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Haarko Knife Reviews – New Kitchen Chef Knife

09-03-2021 03:59 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Haarko Kitchen Knife

Haarko Kitchen Knife

As a Haarko knife, the manufacturer of this product offers a Japanese Santoku chef's knife. This knife is not only characterised by its typical shape, which is a mixture between a knife and a kitchen cleaver. With a Haarko knife, you should be able to do a variety of different preparation tasks. These include:
1. cutting
2. chopping and
3. dicing
According to the manufacturer, each Haarko kitchen knife is forged by hand. This refers to the stainless-steel blade. The handle of these knives is made of rosewood. The wood is supposed to give your hand better protection against slipping. For this reason, it is also helpful to use the hole inside the blade to hold on to. It holds your index finger and makes it easier to guide the blade in the desired direction. The metal around the hole is rounded so that there is no risk of injury. The Haarko knife can also be sharpened at any time to restore the required sharpness.

Haarko Knife Quality
Independent tests of the Haarko knife do not yet exist. One of the first sources to find out more about the quality of these kitchen knives is therefore the manufacturer's description. The manufacturer states that all Haarko knives are made by hand. Handmade production stands for a traditional form of knife production and therefore enjoys a very good reputation. This applies first and foremost to the blade of the knives. High-quality workmanship is the basis for many years of use. If you are still not satisfied with the kitchen knife after receiving the goods, you can exchange it. The right to exchange is valid for 30 days. This period begins with the date of successful delivery and not with the date of purchase. This gives you enough time to form an opinion about the quality of the Haarko Santoku knife. (Any/all links in this post are affiliate links from which the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product/service, but the price is the same for you). Visit the supplier website here to find a discounted price:

Known FAQ about this product
- Q: What materials is the Haarko knife made of?
- A: The Haarko knife is made of two main materials. The blade is made of stainless steel. This gives the kitchen knife a sharpness that even a chef in a professional kitchen trusts. The handle is made of rosewood. This gives the Santoku kitchen knife a better grip and reduces the risk of slipping and digging into the blade during cutting. Both materials are highly durable, making the knife an integral part of the preparation of dishes.
- Q: What are the dimensions of the Haarko knife?
- A: The overall length for the Haarko knife is 27.7 cm. The blade is 16 cm long and the handle 7 cm. The remaining cm is the transition from the blade to the handle. Because of the dimensions, this kitchen knife is especially suitable for people with smaller hands.
- Q: Why is there a hole in the blade?
- A: The hole is not a production defect in the Haarko knife and is not located in this position by chance. The recess in the blade provides space for the index finger. This is a technique also used by a chef to exert better control over the direction of the blade.
- Q: For what purposes can this kitchen knife be used?
- A: The Haarko knife is a Santoku knife and is therefore suitable for several steps of preparation at once. First of all, the kitchen knife cuts through larger pieces of meat and fish as well as fruit and vegetables. In the second step, you can use the Japanese knife to chop the ingredients or to chop them even further. It is not necessary to change to another knife.
- Q: Is the Haarko knife suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher?
- A: The Haarko knife is not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The manufacturer recommends washing by hand to prevent the blade from wearing out more quickly.
- Q: Can the blades be resharpened by themselves?
- A: If a Haarko knife has become dull, you can resharpen it yourself with the appropriate sharpening tools. Since the kitchen knife is sharpened on both sides of the blade, you should also use the sharpening stones and co on both sides.
- Q: Does the buyer have to be a chef?
- A: A Haarko knife is not only sold to professional users. You do not have to be able to prove that you are a chef to make a purchase on the manufacturer's website.

General Hair Knives Customer Reviews
The Haarko knife is just as suitable for single households as for large families. The blade can be resharpened with little effort, so nothing should stand in the way of frequent use. The manufacturer also states that each of the kitchen knives is made by hand. Compared to machine production, this is supposed to prevent flaws in advance. According to the manufacturer, the manufacturing process results in increased stability of the knife. As a user, you do not have to limit yourself to soft ingredients. Chopping nuts can also be possible with a Haarko knife.
The impression of an all-round knife for numerous preparation tasks is also confirmed by a look at the comments of other buyers. They confirm the existing benefits with regard to the various uses. The sharpness of the knives is also emphasised. The effort required to cut the ingredients is said to be noticeably reduced. However, according to other comments, the Haarko knife also has points of criticism. These include, for example, the relatively short handle. People with larger hands would have difficulties completely grasping the kitchen knife. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!

