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Shine armor review; The complete information on fortify quick coat by shine armor

01-27-2021 05:03 PM CET | Tourism, Cars, Traffic

Press release from: Shine Armor

shine armor review

shine armor review

This talks about shine armor review. Probably it has not crossed your mind but did you know you could get professional results for your car’s shine without having to spend a small fortune on a detailer you don’t really trust? Getting a ‘glass’ look on my car that makes everybody turn their heads used to be an expensive & time-consuming process for me. I hated it.

I’m someone who loves for my ride to be showroom ready all the time. I normally wash my car once a week and apply different maintenance sprays and quick detailers. But I was getting tired of these products not living up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend time detailing my car. But bad quality products we’re taking the fun out of it for me.

On Monday I’d give my car a big wash down, and follow up with a nice ceramic coating spray. By Friday my car would be completely dirty again and it’s time for the weekend. It makes no sense that I spent so much time and money on detailing my car just for it to get destroyed by the weekend.

My options were not great either. I had to choose between spending a small fortune on a professional detailer to provide his/her expertise and premium products Or buy the products myself and spend a lot of time trying to make it look the same way.

It didn’t take long for me to realize the results I got by doing it myself were not the same, and sometimes, the products I bought actually damaged my car. As soon as the first swirl marks started to appear, I decided it was time to look for a solution. The rules: It needed to be within my budget, it should save me time & effort, and its quality needed to be superb.

When I started looking for this ‘miracle’ product, I had to take a cold bath of reality first. Usually, products that get advertised as the ‘new black’ when it comes to making your car look shiny and pristine are either; Incredibly expensive and you’d rather go with a professional or Complete crap that’ll most likely damage your paint.

I realized no car waxing product is acceptable anymore these days.
Of course, they get the job done, but they involve a lot of effort, water and the effect you get is not as prolonged as you’d wish. What I was saving by buying car waxes myself, I had to compensate in time, sweat, and even damage risks.

After a long time using car waxing products, I managed to identify the five most common headaches you’ll encounter by using them:

1)They’re not exactly convenient (Effort + Time + A Lot Of Water).

2)They don’t give you the shiniest look compared to recent products.

3)You risk scratching or producing swirl marks in the long run.

4)No hydrophobic, pollution, or UV protection from regular car waxes.

5)Most car waxes are not environmentally-friendly.

Take it from me: all of these issues combined will make you spend your hard earned money in detailing products that are not the best for both your time and budget. And guess what? You’ll still have to go to a professional detailer to get the exact look you’re after.

I was about to stop paying for these detailing products and just let my buddy who does mobile detailing take over. He is incredible at detailing and knows just about every product on the market. He suggested that before I just give up, that I try this new all-in-one nanotechnology based product by name FORTIFY QUICK COAT BY SHINE ARMOR. I know you are willing to learn more about this car detailing product. Just relax, this shine armor review is created for people like you.

As I move further into shine armor review, just be open minded because you will learn in nitty gritty about this new car detailing product with the latest nanotechnology that washes, shines, and ceramic coats with absolutely no water needed. Maybe you have come across some online shine armor reviews but if you haven't, no too worry but you have found yourself on one that would open your eyes to all you need to know. Stay relax and read carefully as we delve into shine armor review proper.

WHAT IS SHINE ARMOR (shine armor review)

Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor is the most advanced 3-in-1 ceramic wash, shine, and protective coating ever created! Designed to give your vehicle’s paint long-lasting durability, Fortify Quick Coat is the first product of its kind to take full advantage of modern 21st century car detailing technology.

Fortify Quick Coat is the only ceramic infused all-in-one product that can wash, shine, and coat your car or truck in one simple application. It’s extremely easy to use and provides the kind of high-end results you could previously only get from a professional car detailer in just a matter of minutes.

Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor can give your car the most beautiful shine you’ve ever seen! It also provides the most armor-like finish protection you can buy – and all at less than half the price of competing, inferior products.

Designed by Shine Armor, FORTIFY QUICK COAT is an easy to use ceramic detailer for your car. This one step solution is the best choice when it comes to car detailing products, since it avoids the main pitfalls most of them have:

Water-based silicones.
Corrosive chemicals that could damage your paint.
Hefty pricing.

In addition to making your car look so shiny you’d like to lick it, FORTIFY QUICK COAT contains formulated SiO2 ceramic technology for a unique paint sealant and maintenance spray that’ll last you for longer than you’re used to. Shine Armor remains the most powerful and innovative product on the market… so how is it possible that it costs less than HALF the price of competing products?

Simply put, it’s because we at Shine Armor care about our customers. We’ve had to deal with years of over-priced, “snake oil” detailing products, just like you have. So we developed Fortify Quick Coat to solve the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL - and at a price that everyone can afford.

Did you know the best about shine armor? No too worry, shine armor review got you covered. Shine armor is waterless. This means you’ll no longer have to worry about making a huge mess in your garage or damaging the environment.

Whether you’re a professional detailer or simply looking to make your car the best reflection of who you are, FORTIFY QUICK COAT is the perfect solution for anybody looking into getting more than their money’s worth.

