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Laidback foot massager V2.0

10-11-2021 01:47 PM CET | Health & Medicine

Press release from: laidback foot massager

Foot pain can be such an excruciating experience. In addition, most cases this could be as a result of us over working them during exercises, joggling leg workouts, and cycling. In most cases, foot pain issues can also be as a result of the type of work we do. I have an engineer friend that always limps whenever he comes over to have a weekend chill out with the lads he always complained of how terrible his legs hurt and that is because his job requires him to do a lot of standing and walking around.
Foot pain can also come from our change in workout routines. When you engage on a new workout program, you find out that you can stand a risk of getting muscle spasms which can be very painful and the pain can last for weeks, affecting your whole activity. In addition, injuries like ankle sprains, muscles strain also bring unbearable pains
Generally, foot pain is very common among the elderly people, I remember vividly my grandma always asking me for a foot massage back in days. It happens to be that when you advance in age, let us say late 60s, the muscles of the legs weaken making the legs much more painful as it’s meant to carry the entire body weight.
Footwear can also cause foot pain, yes! Wearing brand new shoes or even slightly undersized shoes can cause spasm of the muscles of your feet and the pains can be quite unbearable. In most cases, the pains can make walking very difficult. I myself had this issue once and believe me describing the pain in writing is simply a downgrade.
Now let us ask the most important question, how can one get rid of foot pain? Well, people employ many ways you can get relief from foot pain, the commonest is drugs, and this is the oral administration of pain killers like Diclofenac or Ibuprofen to give temporal relieve from such pains. However, this method can come with some disadvantages. Apart from the fact that these drugs don’t give you the permanent pain relief they also bring about some side effects. One of the major side effect is Peptic ulcer, if you are an ulcer patient and you take a pain killer drug you are at risk of worsening the ulceration.
Another pain relief method people employ is the use of pain relief gels. In as much as there are good products there in the market I’m afraid there are also some fake pain relief creams out there which can cause irritations to the skin and most of these irritations can be carcinogenic.
So far, the safest method is going to the spa to get a foot massage by highly trained practitioners but people tend to get discouraged because of the high fees. However, there is a better alternative, foot massagers. Foot massagers have been considered the redeeming feature today in quick muscle relaxation and pain relief and there is one particular foot massager that stands out in the market today and that is the Laidback foot massager 2.0 this massager is believed to be the right combination of efficiency and affordability.
I was captivated by the reviews people kept given about it so I decided to make my own research by ordering a unit which is the main topic of this article. Is laidback foot massager 2.0 the real deal or another hoax the only to find out is to continue reading this review you will be thrilled with what I discovered about this product.
Without wasting much of your time, let us get on with it.
To purchase this foot massager click here

The laidback massager is a powerful electronic massage pad that makes use of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, which triggers your body’s acupressure points through the feet bringing about proper blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The laidback 2.0 is the great successor of the laidback massager and I can tell you that the laidback 2.0 is way improved with higher massage levels and lesser operation time. the laidback foot massager 2.0 gets the job done in just 15 minutes unlike its predecessor’s which would take close to 25 minutes
This foot-massaging mat is very portable and lightweight, giving you the luxury of taking it with you to anywhere you want to go.

The laidback foot massager comes with a list of interesting features.
Easy Usage: The laidback foot massager V2.0 is quite simple to use, and anyone can use it easily. All you need to do is turn on the switch and set the massage intensity according to your requirements and you are good to go. Simply put the LaidBack Foot Massager V 2.0 on the floor and keep your feet over it, and you are good to go. The ease in using this foot massager makes it easy for you to keep up with your schedules without any hitch most especially at morning just before living for work.
Lightweight & Portable: Another feature of this foot massager tells that it is also very lightweight and portable. One can carry a LaidBack Foot Massager V 2.0 anywhere. This foot massager is a travel-friendly device, so take it anywhere with yourself and enjoy the massage session.
Four different massage intensities levels: You can also increase and decrease the intensity of pressure they want. It comes with a dial that allows the users to set the power in accordance to their foot pain level and requirements. If you want more pressure, just add up the intensity, and if you wish for low pressure, slightly decrease the pressure. It will help your muscles to relax, and one can enjoy the massage session.
Compact In Size: LaidBack Foot Massager is also very small to fit this foot massager anywhere, i.e., bags, etc. In addition, the lightweight feature adds up to this feature as well. Carry this with yourself anywhere, and you are all set to enjoy the massage.
Noiseless foot masasger: The majority of foot massagers come with a disturbing buzzing sound. But this is not the case with LaidBack Foot Massager v2.0 as it is a serene device, which means it is a noiseless device, so one won’t disturb others while having a foot massage session.
High quality material: I think this should be one feature you should always look out for when buying massagers. Some massagers spoil when they get exposed to water or constant usage. Honestly that is not so with the Laidback foot massager V2.0 this foot massager proved it durability when I tried soaking it in water for a couple of hours. It still worked perfectly after that so this is a huge step up from laidback. This feature makes cleaning of the laidback foot massager a lot easier.

