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Arctos Portable AC Review: A Powerful Personal Cooler For 2021

07-26-2021 02:53 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

Press release from: Arctos Portable AC

Arctos Cooler is the air cooler and humidifier for long lasting relief during the hottest days. Compact and lightweight.

Arctos Cooler is the air cooler and humidifier for long lasting relief during the hottest days. Compact and lightweight.

This is an Arctos Portable AC Review. Rated 4.9 out of a possible 5.0.

Arctos Portable AC is a personal and portable air cooler introduced to provide users with convenience, comfort and cool air in order to stay fresh. From the Arctos Portable AC Reviews online, it has been found that Arctos Mini Cooler is a portable AC that works as an alternative to the conventional air cooler.

Weather in the summer grows warmer and in some areas, the heat translates to drier temperatures. The air in our houses heats up rapidly and individuals will experience the ill effects of circulation problems or cannot rest very well. A portable air cooler can cool and improve the air in the room.

Ever since personal coolers were introduced to society, the need for traditional air conditioners drastically dropped. The reason for that being that in air conditioner's extensive use of electricity, increasing bills, high maintenance and its expensive nature, all of which prevents the average consumer from gaining access to such devices.

There is no one best portable air conditioner; one can only choose the one closer to his/her needs. The single most important criteria to consider is the AC's cooling rating, expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The more BTUs, the more square footage it can accommodate and so the best portable AC you can buy depends in part on the space you want to cool (Arctos Portable AC Reviews).

Is the Arctos Cooler for me? This Arctos Portable AC  Review answers this question. How does the Arctos Cooler Work? How To Use? All These questions are answered by this Arctos Portable AC Reviews.

What is the Arctos Portable AC?

Arctic Cooler is a portable air conditioner designed to keep you cool all summer long. It works as an alternative to the conventional air cooler. It is both an air conditioner and a humidifier in one unit. The Arctos Portable AC is one of the newest innovations in personalized air conditioning technology.

This is due to its diverse functionality. It can act as a humidifier, powerful air conditioner and a regular fan. With a new and upgraded modern design and advanced features in contrast to previous portable air coolers, The Arctos Cooler is really being bought by so many customers around the world.

According to Arctos Cooler Reviews online, it is very portable, adjustable and simple to use. The device works by filling it with water, allowing hot air to pass through the filter. When hot air passes through the filter (The Arctos Portable AC Review), it gets cooled and sanitized before it comes out through the built-in fan.

The Arctos Portable AC comes with a three speed fan that allows users to set their preferred level of cooling.  By running the Arctos Cooler constantly, one can also add humidity to the air while also cooling it. This makes it an ideal personal AC for hot, dry environments and weather (Arctos Portable AC Review).

Arctos Cooler is the desktop air cooler and humidifier for long lasting relief during the hottest days. Compact and lightweight, Arctos Portable Cooler goes where you go to sustain the perfect temperature. Additionally, from Arctos Portable AC Review, it can be used as a humidifier. It has a water curtain where the dust can be trapped inside just to keep the device from getting dirty.
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How Does Arctos Cooler Work?

The way the Arctic Arctos Portable Cooler works is quite simple and very straightforward. It uses what is known as the Hydro Chill Technology. This Hydro Chill Technology combines evaporative cooling and an evaporative air filter that turns hot, stale air into cold relaxing air (Arctos Portable AC Reviews)

Each of the portable AC has two inner mechanisms that allow it to do its job efficiently. It also comes with an antimicrobial filter. Once the device is turned on, it collects all the hot, dry air from the environment and passes it through the replaceable filter of the Arctos Portable AC.

This is what allows the air to mix with the water in the device's tank to make it moist and cool. The filter and the UV light also purifies the air to make it free of any germs, allergens or any other viral material. The Arctos Cooler is also equipped with a sturdy fan that directs the cool air from the device, which is quickly distributed in the room. In addition, the Arctos Portable AC humidifies the air. It moistens and clears the air. The filter takes away the dust and other shallow particles that can cause allergies.

The evaporative cooling technology does not use freon or other harmful environmental liquids. The Arctos Portable AC replaceable filters are made from a sponge material. They are washable and reusable. You need to change the cartridge after a certain period, as is indicated in the instructions. Some models have an indicator that signals when the cartridge needs to be replaced (Arctos Portable AC Cooler Reviews).

How to Use Arctos Cooler (Arctos Portable AC Reviews).

You will be happy to know that the Arctos Portable AC requires little to no setup for you to begin using it.

The person then has to check the gadget upon receiving it to ensure it is in excellent working order. The Arctos Portable AC system may be installed wherever the user desires. It is compact and very lightweight. After setting it up, the user then has to charge the gadget. It comes with a Type C charging cord to be plugged in. 

