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Huusk Handmade Knives Review: Is it Worth my buy?

05-17-2021 10:41 AM CET | Leisure, Entertainment, Miscellaneous

Press release from: Huusk Handmade Knives

Huusk Handmade knives

Huusk Handmade knives

This Huusk homemade knives are one of the ultimate kitchen utensils that can never be outdated by any form of technology regardless of how sophisticated they are made or even tailored to serve complicated kitchen tasks. After many years of research and enquiry on Huusk handmade knives review, we made this post through the customer review of huusk handmade Japanese kitchen knives.

Modern technology is undoubtedly changing, every day, there are thousands of innovations geared towards making living easier, fancier, or any of your go-to words for ease of life. Household items are not left out of these great innovations you see every day.
There is always one new item to buy to make your cooking easier, to make your table kitchen cabinet look better. We know you have a list of all the tools to make those magical hacks happen in your home.

With all these trends and tools to make life easy, you’d expect that knives should be out of style or use but how can that ever happen, I mean, why would anyone be against knives when it’s the go to for slicing your favourite food which we are guessing includes yam, bread, potatoes, cucumber etc or splitting that orange fruit between your twins because they share everything.

Huusk handmade Knives are essential for you as a dad treating your wife and kids to their favorite meal, it is essential to you as a chef in making that dish of the day for your customers, it is also essential for you as a single person just doing life on their own. What we are trying to say here is that we all need knives in our spaces.

Knives remain one of the oldest kitchen tools that amazingly still exists in many homes, kitchens, restaurants, offices, butchers’ shops, etc.
Talking about knives and you are wondering, “I already have knives actually, a lot of them in my cabinet”. We know this but we thought to bring you the ultimate deal because you deserve style and ease of life, your kitchen deserves the awesomeness of a uniquely handmade household item that makes cooking easy and fun for persons who are just starting out cooking or a professional chef who thrives at what they do.

Huusk handmade Knives provides you with a unique samurai-inspired design that is definitely not like anything you have used before in your kitchen. No knife can be compared to this masterpiece on the market today. Its curved, sharp, and sturdy edge will effortlessly and efficiently slice through anything you want to prepare, be it meat, vegetables, yam, or any other range of food assortments.

It is made with high-quality electroplated stainless steel, with a smoothly carved handle made with oak wood and carbo onyx. The uniqueness of the knife can even make you hang it up your wall like it’s a piece of art, like it belongs to the wall of fame. The Huusk handmade knives gives off that aesthetic.

Huusk handmade knives offers versatility in the sense that it gives you ranges of functions that it could perform, this ranges from dicing, cutting, to slicing and even up to more complicated and sophisticated functions that ordinary knives could never dare to perform.

The Huusk knife is a Japanese brand knife, this handmade product is distinctively designed with artistic inspiration coupled with contemporary needs of the end-user. They are hand-forged with Japanese primitives forging techniques mixed with modern technology to achieve an excellent blade.


Huusk Japanese Knives is a knife that is not prone to chipping and oxidizing and yet it is extremely sharp and sturdy with an oak wood handle that is designed in such a way that allows you to use it in the most efficient and safe ways. The handle gives a great grip when held and used in slicing, dicing or cutting things especially for mincing meats, vegetables, and other varieties of food assortments.
Still, on the handle, it doesn’t matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, this knife was crafted to be ambidextrously useful. The blade cuts are precise and excellent.

The Huusk Handmade knife has a long-life warranty, against any malfunction you may encounter. However, this is not to make you see a clause. The lifelong warranty is borne out of the fact that they are confident of the extent of premium and ultimate quality you are buying when you purchase the husk knife. This knife is the truth, the masterpiece, and the way.

Features of the Huusk Handmade Knives
The Japanese-based product has a lot of amazing features that would make you want to join the trend of consumers making their cooking easy and fun, making their kitchen cabinet pop with the latest tools.

•Top-Notch Production Process: The Huusk knife is designed with the adoption of extraordinarily and premium materials including a

•High Carbon 7CR17MOV Stainless Steel. Uniquely efficient and safely without corrosion, oxidation, chipping, or rust. Its ergonomic handle with the perfect fit for the index finger is made with fine oak wood which gives you the ability to use it in an efficient and safe manner. The blade has a mirror finishing that can spark and glitz to your beautiful face, kitchen wall or even the sun. Sharpness is unarguable the key function in any knife, its primary purpose is highly dependent on its ability to cut whatever it is you want to prepare, you need to chop the onions, vegetables, mince the meat, slice the yam, potatoes, and other homemade food assortments, the Huusk handmade knives is your go-to.

•A great chef knows the value of good kitchen utensils, especially a knife, you might not be a chef but you are as well passionate about cooking, you fall into the category of people who are particular about having good kitchen tools. The Huusk Handmade Knives are designed for people like you, taking cognizance of the fact that you are on the quest for the right tool to make that delicious meal for your friends, family, customers, and whatnot. This knife is made to fit all functions with its range of multi-uses such as cutting, slicing, peeling, dicing, mincing, etc. Traditionally hand-forged with the Japanese culture and mixed it with a modern technique.