I could go ahead and say a lot but for me the laidback massager v2.0 delivers both efficiency and cost effectiveness. Imagine a massager that can get your muscle tightness, spasm and any other leg related muscle pain relieved in just 15 minutes as against other expensive massagers that would get it done in 30 or 45.
Furthermore, the ease in using this thing is another thing I must commend. The massager comes with so much ease that you can practically use it anywhere including your work place or the gym without causing any form of noise nuisance. Special thanks to its noiseless feature.
Until today, I still doubt the price I got this massager for, the laidback foot massager v2.0 is super affordable and in addition to that, there is an ongoing 50% discount price for early bird purchases.

To purchase this foot massager click here

The laidback massager v2.0 employs EMS technology to give you that instant pain relief you have always wanted.
WHAT IS EMS? Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) contracts your muscles and stimulates blood flow with ELECTRONIC PULSES FOR SPEEDING UP MUSCLE RECOVERY.
If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of EMS, let me start by saying it doesn’t feel like your typical massage.
However, the tingling sensation you experience from the massage pad does an amazing job of rehabilitating the muscles you rely on. You know that “up” feeling you get after a good workout? Laidback helps you achieve that with regular use.
All you just need is 15 minutes of your time a day and laidback will give you the quality pain relief.

The ease in using this particular foot massager makes it an ideal gadget for everybody, so don’t be fooled into thinking that the laidback massager is just for athletes and workout enthusiasts that want to keep their muscles toned.
If you fall under these categories applies to you then the laidback foot massager v2.0 is meant for you.
• People that are on their feet most of the day
• Those that have recently started a new exercise program
• people looking to make gains at the gym
• An individual that experiences frequent muscle spasms
• People that want to improve muscle tone
• People that deal with a lot of stress in their daily life
• People, who suffer from leg pain, or poor blood circulation.
However it is very important to note that the laidback foot massager is not actually for everybody’s usage this is a fact you won’t see on most websites but I’m going to tell you.
Individuals with certain conditions, such as but not limited to:

Those having implanted pacemakers or other implanted metallic or electronic devices;

Those who have recently undergone surgery;

Those who are pregnant;

Those with swollen or inflamed areas (such as phlebitis);

Those who suffer from extreme varicose veins;

Those who have any type of sensory nerve damage; and

Other similar medical conditions
should refrain from using this product and are advised to seek out other options after proper consultation with a physician to know if they are cleared to do so.

The benefits of making use of the laidback massager v2.0 cannot be overemphasized
REVITALIZATION: there is an uncommon freshness and relaxation that comes with every foot massage, now imagine when that foot massager is the accurate laidback foot massager. Trust me your mood for the whole day will just be full of positive vibes because you are free from that crippling foot pain. Laidback also provides instant relief from microscopic tears and strains brought by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
SPEEDY RECOVERY: by the power of laidback foot massager v2.0 the muscles are oxygenated thanks to its ability to facilitate proper circulation. This in turn helps sore muscles heal faster
ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: as a bodybuilder that wants to target and tone the muscles of the legs, laidback foot massager v2.0 is the ideal tool for you. This is because, the rhythmic bioelectric contraction induced by the massager helps to improve muscle performance. Furthermore, we all know how discouraging leg workout can be because of the soreness that comes after, the laidback massager v2.0 is here to make sure to complete your leg workout regimen by giving you instant relief from the muscle soreness and achieve your desired muscle tone.
STORE IT EASILY: unlike most other foot massagers, the laidback massager v2.0 folds up and can be stored easily. Throw it in a drawer under the bed or in a backpack for quick access
GET TO CHOOSE YOUR PREFERED MASSAGE SETTING: the newest laidback foot massager v2.0 features six modes alongside 10 levels of intensity for both new and experienced EMS devotes. This is to allow you to pinpoint the actual degree of the soreness in your leg and set to the desired intensity, which will be enough to relief, you from the pain in no time.
SAVE TIME: this latest version of laidback foot massager provides instant relief in just 15 minutes as against its older version which requires close to 25minutes.
1. Laidback massager v2.0 is a lightweight and portable massager
2. Thanks to Its ability to increase blood circulation, the strength of joints of the legs to prevent both sports and work related injuries.
3. A massager so easy to use by anyone.
4. Laidback massager guarantees you a good night sleep after night usage.
5. It is a noiseless foot massager unlike many other massagers with obnoxious buzzing sounds.
6. Long lasting battery life.
7. There is an ongoing 50% price discount
8. Very easy to clean.
1. It can only be purchased online
2. There is limited stock available so hurry now if you have intensions of buying one.
3. The 50% discount is only meant to last for a short period
Making use of your laidback foot massager is generally easy and needs no unique skill. All you have to do is to layout your foot massager mat on a level ground and then step on it with your bare foot you can actually do this by standing on when seated. Then with remote control set it to the desired intensity. After 15 minutes, you will notice an instant ease in the muscle pains and tightness.
See for yourself the testimonies of trusted buyers worldwide
“LaidBack is lightning in a pad! It’s fast, powerful, and leaves me feeling charged up and ready to go. I often use it before I go jogging. It does a terrific job of prepping my legs and feet before my big run.” -Tannis H. – San Diego, CA