SPECS OF SHINE ARMOR (shine armor review)



Fortify Quick Coat Shines AND Protects with SiO₂ Ceramic Technology. You may be wondering what's SiO₂ Technology, just relax. This shine armor review provides you all this information in details. SiO₂ is an advanced chemical formula which acts as a coating for your car’s finish. It’s designed to get you that “glass” look you’ve always wanted, without damaging your paint or emptying your wallet.

Now, FORTIFY QUICK COAT uses the most advanced SiO₂ ceramic technology, creating a unique paint sealant and maintenance spray that’ll outlast any competing product. And best of all, it’s completely waterless! This means you’ll no longer have to worry about making a huge mess in your garage or damaging the environment. No more need to carry a bucket around!

Whether you’re someone who details cars for a living or simply someone who wants the best possible shine for their car, FORTIFY QUICK COAT is the perfect solution for anyone who cares about achieving a beautiful, protective finish.


1) Advanced Si02 Formula
2) No Water Needed
3) One-Step Solution
4) Cost Effective
5) Last 2-3 Months
6) Ceramic Weather Coating
7) No Smearing Or Scratching
8) Ability to Withstand ​Heat

WHY WAS SHINE ARMOR CREATED (shine armor review)

As lovers of Car Culture, we at Shine Armor thought that the customers deserved better. So we assembled a team of top scientists to develop a superior, modern formula – one that can provide the ultimate combination of shine and protection to your car!

Our development team at Shine Armor has dedicated years of research and development in nanotechnology to create an affordable product that gives your vehicle the best shine, and with a protective coating 20x stronger than the protection offered by car wax!

Moreso, Fortify Quick Coat was developed to remedy the five most common problems with traditional automobile waxes and polishes:

1) They take a lot of time and effort to use.
2) They can’t match the beautiful shine produced by modern nanotechnology.
3) You risk scratching or producing swirl marks in the long run.
4) Unlike Fortify Quick Coat, they don’t have any hydrophobic qualities and they lack UV protection.
5) Most car waxes are not environmentally-friendly.

Fortify Quick Coat fixes all of the above problems, and at a price that anyone can afford! Fortify Quick Coat will give your car that “glass” look that makes everybody turn their heads. What used to be an expensive and time-consuming process has been made quick and easy by Fortify Quick Coat!

This shine armor review brings you how to use this car detailing product incase you are wondering. Let me just say this… my grandpa uses it, lol. He really does because its that easy to use. He has a nice 2019 Honda Accord that he loves to keep looking showroom ready! He actually was the one who got me into cars when I was a kid, so he stays up to date on new products as much as possible. He, like others I know that are using Fortify Quick Coat, love that you simply spray, buff, and repeat!

Fortify Quick Coat utilizes modern nanotechnology and surfactants to form a powerful one step detailing solution. Once applied to your vehicles surface, simply wipe with one microfiber to clean and buff out the haze with another microfiber to bring out the shine and ceramic protection. Simply repeat the process and notice that each time you apply Fortify Quick Coat your surface will become more and more slick because of the layers of ceramic.


If you have tried everything to give your ride a showroom shine every time with little success, we recommend trying Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor. Combining ceramic nanotechnology with powerful surfactants, Fortify Quick Coat will turn back the clock on your vehicle with a mirror like shine and ultra protection (that greatly outperforms wax).

You know what I can’t stand? Buying detailing product after detailing product and getting the same crap results! I see a lot of hype around some new coatings or sealants that claims to make my 2003 Ford F-150 look like it just drove off the lot. I always notice that these products seem to take years to ship and when it finally arrives has horrible packaging. Most of the time its because these products are Chinese made, and we all know how that story goes…

After every failed product I always go back to the classic car soap and wax routine. It’s not bad but its definitely time consuming and results don’t seem to last long. Especially now in the winter time it can be a real hassle to detail my car in the freezing temperatures. Some of my Australian friends have even mentioned how they can’t use water for cleaning their cars this time of year.

My Australian friends were actually the ones to tell me about Shine Armor’s Fortify Quick Coat since its 100% waterless. In one application it washes, shines, and finishes with a nice ceramic coat. So I was super excited to try it out because it solved all of my problems and was made right here in the USA!

I was so excited about the potential of this quick detailer. After trying everything else with little to no success, I figured if this product worked half as good as my friend said it did, I’d be happy.


It’s not often nowadays that you find a product that actually walks the walk and talks the talk. This is one of the only detailing products that I see professional detailers using… Why? Because it is so simple, yet so powerful. Fortify Quick Coat does the work of 5 products in one. It has powerful ceramic coating properties that are making waxing products useless. It washes and shines with absolutely no water. I just wish that someone would have shown me this sooner, so big thanks to my Australian detailing friends!

The future of detailing is not adding more products to your shelves, its about adding less products that are more powerful — and that is exactly what Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor is doing for automotive enthusiast just like you!

If you are interested in getting shine armor, it's best to get it from the manufacturer. VISIT HERE FOR MORE INFO;


Fortify Quick Coat utilizes modern nanotechnology and surfactants to form a powerful one step detailing solution. Nanotechnology has been used by some of the most advanced detailing professionals for diamond like protection.

This Quick Detailer is the ultimate all-in-one solution for fast, effective, and long lasting results. Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor washes, shines, and ceramic coats with absolutely no water needed. It utilizes a unique stack of ingredients to makeup a very powerful formula.

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For inquiries:
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