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Top 9 Qualities of Entrepreneurial Success

What does it take to become the next Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, or Warren Buffet? On the surface, these entrepreneurs and other highly successful individuals seem to have little in common. They come from diverse backgrounds, have varying personalities, skills, and talents, and possess very different outlooks on life. But with a little digging, you'll find that there are several fundamental qualities which they all share on some level.

This isn't by chance.

A growing body of research has shown that certain character traits seem to be the key ingredients, and even predictors, for business success.

The Top 9 Qualities of Entrepreneurial Success

Want to discover how you stack up against the world's highly successful entrepreneurs? See if you possess any of these 9 shared qualities of the most successful business minds in modern history.

1. A Sense of Purpose
Steve Jobs once said, “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” Your sense of purpose is your “why,” your personal mission in life that you will not compromise on come what may. It's the little corner of the world you want to change or improve (even if that corner is your own quality of life). What that mission is doesn't matter so much. What matters most is that it's very important to you.

2. Resilience
After Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the online company that has single-handedly redefined the retail industry, there was zShops an online marketplace that ultimately flopped, and this was just one of many initiatives to bite the dust. As Bezos quipped, “I’ve made billions of dollars of failures at”

Success as an #entrepreneur#, and a CEO, means that for all of the “wins”, there will be countless failures and mistakes along the way. Entrepreneurs are not foiled by their failures. They look at failure as the foundation for future success. This is resilience at its best, the quality that allows you to figure out what went wrong, refocus your efforts and continue on whenever things don't go as planned.

3. A Balance Between Self-Confidence and Humility
Many people confuse self-confidence with being arrogant. Arrogant individuals can't see themselves or others clearly. They have a hard time seeking help and feedback and a harder time accepting unsolicited criticism. They feel like they know it all.

Self-confidence, on the other hand, means believing that you have something unique to contribute to the world, that your efforts and ideas have value and are worthy of success. Confident individuals also believe in their ability to carry through on their plans, and even if they end up failing, it's not a reflection of their innate value as a person. They recognize their limitations and are able to learn from their mistakes. In other words, self-confidence is really just a healthy dose of self-awareness combined with humility.

4. Risk-Taking
Research suggests that successful entrepreneurs are not more inclined to taking risks than other people. While there is definitely an element of risk to starting and running any new venture, contrary to popular belief, success isn't about taking risks, it's about taking calculated risks. This means, while the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders excel at discovering the biggest opportunities, their real talent lies in their ability to then validate and approach these opportunities in the least riskiest way.

5. Drive and Determination
Drive and determination are closely linked to the ability to set goals and remain focused on reaching them even in the face of seemingly insurmountable setbacks. Author JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before finding success with her Harry Potter series, and #entrepreneur#, author Tim Ferriss' wildly successful first book, The Four-Hour Workweek, was famously rejected by 25 publishers before becoming a best seller.

Successful entrepreneurs are focused on making their business ideas work, and know when to look past the hindrances or distractions along the way. Instead, they take steps every day toward the achievement of their objectives.

6. People skills
Highly successful individuals know how and when to win friends and influence people because it is a valuable ingredient to their continued prosperity. They are connected to the people they are trying to work with and serve and they typically possess strong communication skills to motivate employees, sell their business' products or services, and attract investors and business partners. They also listen more than they speak. As Richard Branson famously said, “Listening enables us to learn from each other, from the marketplace, and from the mistake that must be made in order to get anywhere that is original and disruptive.”

7. A Knack for Team-Building
While many successful visionary entrepreneurs are notoriously hard to work with, they nevertheless all know how to build a good team and motivate these people to produce their best work. Steve Jobs was known to personally seek out talent individuals to join his company. Over the course of his career, he personally interviewed over 5,000 applicants.

Successful business leaders also spend time and energy building up a vast professional network that they often tap into when they are in need of advice or a partnership.

8. The Ability to Set Boundaries
Successful people see a multitude of opportunities for their business, but they understand that not every opportunity is created equal. Instead, they selectively focus on those ideas with the greatest proven potential.

Successful business leaders are also in touch with their own physical, intellectual, and talent-oriented limitations. They thus make a great effort to learn how to delegate tasks. They willingly allow others to become involved in the management of the business and at times, empower them make independent decisions.

9. Self-Investment
Highly successful individuals don't just milk a single success till the end. They instead constantly invest in themselves to keep themselves motivated and their talents and skill-sets fresh. They understand that they need to continually develop their skills, increase their knowledge, and take good care of themselves, both physically and mentally.

Above all, highly successful people know how to pick out what's truly important and what will make the biggest impact-- in business and in life. If you possess, or are working to posses, all 9 of these qualities, then you could well be on your way to building something truly exceptional.

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