“I’ve played basketball my entire life, but now that I’m in my thirties, even my weekly rec game takes a toll on my body. Thankfully I’ve got my Laidback foot massager to look forward to after I get home. It soothes all the pain like a professional massage!”- Logan M.–Syracuse, NY

“I’m one of those people who pushes themselves way too hard at the gym. I’m so glad a friend recommended this electrical muscle stimulation massage mat. Usually, I felt horrible the day after as if my whole body had been hit by a pro boxer. But with LaidBack, I never felt better” -Laura B.– Gary, IN

Laidback foot massager gen 2 can only be purchased online from their official website. This is to ensure that you don’t get scammed of your money and also that you receive the original product.
The site is secure and allows for a multiple card type payment and also paypal if you don’t wish to use your card.
To purchase this foot massager click here

When you click on the link provided, your discount price promo activates automatically.
The makes a unit of the laidback massager gen 2 go for as low as $69.99
You can also get more discount offers should you decide to order more than one unit of this product.
2X laidback massager (massage duo) $139.99
3X laidback foot massager $156.99 (best deal)
4X laidback massager $191.99

I’ve never tried an electrical muscle stimulation device before? What is it like?
Many first-time users report the sensation as “weird, but in a good way.” What’s nice about LaidBack is that it features 10 levels of intensity for you to choose from. Start low and work your way up over time. You also have 6 options for controlling the type of massage you wish to receive.

Can anyone use LaidBack?
Yes, however, it should not be used when pregnant or if you have heart disease. Make sure to follow all the safety guidelines laid out in the included instruction manual
What is the difference between this LaidBack device and the previous version?
The latest version of the LaidBack is a stripped-down, streamlined unit that delivers soothing stimulation to your legs and feet in even less time (15-minute auto-run sessions instead of the usual 25 minutes). The new LaidBack also forgoes the charging cable for 2x AAA batteries and features a “less-square” appearance.

How big is it?
The foot mat is 310 x 300mm (12.2 x 11.81 inches); however, it folds in half for convenient storage and transport. The modular controller measures 77 x 60 x 22mm (2.75 x 2.36 x .86 inches). It fits in the palm of your hand!
What will happen if I change my mind after receiving it?
LaidBack includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind for any reason within that time, you can return the device for a full refund. Just don’t forget to include the original packaging.

Final thought
In my opinion I strongly believe that the laidback massager gen 2 holds the great promise of becoming the best buy in the foot massager market today. Relying on drugs and creams to heal your sore muscles hold great risk which can be life threatening.
If you are still having doubts, I can confidently tell you that the laidback foot massager is a quality product and you won’t regret bringing on of these foot massagers into your home. So stop taking those pain killer drugs, discard the creams and go and order your laidback massager now that the 50% discount promo is still on.

Quality Performance Limited
377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
phone number: 855 219 4892

The LaidBack Story
We live in a busy world and it’s not that gentle on our bodies, especially our poor feet! We spend so many hours each day standing or moving about, it’s no wonder so many of us develop chronic foot, leg, and ankle pain. LaidBack stimulates the muscles and improves circulation to promote healing, relaxation, and enhanced athletic performance.

The LaidBack Secret
Although LaidBack is an extremely advanced technological device, it was designed to be effortless to use and extremely portable. You can rest assured that with LaidBack you’ll have an efficient and effective pain relief mat you can take anywhere that will target your foot and leg pain!

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