
Real price :$149
Discounted price: $99, this is what you have to pay for one.
Doing this you save 34% plus 30 days money back guarantee.

What if you decide to go for drones at once
What is included in the box?
Two Shadow x drone plus one for free making it three
Three Rechargeable controllers.
Three 3.7V 600mAh lipo batteries.
Three charging cords.
English user manual
Listed price: $447.
Discounted price: $197
You save 56 percent and a 30 days money back guarantee.

It doesn't finish here, order three and see what you will get.
What you will get in the box.
Three drones with additional two for free.
Five rechargeable controller
Five 3.7V 600mAh batteries (lipo).
Five charging cables
User manual.
Listed price: $745.
Discounted price: $297
You save 60%.

This is what they are selling now, things can change without notice but we Hope they can maintain this DISCOUNTED PRICE

Is shadow x drone legit or another basic drone?: Shadow x drone Review
Shadow x drone is really good and there is no exaggeration about this. Many people have used it and return for more. To clear your thoughts, check out what those who have this have to say.

“I tested and tested the Shadow X Drone, pushing to the limits and it could still keep up. I couldn’t outrun the drone and I was so impressed by how far it could go without losing transmission”

Ben Popper,
Verified Customer

This drone makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It’s so exciting to see footage of yourself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film.”

Mike Prospero,
Verified Customer

We are sorry for providing just two testimonies, there are more of this in the website so you can see others when you place your order. No need to keep repeating them here. Shadow x drone is really that good and it works like that expensive brand. Good for a total beginner

There are some questions we figured out online during the preparation of this drone. We gave answers to some of them, in case you still have, you can contact the customer care service.

1: How many hours does it take to charge the battery? It takes roughly 70 minutes, some charging can get it done under 60 minutes but at most it is 70 minutes. Though this depends on the charging source. You may see another different charging Time as the case may be but at the worst condition it can still be full Fast.

2: Can I fine tune the balance? You can offset the balance by pressing the fine tune button to correct the orientation.

3: Does it have an Altitude hold? You can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover, and shoot from any angle.

4: Does it have first person view capability? Wi-Fi real-time transmission fpv which can connect your phone with the drone and view will be shown directly on your phone. Hence enjoy the world above the horizon, capturing photos and record videos for your great memories


It is true that there are many drones available, some are still cheap as Shadow x drones while some are not. There are reasons we choose to recommend this particular drone to people. We have used it and it is from experience.

Shadow x drone is good in all aspects, it is affordable, foldable, which enhances walking with the drone. This is by far one of the best drones with camera and is no exaggeration. The Reviews are quite impressive, this will take your drone experience to another level.

The control is very easy and the picture quality is very very good considering what you paid. We strongly believe that this device will serve you more than you thought, give it a trial and come back for more.

Postal address: 400001

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