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Doctor Obi (Alternative Medical Professor) claims Racist Independent Irish News Editors hate Blacks in Ireland

08-23-2021 09:29 AM CET | Business, Economy, Finances, Banking & Insurance

Press release from: Alternative Medicine Professor in Ireland (Irish Independent Doctor)

/ PR Agency: Independent Irish Network (News Agency)
Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi : "We Exist. We are Lawful. We are Royal. We do not need the Validation of Racist News Editors."

Professor Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi : "We Exist. We are Lawful. We are Royal. We do not need the Validation of Racist News Editors."

DUBLIN , Ireland - - (Independent Irish Press Release) - - An INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL DOCTOR (and Racial Equality Campaigner) , who has still not suspended his Independent (Political) War against Institutional Racism and Structural (Systemic) Discrimination at the British (UK) General Medical Council (GMC) , has boldly commenced the 2021 Official (Worldwide) Celebrations pertaining to his 30th (Thirtieth) Professional Anniversary Year as a Fully Qualified (International) Medical Doctor , and His 20th (Twentieth) Academic Anniversary Year as an Alternative Medicine Professor in Ireland - by publicly announcing the arrival of the World's Largest Alternative Medicine Training Project , for One Billion (Online) Alternative Medicine Students.

. . . And he is not doing it quietly , (to say the very least) ; as per some of the excerpts , extracts , and soundbites (below) . . .

In fact , Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has (now) , slowly and steadily , (finally) begun to break his (enigmatic) silence on various online media reports ; (albeit) in a (rather) Dramatic and (awesomely) Spell-Binding fashion.

According to the (Highly) Charismatic Black Physician (in verified comments which were made during a recent speech at the Virtual Induction of 1127 New RCAM International Alternative Medicine Fellowship Graduates) ; quite a lot of (hard-hitting) statements were publicly made. Here are our Top 5 excerpts , for now.


" We are not amused. They (the Racist White Journalists) were the ones who initially started being (profoundly) Xenophobic (towards us) , many years ago , after I , Joseph Chikelue Obi , successfully (and statutorily) trademarked the Royal College of Alternative Medicine , together with it's relevant Fellowship designation thereof. They were absolutely shocked that a (subhuman) Black Man could ever even dream of doing such a thing , let alone profitably bringing it to fruition. So they then decided to (Criminally) Tarnish the brand so that it would then become Totally Worthless. But (alas) , they failed. We are still here. And we are very (very) ready to fight them , using their very own methods. If they (now) want a (full blown) Media War, then we will (most certainly) give them a (full blown) Media War (Twelve Trillion Times Over). Thankfully , we also have our (very) own (Intelligence) Files on every Xenophobic one of them - and they ain't looking (too) pretty. Let it be publicly known that Royal College of Alternative Medicine has always been an African Collegiate Apprenticeship , which has fundamentally been rooted in Igbo (Biafran) Mentoring Methods. The Igbo (Biafran) Apprenticeship Scheme is the World's Largest (and Most Successful) Apprentice Scheme in History , and we do not need the (Hollow) Endorsement of a Few (Narrow-minded) Journalistic Scallywags - or their (Equally-Myopic) Editorial Riff-Raff. Africa has always had it's very own Kings and Queens , many of who successfully existed long before most White (Supremacist) Nations ever even knew what the concept of Royalty actually meant. I (personally) come from a very influential (Extended) African (Biafran) Royal Family. Black People can actually be quite Royal too. Royalty is not exclusively for (Racist) White Folks. Yes , I , Joseph Obi , am Royal (myself). To that effect , No (good-for-nothing) Racist , (White Supremacist) , Independent Irish Newspaper Editor , (on Earth) , is (ever) going to be allowed to Rain on this (particular) Alternative Medicine Parade. We do not require the (Tainted) Validation of a Corrupt , Dublin-Based, Irish Newspaper House to prove our Statutory Existence. We do Exist. We are Credible. We are Legitimate. We are Lawful. We are Strong. We are Persistent. We are Resilient - and (most of all) , We will continue to remain (Totally) Undeterred. We do not need the (Colonialist) Permission of a corrupt Independent Irish New Media House , in Dublin , before deciding to reduce our commercial overheads , by using Virtual Offices and Electronic Delivery of our International Fellowship Programmes. We also do not need to Pay (Racketeering-Related) Bribes to Corrupt Irish Independent News Journalists , many of whom have consistently been revealed to be Data Thieves , Phone Hackers, Scam Artists , Document Forgers , Email Hackers, Drug Addicts , Fraudsters , Blackmailers , Drunkards , Molesters , Gamblers, Xenophobes , Racists , Social Media Manipulators and (Fundamentally Irredeemable) Scumbags of the most utterly despicable order (inter alia). "


