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SolarBright Floodlights Review : All You Need To Know About The SolarBright Floodlights

08-15-2021 03:40 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Press release from: SolarBright Floodlights

SolarBright Floodlights Review : All You Need To Know About

Do you ever have the feeling that you're in danger in your own home? Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you're afraid a stranger could be lurking in the pitch-black night? Dot Com Product has launched their take on solar night lights to help people reclaim their sense of security. They may appear to have the least influence at first glance, but once they shine through, almost any life form is likely to flee. Do you want to know what's going on behind the scenes? Without further ado, here is a thorough examination of SolarBright FloodLights.

WHAT IS THE SolarBright FloodLights?
SolarBright FloodLights are motion-activated sensor lights that protect customers without requiring electricity, batteries, or wiring. These are said to be ideal devices for anyone who wants to illuminate dark pockets in the backyard, driveway, porch, or along the side of a house, preventing mischief and theft, to say the least. We must examine the qualities of SolarBright FloodLights in order to gain a better understanding of how effective they are.

With no power, it is one of the most basic demands of every household. It conserves electricity and, as a result, your energy expenditures are kept to a minimum. It's a solar-powered floodlight that charges during the day and starts functioning as soon as you switch it on.

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When compared to typical LEDs, solar light only takes a few minutes to fully charge. The light's battery is well-designed to save energy throughout the night.

WHAT FEATURES DO SolarBright FloodLights HAVE?
There are a lot of features to talk about in terms of features. SolarBright FloodLights can give 8 hours of illumination during the night and rely on solar energy for charging purposes during the day, in addition to working without electricity, wires, or batteries. The next step is to install it, which can be as simple as peeling the sticker and sticking the device to a certain post/fence or drilling it into the ground for permanent lighting in that area.


How could anyone overlook its capacity to cast a 270-degree light radius across 200 square feet? There's also the fact that these sensor lights include 120 LED lights with a light output of 600 lumens. Furthermore, SolarBright FloodLights feature a class 350 heat-resistant construction, which indicates that the interior temperature will not surpass 350°F for at least an hour of heat exposure. Weather and water resistance are also included, as well as long-lasting batteries thanks to the usage of 18650 battery technology.

SolarBright Flood Light is a worthwhile and cost-effective option to think about. Two SolarBright Flood Lights are included in each package and are ready to use once unboxed. Screws and mounts are also included in the box, so you may hang your lights wherever you choose.

ABOUT SolarBright FloodLights

The SolarBright Flood Light is an incredible breakthrough in the industrial revolution, where everything runs on electricity except for the above-mentioned LED, which runs on a solar system with a charged battery. It has 100 super-bright LEDs that are wired together inside the lamp.

It features 3 modes that perform so proficiently that won’t let you feel any difficulties. It contains a motion sensor that detects movement from a distance of 16 feet. The light is covered approximately 270 degrees, and the battery and LEDs installed within have a 5-year life duration.

WHAT ARE THE THREE MODES OF SolarBright Flood Light?
The SolarBright Flood Light has three main modes explain below:

Mode 1: it enables light to shine brighter throughout the entire night. The SolarBright Light comes with small super illuminated LEDs that stay consistent through the night once the sun has enough light and fully sets on the day.

Mode 2: the light stays consistently dim while lightening the whole area around. Upon the detection of motion, the light will switch to 100% bright light that creates 270 degrees of brightly lit area.

Mode 3: look through the motion at night, it keeps the light completely off at night. But, when motion is detected it turns the brightness on. This kind of setting is usually used around the window or door that keeps you asleep without any disturbance.

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Based on an available unbiased comparison between SolarBright FloodLights and those offered by big box stores, the former is superior because:

1, They aren’t bulky in size like most of their competitors

2, They do not have any wirings at all

3, They include three settings, whereas competitors stick to the standards

4, They include the greatest number of LEDs per device

5, They are the brightest despite the compact design


The SolarBright Flood Light has various benefits when it comes to usage.

1, One package comes with two lights inside.