What problems can I tackle with this Santoku knife?
The Haarko knife is designed to perform multiple food preparation tasks with one knife. This includes cutting up larger pieces of meat as well as fruit and vegetables. Instead of using a meat or vegetable knife after cutting, the manufacturer states that you can also use the Santoku kitchen knife for other tasks such as chopping herbs or cutting into cubes or strips. This type of preparation is typical of Japanese cuisine. There, the preparation is made as simple as possible in order to have the ingredients at hand more quickly.
A second problem you should solve with the Haarko knife is safety during cutting. The hole between the blade and the handle can give your hands extra grip. To do this, you put your index finger through the hole and can thus determine even better in which direction you guide the knife. Slipping off fruits like mangos or papayas can no longer be an everyday risk in the kitchen with this knife. You don't necessarily have to be a chef to be in the target group for this knife. It can also be purchased for the home kitchen. The Santoku kitchen knife is therefore recommended for experienced hobby chefs as well as beginners who have just started to enjoy cooking. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Haarko knife?
• Suitable for slicing, chopping and dicing
• Stainless steel blade suitable for grinding
• Low total weight of 280 grams
• Hole for better guidance of the blade

• Better suited for smaller hands
• Cleaning in the dishwasher not recommended

This Santoku kitchen knife has several advantages. Firstly, it can be used for more than one purpose. The Haarko knife is suitable for cutting as well as chopping and dividing into fine cubes or strips. According to the manufacturer, you can also resharpen the stainless-steel blade at home. Restoring the sharpness does not require a chargeable service. The total weight of 280 grams, as well as the hole in the blade, serves to guide the knife more safely. With these advantages, you are getting closer to the chef's time for preparing ingredients.
However, there are also disadvantages associated with each knife. The Santoku kitchen knife is better suited for small hands. The 7 cm long handle is much harder to grip with large hands. In addition, the index finger must fit into the recess to be able to use this function of the knife as well. This Haarko kitchen knife also requires more care. According to the manufacturer's recommendation, the knives should always be cleaned by hand. In addition, the blades should not come into contact with moisture during storage.

Where can I buy Haarko knives online?
Currently, the Haarko Santoku kitchen knife is only available online. The manufacturer even goes one step further and restricts sales exclusively to its own website. You won't find this product for sale in online shops that specialise in knives or on Amazon. This limits the options for purchasing, but in return ensures that you really do get an original Santoku knife. You don't have to be a chef to buy the Haarko knife from the website. Private individuals also have the opportunity to buy there.
You can currently choose from four different offers on the sales form on the website. You have the option of buying one knife or a set with two, three or four of the Japanese kitchen knives. Currently, all four offers are available with a 50% discount. You only pay half the original price of the knives. With Christmas just around the corner or the birthdays of family members and friends, you already have a suitable gift at hand. For payment, you can choose between:
1. payment by credit card and
2. PayPal
decide. Purchase on account or payment by instalments is not possible with this product. In addition, you have to pay the delivery charges. These are displayed on the website before the purchase, so you don't have to wait until after the purchase to see the total price. After the arrival of the kitchen knives, you have a 30-day right of return. For this, the knives must be in a condition that allows them to be sold again. Buy this product now with a special discount:

Haarko knife technical details
• Japanese Santoku knife for slicing, chopping and dicing
• 16 cm stainless steel blade
• 7 cm rosewood handle
• 280 grams total weight
• Hole for better cutting

Haarko knife rating
With a Haarko knife, the manufacturer combines the claim that you don't have to be a chef to be able to prepare ingredients quickly and safely. The kitchen knife consists of a stainless-steel blade and a rosewood handle. Making the handle out of wood is a common way of protecting knives from injury. Wood appears smooth at first glance, but it is much rougher than metal. If your hands start to sweat, the danger of slipping off the wooden handle and coming into contact with the blade should be reduced. In addition, the hole inside the blade offers another protective function. If your index finger fits through this recess in the metal, you can guide the blade better. If you have always admired the speed with which a chef chops meat, fish and vegetables, this kitchen knife can give you the chance to become just as fast.
Another advantage for this Haarko knife is the total length of 27.7 cm and the total weight of 280 grams. The blade length of 16 cm allows you to cut a variety of ingredients. You should therefore not lose time by having to re-position the Santoku knife frequently. With a weight of less than 300 grams, the knife also lies well in the hand. If the preparation of the ingredients takes longer, you won't have to struggle with sore muscles or tension in your hands later. The knife is also suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Regardless of which hand you use for cutting, there is only a very low risk of injury with this knife. Click here to discover the current discount:

Contact information about the manufacturer
The Haarko knife is sold by:
Name: UAB Ekomlita
Address: Gedimino Str. 45-7, Kaunas
Country of origin: Lithuania

Customer Support: Phone: +1 (202) 951-9992
E-mail: Form on website

If you would like to contact the manufacturer of Haarko Knives by e-mail, you must use the form on the website. You can access this form by scrolling down and clicking on "Contact". In the email, you can ask questions about the kitchen knife before you buy it. If you have already bought the knife and would like to exchange it, it is also helpful to contact support first. With this supplier, you might suspect that it is a distribution partner. This means that UAB Ekomlita is responsible for selling and shipping the Santoku knives, but is not the manufacturer. If you ask for the desired address before returning the knives, you will save yourself having to spend the postage again. Time is also a little short, as the right to return expires after 30 days. If the information comes from the seller, you are on the safe side.

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