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starting a business , entrepreneurship

starting a business , entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship connotes the ability to sense and act on opportunity; it combines the skillful ability of creatively thinking outside the box to bring something new to the world. It usually involves a long passage of time before actual impact might be evident. Many people think of entrepreneurship solely along the lines of business, making a profit, etc. But in any way you as an individual seek to impact humanity creatively or innovatively, you are already an #entrepreneur# . Entrepreneurship is about proffering solutions, meeting a need, birthing ideas to solve problems. By inference, there can be different types of entrepreneurs. If you are running a business for yourself in any way, you are an #entrepreneur#, if you are running an organization that aims to solve societal needs at large, you are a social #entrepreneur#.
There is also another class of entrepreneurs, if you are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others, to motivate or encourage, you are a spiritual #entrepreneur#. This class also has people like a life coach, a yoga teacher, a therapist or healer, etc. Most times, a spiritual #entrepreneur# is sharing from the bedrock of their own life-changing experiences that became a huge source of joy or inspiration to them. Spiritual entrepreneurs sell the stories that motivated them, inspired or changed them. They do this with joy and in hope that someone else would be motivated and encouraged by it. They are driven by a desire to serve and uplift others. Most times, spiritual entrepreneurs would keep doing their work even if they are not paid for it. It’s as though the voice of passion, silence, the noise of fear, doubt, and sometimes, logic. The spiritual #entrepreneur# challenges the norms and conventional ideas as they think outside the box. They have primarily one goal: to serve. A spiritual #entrepreneur# is not necessarily looking for a need to proffer solutions to, but they follow their heart and intuition to be of help and service to an audience, usually, for a fee.
However, spiritual entrepreneurship is also run as a business, hence even if it’s not the primary goal, they seek to make a profit. The spiritual #entrepreneur# faces a lot of challenges and makes plenty of mistakes that lead to a lot of failures. Some of these failures, challenges, or pitfalls are avoidable.
Hence, these are ten top keys that would help in making you a success as a spiritual #entrepreneur#.
In almost anything you do, it is of utmost importance to keep your mind focused and your eyes fixed on the goal. Spiritual entrepreneurship is not an exemption. As a spiritual #entrepreneur#, constantly remind yourself of why you started in the first place. Why are you in this? What do you hope to achieve? Since most spiritual entrepreneurs are telling their own story, a primary vision is that they don’t want their audience or clients going through a painful ordeal that they have gone through. In a case where someone is already in similar shoes they were in, they proffer solutions from their personal experience. So why are you telling your story and what do you hope to achieve by it; in other words, what is your purpose and vision as a spiritual #entrepreneur# ? The answer to these (or this) question(s) is the bedrock of whether you would be a successful spiritual #entrepreneur# .
For the spiritual #entrepreneur#, it is not that you think creatively, you must meditate productively. Meditation is living in the present with all that you are, irrespective of what activity that you are engaged in. A true spiritual #entrepreneur# can meditate through any activity. As you meditate you can relate with your subconscious, think properly, and birth solutions from your inner being. This act by no means refers to mindless daydreaming, meditation is necessary for the work ahead. The art of meditation is key if you must be a successful spiritual #entrepreneur#.
A car carrying fuel still needs fuel in it to get to its point of delivery. A spiritual #entrepreneur# must be surrounded by positive energy. While this energy can be generated personally, through the art of meditation, there is a need for an external source of it. Surround yourself with a tribe of people that understands and supports your journey and what you stand for or represent. Negative energy would impede your productivity. Do not surround yourself with people who would rain on your parade; avoid toxic energy at all costs.
Skills are important, and of course, much needed for any business to be a success. But there is also a need for determination to move and keep moving. No matter how good your story is and how much potential it has to build up other people and be a healing balm, without tenacity it would die on sale. Be bold, determined, audacious, and have the right force to tell and sell your own story. Refuse to let anybody pull-down or belittle your experience. Build tenacity.
In this time and age where people are always on the go, you must be committed both to yourself and your business as a spiritual #entrepreneur#. What you focus on, grows, and where your focus lies, is where your commitment is. Commitment to yourself includes investment in yourself, anybody can tell a story, but only a few can sell it. If you need to pay to learn the art of storytelling, do so. Spiritual entrepreneurs are not stingy and are not misers. Be committed to yourself enough to be willing to invest in yourself.
As a spiritual #entrepreneur#, you must be willing to move the spotlight from yourself to your client. Don’t listen just to respond, open up your heart to connect with your client or the speaker. Practice the art of listening, listen to hear, to feel, to understand, to see, and only then can you properly respond. It cannot be downplayed that the spiritual #entrepreneur# sells his or her story, but it is not primarily about you, listen to the other person's story. This determines if they would in turn listen to you and in turn trust you.
This key is very vital to be a success or a failure as a spiritual #entrepreneur#. The wrong audience means your message won’t be well received or would fly right overheads. This begins a chain reaction, first the failure, then the negative energy within yourself, and finally, because there is already such negativity on your inside, you would be unable to communicate with even the right audience as confidence is already lost. All of this is avoided if you know your audience. How do you know your audience? You have a story, who needs to hear it? That’s your audience. Not every story is for everybody.
One mistake a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs make is denying the need for and for money. This is already a setup for failure. Spiritual entrepreneurship is not a charity organization. Don’t be timid about or apologetic about the price you are charging. You are offering value and service, don’t try to make excuses for the amount of money you are charging, let your service justify it.
9. USE “IT”
Take advantage of the technologies of the digital age. Apply the digital tools available. Information technology would help promote your brand and fulfill your objective. It eases the process of your activities while ensuring a wider and more effective reach. You have the internet, social media platforms, etc. We cannot downplay the use of these technologies in projecting and representing our ideas, goals, and ministry. You are likely going to be more successful quickly and reach more audience when you apply these tools than when you do not.
10. OWN IT
You are your cheerleader, it’s your story, your message, your craft, own it. Dare to celebrate yourself. Believe in yourself, people can smell and sense fear but would trust the words coming from the mouth of a bold person. Be confident in yourself, in your story, and the process you want to lead people through. If it worked for you, chances are it would work for others. But own it.

The Spiritual #entrepreneur# is an example of his or her trade. What is sold in spiritual entrepreneurship is not just ideas, but tested and lived out processes with results. The greatest key the spiritual #entrepreneur# can wield for success, is to believe in his or her own story, own it and wear it like a badge of honor.

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Robert Moment is a results-driven certified social + emotional intelligence coach and trainer and certified peak performance coach and author of the game changing #entrepreneur# mindset Special Report titled, “5 New Words That Will Change The Way You Think About Achieving Business Success

Robert specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome self-limiting beliefs, fears and imposter syndrome using the power of high emotional intelligence and peak performance coaching to be your authentic self, living inspired doing what you love scaling to a 6 or 7 figure business.

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