2, It has a long-lasting battery to run through the whole night

3, It works on a solar power mechanism with no wiring at all.

4, It is easily sticky tape at the backside wherever you want.

5, It has a 5 years life span with no power consumption at all.

6, 600 lumens are attached inside the light.

7, It is motion detectable light that even detects 16 feet from the light.

8, It keeps three main modes that are: ON, DIM, SECURITY.

9, It has longer durability along with being weatherproof.

10, It can be fully charged over the whole day through sunlight.


Since you’re not having to worry about the electricity bills when you have a solar powered device installed, there are quite a few benefits that you can get from such an outdoor light. Let’s take a look below to learn about some ways solar powered outdoor lights benefit you:

Your security cameras can capture better footage
The first reason why outdoor lights are necessary is that your security cameras are better able to capture footage. Without an illuminated outdoor area, the cameras will only capture pitch darkness and will not be clearly able to track if someone is trying to break into your house.

Thanks to solar powered lights you don’t even have to worry about a light suddenly switching off. Neither do you have to worry about increasing electricity bills which may make you consider keeping the lights off when you go to sleep.

The risk of tripping is cut down
If you have elderly people or children at your home, then you need to have outdoor lights switched on at all times. Sometimes children play outdoors and other times the older adults in your house might be wanting to enter or exit.

If the lights are turned off to cut down on cost, the young and the old will not be able to see clearly. In case there’s a pebble or such other thing in their path, there is a risk that they can trip and hurt themselves.

You can clearly see who is at the door
If you do not have a solar powered light, you will not be able to see who is at the door in case the lights are turned off for energy saving purposes. This means that sometimes you will delay opening the door, causing the person outdoors to feel irritated.

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Other times, you might open the door to strangers even though you have been told not to do so. Thanks to solar powered lights, you can keep them on round the clock making it easier for you to spot through the peephole who is behind the knock.

You can spot any pets or pests outdoors
Sometimes you just want to spend your time outdoors. It can be because the weather is very hot or because it’s just pleasant enough that you want to spend time in your lawn. Now if you do not have an outdoor light, you would not be able to spot any animals or even any pests such as mosquitoes.

Not to mention, lots of folks just don’t sit outdoors at night solely because the pitch darkness makes them uncomfortable. Having solar powered outdoor lights means you wouldn’t have to think twice about if you keep the lights on for too long.

Why Solar Bright Flood Lights?
There are quite a few qualities of this device that put it forward as a great alternative to traditional lights. Let’s take a look below at what makes the SolarBright Flood Lights a worthy investment:

Save money on utility bills
If you’re already worried about your ever-increasing expenditure, you can always cut down costs by keeping as many solar powered devices as possible. These solar powered lights function by using the energy given by the sun. Therefore, the power source is unlimited!

As long as the sun keeps shining, the lights will continue doing their job. There is no use of any electricity at all. Therefore, your utility bills don’t even increase in the slightest no matter how many solar powered lights are turned on in your outdoor area or for how long.

No need to deal with any wires
If you do not have any technical experience at all, there’s a big chance that you have to phone a professional for installing even the most basic of tube lights at your home. The thing about Solar Bright Flood Lights that makes them even better is that you can install them easily without the help of any professional.

There is no involvement of any wires or the use of any sockets. Since there are no connections that you need to make and only have to fix the devices at their places, you can easily do it yourself. This is another way that costs are cut down and convenience is promoted.

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They are eco-friendly
Solar Bright Flood Lights are also friendly toward the environment. You might be wondering how? The answer behind this is pretty simple. When you use any non-renewable energy source, you are leaving behind a very big carbon footprint.

However, the carbon footprint when you use any solar powered device is very small. Therefore, you’re playing your part in keeping the planet green and the environment safe from negative factors. Considering how now more than ever it is important to be an eco-friendly person, solar powered devices should become even more popular than they already are.

Little need of maintenance
How long does the traditional light last? Not long enough. This means that you have to constantly worry about any cables that may have unplugged or loosened, or the light having lived its life completely. However, such worries do not accompany Solar Bright Flood Lights.