This is a product that is suitable for every range of kitchen and persons only a good cook knows the value of a perfect knife, and it is not something that you will only use one day when you are cooking something special. The Huusk Handmade knives can be used daily to create recipes from all around the world. Despite originating from Japan, the Huusk homemade knives are used around the world and suitable for the preparation of any kind of dishes that applies to the buyer, you can call it a global knife

•Another amazing thing about the top-notch process of production of the Huusk homemade knives is the fact that they are not just made to be sophisticated for the use of professional chefs only, anyone, absolutely anyone that knows how to cook can use it. And even based on its aesthetic design, anyone can literally have it in their house just for aesthetic as a matter of fact. Being high-performance tools, firm, ergonomic handle, sharp, sturdy piece of beauty. This is really value for your money.

•Japanese Samurai Inspired Innovation: We have mentioned how the husk Knife is a Japanese handmade product uniquely crafted with the traditional culture of Japanese excellence mixed with modern techniques to bring you the smooth, reflective product with an ergonomic handle with a fir for the index finger.

Hand-forged with Japanese primitives forging technique mixed with modern technology to achieve an excellent blade with strength and durability. You are guaranteed sharpness without rust, the sturdiness with no oxidation or chipping, and ultimately, you are guaranteed premium quality. As a matter of fact, the Huusk homemade knives was crafted by Japanese finest blacksmiths with the same techniques used to create the katanas used by this military nobleness

•Incredibly Firm Grip: It has an incredible grip, curved in like manner as evident in the Japanese samurai tradition. It ensures swiftness and precision when preparing meals. You can trust your meal to be timely as opposed to spending a longer period in the kitchen with blunt knives that are likely to leave you exhausted after cooking with such. You have nothing to worry about when you hop on the Huusk handmade knives.

•Ease and Comfortability: The knife's ergonomics handle eliminates throbs and exhaustion when you grasp. You don’t even feel pain after long use of the knife. Do you know how it feels when you are cutting meat with a blunt knife or blunt scissors? We assure you that this is completely not the case when you use the Huusk Homemade knives.

•This knife which is designed uniquely is an upgraded version of your regular homemade knives, this automatically gives it an edge over your regular homemade knives as this upgraded tool gives even an amateur a professional poise when the knife is being grasped. Amazingly, it is also cost effective. So, its not like you are paying more for comfort. Its comfortability comes with low cost and still gives you premium value.
The Huusk Handmade Knives are safe to use. Despite how sharp and sturdy they are, they are not dangerous even in the case where the user is an amateur and is just entering the kitchen for the first time to prepare food. You are guaranteed that it can’t fall off and hurt you, thanks to the ergonomic handle with a fit for the index finger.

Some users have described the Huusk handmade knives as a tool that has made cooking easy, fun and faster for them. They are impressed with the firm grip and sharp edges. The knife has the perfect balance of serving as a hunter knife or a kitchen knife for whatever aesthetic reason you deem it for. The Huusk Knife has a very convenient, safe and balanced weight

•Goodbye to Boring and Blunt Knives: Using the best and perfect tools for your job is very key to determine your level of comfort, ease, fun and speed you will have. Imagine a designer with the best sewing machine and another using just needle and thread…. The difference is clear, right. That is exactly what we want you to know about the Huusk Handmade knives, your days of blunts and boring knives are absolutely over and you can start cooking with ease, style. The grip is super comfortable and does not cause any strain whatsoever on your hands. You are being offered Samurai inspired products, the same process of making Japanese ancient Katanas. The sharpness of the blade ensures precision, speed and ease, you save time when you deal with Huusk handmade knives.

Apart from the fact that you get to do away with boring and burnt knives, the Huusk knife comes in a package that is also uniquely designed for your use, a package as awesome as the product, sharp, sturdy and endearing like the knife itself. It's like purchasing two items for less. The package has a closure for the knife, a soft nice cloth to help you keep the knife clean and neat. The Huusk knives exudes styles, brilliance, precision, sharpness, comfort and durability. You absolutely need it to be on top of your cooking game.


What are the benefits of using the Huusk handmade knives?
•Excellent grip and balance that doesn’t cause exhausting with a grasp.

•An ergonomic handle made with the finest oak wooden handle.
Premium Blade made with the best Japanese samurai technique.

•Crafted with cognizance of right- and left-handed users.
You literally do not have to apply pressure or force to use the knife. It works with ease.

•Sharp and sturdy blades that cut even thick items with swiftness and precision.
The husky knife is neither prone to chipping, oxidation, rust or corrosion.

•The sharpness is long-lasting and eliminates you having to regularly sharpen before use.
Can be handled by novice and professionals in the kitchen.

The Huusk Knife specifications and Price
The Huusk handmade knives is made with sharp edge 18/10 electroplated stainless Steel, the weight of the Huusk homemade knives is 252g, the blade length is 6inches long, with width of 2 inches, and blade curve at 38°, the handle is made with finest oak wood and carbon onyx.