Although this portable AC is not rechargeable, its lightweight design makes it easy for you to position it near your favorite armchair, on your desk or beside your bed. Below are the steps you can take to start using your Arctos Cooler.

Step 1: Place your Arctos Mini Cooler on a smooth, even surface and attach the power adapter to the port and connect the other end of the adapter to an electrical outlet.
Step 2: Take the water curtain out from the drawer, soak it in clean water and put it back into the drawer.
Step 3: Next, fill the tank 450ml with clean water sufficiently. You can start using your personal cooler as a humidifier. No need to fix any settings. It automatically adds moisture to the dry summer air.

Does the Arctos Cooler really work? (Arctos Portable AC Reviews)

YES!! if you are searching for a portable, lightweight and very compact cooling gadget to assist you cool down, look no further. Arctos Portable AC is a great option. Arctos Portable AC does not require any prior knowledge, simply charge it and start using it.

In small spaces, the Arctos Portable AC chills spaces to its full ability. Because of the small cooler capacity, this would be less effective in bigger areas. As a result, in order to assess the device's basic potential, users should consider their own needs and see if this smaller scale air cooler can meet them (Arctos Portable AC Review).

Several Arctos Portable AC reviews even claim that the device generates cool air in as much as thirty seconds. Additionally, the air conditioning unit can effortlessly be operated at different fan speeds (slow, medium and high) to deliver maximum comfort and satisfaction levels.

If you are not satisfied with your Arctos Cooler for any reason, you can get your money back. The manufacturer offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee through their refund policy. This means you can return the Portable AC within 60 days of receiving it for a full refund.
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What is included in the Shipping Package?

From the Arctos Portable AC Reviews online, below is what you get when you order for this portable AC:

Water Curtain
In-built Mister
Main Cooling Unit
Air Filters (Arctic Air Pure Chill Filters)
Ice Tray
USB Type C wire

Unique Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC

Very Compact and Portable: The Arctos Portable AC is very portable and compact. You can carry it wherever you want to and use it. It fits perfectly on your desk, beside your favorite chair and anywhere near a  power outlet.

Fast and Easy Set up: It only takes minutes to start using your Arctos Portable AC. All you need to do is full the water tank, dip the filter in water and plug it in. Thirty (30) seconds later, you will be enjoying an icy cool breeze from the Arctos Portable AC.

Adjustable Vent: The clean modern design is well suited for any room. With 3 fan speeds and a variable vent for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference. Get targeted cooling by simply adjusting the vent on your compact air cooler.

Cost Effective: From Arctos Portable Mini AC Reviews online, this air cooler is way cheaper for what it can do. You can save a lot of money by using this device. Does the Arctos Cooler Use A lot of Electricity? It certainly does not consume as much as typical air conditioners. This saves you money.

Replaceable Filter: Using its filter, it pumps out cool, clean air to keep you comfortable.

Eco-Friendly: This Arctos Cooler does not utilize freon or other synthetics. So your environment is very safe (Arctos Cooler Reviews).

Price of Arctos Portable AC

Below are the prices when the 50% discount offered by the manufacturers is applied (Arctos Portable AC Reviews):

1x Arctos Portable AC costs $89.99

2x Arctos Portable AC cost $179.98

3x Arctost Portable AC cost $201.99

4x Arctos Portable AC cost $246.99
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Customer Reviews on Arctos Portable AC Review

Anita F says: "It is very hot most of the year in Vegas, so personal coolers like these are quite common. I have used a few but the Arctos Portable AC is the best so far. It really does cool down my work area in 30 seconds.

Cam D says: "I always have a hard time sleeping during summer (the heat, the dry air, my husband's snoring) so when I found out that there was an AC that doubled as a humidifier. I just had to get it. It has been two weeks since we got our Arctos Portable AC. Since then we have been having much more peaceful nights."


The Arctos Portable AC is not a glorified AC. It works faster and is cheaper to run than a traditional air conditioner. You can even use it as a regular fan and a humidifier and unlike traditional air conditioners that dry our your skin, lips, nose and throat, the Arctos Portable AC adds moisture to beat the dry summer air.

There is no need to fire up your house's air conditioning and spend hundreds of dollars. Simply bring the Arctos Portable AC anywhere indoors, plug it in and enjoy the targeted cooling action. It saves energy, money and time.
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Ontel Products Corp. 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004
Email Address:

The Ontel Products Corp is currently selling the Arctos Portable AC. It is designed to cool your surronding area and also humidify the atmosphere.
It is only available at our official website.

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