Because these lights are long lasting. They can last you for up to five years! And no, they do not take up much time or effort when it comes to maintenance either. Just make sure that you follow the manufacturers’ instructions in keeping them well maintained and that’s it. Since this device is also weather resistant, you have little reason to worry about any drizzling ruining its functionality.

SolarBright FloodLights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Q: How many SolarBright FloodLights units are in each purchase?
A: A single purchase includes two SolarBright FloodLights.

Q: How long do SolarBright FloodLights stay on after motion?
A: Once a motion is triggered, SolarBright FloodLights will light up within the first 30 seconds.

Q: What is the average lifespan of SolarBright FloodLights?
A: The average lifespan of SolarBright FloodLights is five years with consistent uses. These sensor lights are equipped with a 18650 battery that allows for long-lasting effects. As for the LED lights, they have an expected lifespan of over 10,000 hours.

Q: How much light do SolarBright FloodLights produce?
A: SolarBright FloodLights produce a bright 600 lumens of white light. Given that these lights also contain tiny reflectors, the range and brightness are likely intense as well.

Q: How to get started with SolarBright FloodLights?
A: To get started with SolarBright FloodLights, individuals are asked to simply remove the cover from the secure installation strip on the back and to stick it firmly onto the area that requires light.

Q: What modes are presently available within SolarBright FloodLights?
A: There are three modes to choose from. The first mode is to keep the light permanently on, whereas the second and third modes will shine dim light consistently and watch for motions before emitting any light respectively. Below is a quick brief on how to choose between the three modes:

Mode 1: Press the button once and the light will turn on

Mode 2: Press the button twice (once more after setting 1) and dim light will be emitted

Mode 3: Press the button thrice (once more after setting 2) and the light will remain off until a motion is detected

Q: Do all SolarBright FloodLights come with a refund policy?
A: Yes, all SolarBright FloodLights purchases will be protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To find out more on what Dot Com Product’s refund policy entails, consider the following points of contact:

Phone: +1 (833) 568 2565
Return Address: 2260 S Cole Rd Suite 110, Boise, ID 83709

Q: How much do SolarBright FloodLights cost?
A: Depending on the quantities purchased, individuals may be presented with a savings opportunity. Precisely:

1 Pack of Solar Bright FloodLights (2 units): $39.80

2 Packs of Solar Bright FloodLights (4 units): $71.60

3 Packs of Sola rBright FloodLights (6 units): $93.00

4 Packs of SolarBright FloodLights (8 units): $119.92

5 Packs of SolarBright FloodLights (10 units): $149.90

10 Packs of Solar Bright Flood Lights (6 units): $280.00

Other options at checkout include double-sided tape to hang the lights ($9.95), and an ultra-bright keychain flashlight essential for nighttime uses ($8.95).
Click on the link below to purchase the SolarBright Floodlights

SolarBright FloodLights Final Thoughts
SolarBright FloodLights are motion sensor lights that add an extra layer of security to a home's perimeter. Thieves and/or outsiders are likely to be scared away when the third setting is activated, thanks to the 120 embedded LED lights that are powerful enough to reveal any perpetrator. The first two settings are equally good at deterring robbers from ever attempting to break in, making SolarBright FloodLights appealing as a whole!

When compared to similar items on the market, SolarBright FloodLights has a price advantage due to its brightness levels, casting range, and many settings. Above all, the annoyance of untangling wires will be a thing of the past. In the end, appearances can be misleading, and Dot Com Product has demonstrated that despite its tiny, the device can actually serve. When all factors are considered, this novel approach on motion sensor lights appears to be a sound investment.

Click on the link below to purchase the SolarBright Floodlights

2 N Tamiami Trl #708 Sarasota, FL 34236 USA


2 N Tamiami Trl #078 Sarasota, FL 34236 USA

SolarBright Floodlights are manufactured only using the highest quality material by skilled professionals, however, if our product has reached you in a defective state, we are always ready to provide you with free of charge replacements under our warranty condition. We also make sure to give you a high quality product that is well trusted and highest quality

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