The Huusk knife has an incredibly sharp blade with a firm grip that makes it easy to handle to cut, slice or do any related knife tasks in the kitchen. The handmade knife was crafted by replicating the traditional Japanese technique of making the katana that was used by the military. The blacksmiths incorporated the ancient culture and mixed it with modern technique to achieve the brilliance we uphold as the Huusk homemade knives.

Below are the prices of the Huusk homemade knives various packages
· Four knives cost €79,92
· Three knives cost €65,94
· Two knives cost €49,94
· One knife cost €59,94 (but a special discount makes them € 29,95)
These prices are applicable to what is on the manufacturer’s website and it is highly recommended that you order from the manufacturer's official website.


What are people saying about the Huusk homemade knives?
We have curated reviews that will get you excited about purchasing this ultimate Japanese samurai sword inspired homemade knife.
Here you go,
I am in love with the curve and sharpness of the knife. It doesn’t rust or have any manufacturing defects. I have told a lot of my friends about this product and that’s what we have been using. Oh, Its very cost effective as well. - Howell Pitch

Huusk knife is a unique and amazing product. Its precision and sharpness feel so unreal. Cooking has been made easier and I couldn’t be more excited about my choice of purchasing the Huusk homemade knife.- Eliss Mack
It’s really the efficiency of the blade, no bluntness, no rust, no oxidation or chipping. This knife is really one of my favourite kitchen tools. I think everyone should copy theirs as well. - John Wood

The knives I had used before finally ordering the Huusk homemade knives were either always rusting or getting rusted. Things have pretty much changed with my use of this Japanese beautifully crafted knife. I highly recommend it. Mary Lisa

The knife looks so ancient and yet still beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I am excited about the sharpness and sturdiness. The handle is super comfortable and easy to handle. - Margaret June

I no longer have to struggle with blunt knives. How can one knife be super sharp and still crafted in such a way that even a novice like me can use it. Broom Churchill

It is handy and lightweight, and it works well when it comes to, slicing, dicing, chopping and any other given knife tasks. I enjoy using it. – Phoebe Wine

The Huusk Knife has a hole for the index finger that just makes it perfect and easy to use. - Palmer King
I am not a big fan of staying longer in the kitchen, I seek means to make my work easier and faster and the Huusk knife just makes everything right for me. - Martha Elvis

My first encounter with the knife was when I used my friends’ own in her kitchen and I knew I had to get mine. I highly recommend people to buy the knife. Joe North


Frequently Asked Questions about the Huusk Homemade Knives
Q, Are the Huusk Homemade Knives only for chef?
A, No. Huusk knives have been designed for the use of everyone regardless of your styles or frequency in the kitchen. Whether you are a food enthusiast, an amateur or a professional chef, the Huusk homemade is the perfect tool for you.
Q, Does it Rust?
A, No, the Huusk knives are nothing like your regular knives that are prone to rusting, chipping, or oxidizing. It's the perfect knife to have in your kitchen and you can be assured that it is not prone to rust.

Q, Is it Safe?
A, Absolutely! The answer is Yes. the Huusk knife is very safe to use. Its sharpness is a function of precision, speed and fun. This makes it really easy to use and its ergonomic handle with the hole for the index finer gives you an incredibly firm grip with exhaustion whatsoever.

Q, How long does delivery takes?
A, Delivery in most cases takes two to five working days. In some location like The United States of America, delivery can take ten to fifteen working days.

Q, How can I track my order?
A, Your email address will be required during purchased and you can use this email address to find your tracking number at You will have a glance of the whole process of delivery

Call to Action- Where to Buy the Huusk Homemeade Kicthen Knife
By now, you are probably wondering where you can get the Huusk homemade knives from and the great news is that we have the answers as well.
You can get it directly from the manufacturers.

The manufacturer of the Huusk knife can provide you with a lot of valuable information about the product that you will find on the website. If you wish to purchase more than one of the Huusk homemade knife, there are special offers that have been made available by the manufacturer from time to time to help you make the best purchase decision. You can even stock these knives to give to your friends whether they are professional handlers or not, it’s the perfect gift for anyone.
Go ahead and click on the link to order, make payments and you will have delivered to you within two to five working days. The payment platform is secured and you have nothing to worry about as regards scams or any of sort. It’s pretty amazing right?


Another information we know will be useful to you is that the manufacturer offers a 100% refund money back policy. In the case of dissatisfaction which is rarely the case, the purchased item to be returned must be unused and untampered with and must be returned in their original package. You will ship the package to the address given to you by the customer care representative.

You should take the next action of proceeding to the official website of the manufacturer to take advantage of the special discounts, get more for less and continue to enjoy the art of cooking in style.


Company Address: UAB Ekomlita
Gedimino g. 45-7
LT-44239 Kaunas
Phone: +1 (916) 999-9982
Tel.: +1 (914) 559-9997

Huusk kitchen knives are manufactured only using the highest quality materials by skilled professionals, however, if our product has reached you in a defective state, we are always ready to provide you with free of charge replacements under our Warranty conditions. we also make sure to give you a quality product that is well trusted and very unique.

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