" I, Joseph Chikelue Obi , bluntly refuse to be Judged by such (Totally Shamelessly) Riff-Raff and Scallywags. Furthermore , I , Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi would hereby like to make it abundantly clear that I also equally have the Innate Potential to be much more Brazen than all of the (Tax-Dodging) Owners of all of the (aforementioned) Racist Independent Irish Media Houses (put together) - and as such will not hesitate to give them (all) a Right and Proper (Jolly Good) Tongue-Lashing , if ever they dare to cross my Path , again. Let this be their Final (Public) Warning. Let it be known , once again, to all (and sundry) that we actually (do truly) exist. We are Lawful. We are Royal. We don't need any Validation (whatsoever) from (Racist) White Editors , most especially from a Xenophobic , (Half-Nickel) , Irish Independent Media House in Dublin. "


"Ireland only came into the matter because it was here that most of our eBooks are Written. It is also in Ireland where a lot of our R&D ( Research and Development) takes place , specifically relating to the Global Standardization of African Traditional Medicine (ATM) - and the Constant Upgrading of African Traditional Medicine into an International (Highly Respected) Status which is similar to that of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)."


" Those who are writing rubbish about the Royal College of Alternative Medicine should shut up their Shameless Mouths - and stop behaving like an utterly Racist bunch of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) enthusiasts. Furthermore - A lot of the People who were allegedly named in some of the Fake News Articles have already denied ever saying anything (whatsoever) of the sort. For the record (just for starters) - So many News Reporters (and Shareholders) in that Racist Independent Independent Newspaper House , in Dublin , have , over the years , already (themselves) been Publicly Shamed, Banned, Disgraced , Called Out , Revealed and (otherwise) Exposed for Falsifying Stories , Falsifying Twitter Accounts , Fraud , Bullying , Blackmail , Theft , Forgery , Rigging , Misinformation , Misrepresentation , Deception , Narcotics Offences , Sexual Misconduct , Tax Evasion , Swindling , Trademarks Infringement , GDPR Violations , Fake Qualifications , Fake Certificates , Sock Puppetry , Fake Degrees , Fake Diplomas , Fake CVs , Fake Resumes , Espionage , Conspiracy to Commit Crimes, Corporate Sabotage , Financial Crimes , Money Laundering , Economic Crimes , Stock Market Criminalities ,Gun-Running , Arms-Dealing , Drug-Pushing , Kidnapping , Torture , Prostitution , Abortions , Abuse , Unmentionable Atrocities against Children , Cover-Ups, Collusion , Gerrymandering , Facilitation of Misconduct in Public Office , Illicit Financial Transactions , Manipulation of Evidence , Perjury , Perverting the Course of Justice , Criminal Damage , Human Right Abuses, Malicious Falsehood , Defamation , Slander , Libel , Racism , Xenophobia , Racial Bias , Racial Discrimination , Race Hate Crimes, Racketeering , Bribery , Corruption , Phone Hacking , Email Hacking , Website Hacking, Terrorism , People trafficking , Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) , Arson , Manslaughter , Murder , Revenge Videos - and so many other Areas of Grave (Public Interest) Concerns (inter alia) etc."


"I (personally) find it Utterly Amazing (and Totally Bizarre) that some of them even have the (Abominable) Wreckless Audacity (and Abject Impunitous Hypocrisy) to write such Rubbish in the very first place. (And) why (on earth) did the Racist Idiots consistently choose to ignore the Irish Trademark (Intellectual Property) Registry , and the EU Central Database of Fully Licensed (European Union) Medical Doctors ? Yet They , (many of who did not even set foot in an Accredited Medical School) , now think that they can publicly attack me , Joseph Chikelue Obi , when I probably have more Academic (and Professional) Clinical Qualifications (or Credentials) than All of their (Snake-Brained) Editors-in-Chief , (combined) , to Date. Shame on Them. How (Very Much) Dare They ?"



The Chief Press Officer

International Mentoring Section of the Joint Clinical Assessment Group (JCAG).


Media (Press) Contact Information :

Office of the International Media Team for the UK , USA and Ireland.
Malone Road
Northern Ireland
Island of Ireland.

Website :

Republic of Ireland (ROI) Email Address (Global News Desk) :

USA (North America) Phone Number (Worldwide Customer Support) : +1 6418631393


Often referred to as the Founding Father of Evidence-Based Alternative Medicine , Joseph Chikelue Obi still serves as the Emeritus Executive Provost of the Royal College of Alternative Medicine , among many other International Roles.

The Official Profile (and Credentials) of Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi have always been publicly located at (where he can easily be contacted).

Professor Obi successfully graduated as a Medical Doctor (MBBS) in the Year 1991 , and also successfully graduated with a Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree in the Year 2001.

Dr Obi has (privately) written about 1000 (One Thousand) Anti-Racism Songs , Anti-Discrimination Slogans and Anti-Xenophobia Chants (over the past 5 decades).

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