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11-09-2020 03:53 PM CET | Associations & Organizations

Press release from: The Institution of Green Engineers (IGEN)

Padma Bhushan Padma Shri Dr.Thirumalachari Ramasami  and Ms. Rania Lampou  inaugurated the IGEN GREEN9 SDG CONCLAVE 2020

Padma Bhushan Padma Shri Dr.Thirumalachari Ramasami and Ms. Rania Lampou inaugurated the IGEN GREEN9 SDG CONCLAVE 2020

IGEN- GREEN9 SDG Conclave 2020 started with the welcome address by the Organizing Head of IGEN Er. D. Gokul. He briefed about the SDG Conclave 2020 which focussed on SDG goals 7, 9 and 13. The session progressed with Prof. Dr. L. Ramesh, President, IGEN who briefed about the goal of IGEN- GREEN9. He spoke about the existing 20 EnSav clubs and how 2 villages have been reformed to meet the SDG goals and thanked the 14 academic partners for being part of this conclave. He welcomed the distinguished guests of the SDG conclave 2020.

There was a welcome dance by the Madan Academy of Dance(M.A.D) coordinated by the Er. Madan, the organizing secretary. The 2-days complete detailed schedule was presented by the organizing chairman – Dr. M. Marsaline Beno. Then, a byte was presented by the various people i.e., students, faculty and persons involved with SDGs. Dr.Subhashree G.R. has presented the profile of our Chief Guest – Padma Bhushan Padma Shri Dr.Thirumalachari Ramasami, Former Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Former Director, CLRI, Government of India.

Dr.ThirumalachariRamasami said that SDG’s focus on development of people and not just about sustainability. He appreciated that this conclave is about SDG’s planning to the right of action. He said that the focus should be on 3P’s – People, Planet and Prosperity. He further added that SDG’s execution should be bearable, viable and equitable. Different countries have different importance of SDG’s as per the people’s voice. He commended the action of IGEN – Institution of Green Engineers for conducting this conclave, which he said that it is an act of social mobilization of engineers, aptly planned on Gandhi Jayanthi. He said that for our country – India, the specific actions should be based on A, B, C, D and E i.e., A- affordability, B- balancing act between environment sustainability and development, C- Complexity of problems, D- Diversity in challenges and E- enormousness of scale. The actions can be achieved by D, E, F, G and I i.e., D- Define, E- Evaluate, F- Facilitate, G- Goal set and I – Improve. He expressed his happiness to be part of this IGEN- GREEN9 SDG Conclave 2020.

Dr. Saravanan introduced our Guest of Honour of the inaugural session i.e., Ms. RaniaLampou, Winner of distinguished teacher 2020 award, Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation, Greek Ministry of Education and Religious affairs, winner of 20 International Awards on STEM, Neuroeducation Researcher. Founder of 4 International projects that focus on the United Nations SDG described in 2030 Agenda.
Ms. Rania Lampou presented a talk on the importance of environmental protection and energy conservation in education. An awareness about SDG’s was provided. She said that the Universities play a key participant role in the promotion of sustainable human development. She said that for sustainable development, participatory teaching and learning methods that motive and empower learners to change their behaviour and take actions. She emphasized that environmental education should also be imparted as students should understand the need for the socio environmental issues and their dimensions. She enlightened that “Thorium” can be the future of clean energy. She explained about the International project – water, life giver and threat. It was an enthralling talk for all the participants.

Dr. Merlin Suba introduced the distinguished guest of the inaugural session Shri. ElangoRangaswamy, Member of Board of Advisor, IGEN, Scientist, Panchayat leader, Creator of Role Model Village, Kuthambakkam, India. Shri. ElangoRangaswamy has excellently explained the concept of community responsibility in execution of SDG’s and how panchayat system can contribute in execution of this idea instead of depending on state or central government. He clearly explained how a family should utilize the SDG’s tracker for the development of the sustainable society. Self-reliance and self-discipline as stated by Gandhiji can play a key role in achieving SDG’s. In all, the participants were inspired to act as responsible citizens by execution of SDG’s tracker for sustainable human development.

Er. D. Gokul, Director IGEN moderated the inaugural session of the IGEN- GREEN9 SDG Conclave. Dr. G. Pandian, Organizing chairman of IGEN- GREEN9 SDG Conclave had presented the vote of thanks for the inaugural session. The inaugural session concluded with the National Anthem.

The IGEN-GREEN9 SDG Conclave 2020 with 14 partners started with the briefing about the program by Er. Madankumar- organizing secretary of the program. The session was moderated by Dr. Ishrat Meera Mirzana, Head IGEN Mission999. The session of the conclave started with KPRIET EnSAV Club. The KPRIET session started with Dr.Akila M, Principal, KPRIET briefing about IGEN- Green9 activities and the emergence of EnSAV club to save energy and protect our environment and meet the SDG’s. The EnSAV club activity report was presented by Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim. A, EEE Dept., KPRIET and said that they have conducted 50+ events in the last three years and were able to save 98400 units of power. The events focussed on creating awareness among the school students, college students also utilizing the social media. Prof. Dinesh presented the project details of UV baggage disinfector. The student members of the EnSAV club presented the aspects and solutions for fulfilling SDG-7, SDG-9 and SDG-13. The various projects executed under the guidance of Dr. Saravanan by the club and covered by print media are E-Vehicle, Fahrentizer, DISTEMBOT- Social distancing and temperature monitoring bot etc. Future plan of activity of the club was presented by Dr. Kumar Chinnaiyan. Then, the session of KPRIET concluded and the moderator handed over the session to Dr. P.S. Kumar, Managing Director, ETA Smart Pvt Ltd.

The panel discussion was on SDG – 7, 9 and 13. The panelists were Prof. Dr. R. Velraj, Former Director, Department of Energy studies, Anna University, Chennai, Dr. Susan Raj, Director, HEEALS Project, Emmanuel Mission Group of Societies and Er. Ashish Kumar, Asst. Manager at TCS, Founder of Everyday Innovators. It was an energetic and enthralling session by the panelists by discussing about what SDG- 7, 9 and 13 mean and how they can be achieved etc. Dr.Velraj has carried out enormous work in the field of application of solar energy, he said that solar energy is the mother of all renewable energies directly or indirectly. He suggested that solar energy should be utilized to it maximum for the conservation and protection of environment.
Dr. Susan Raj presented her views on the SDG- 7, 9 and 13 and said that there is an urgent need to have change in human attitude and work towards protecting mother earth before it’s too late. Er. Ashish Kumar stated that SDG’s can be achieved by execution of innovative projects and with critical thinking. He stressed that execution of SDG’s should start from home like having terrace gardening or vertical farming etc. The panel discussion paved the thought process of the importance of involvement of every citizen in execution of SDG’s and the change should start from one’s home itself. The panel discussion was summarized by Dr. P. S. Kumar.
The next academic partner that participated in the SDG-GREEN9 Conclave was Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology. The session started with the presidential address by Dr. P.R Sreemahadevan Pillai, Principal, ASET. He also presented a talk on energy management for sustainable development. He said that solar energy is underutilized renewable energy as its availability is 86000TW and only 15% of it is the global consumption. Speed of development should not to be in wrong direction for saving the energy and conservation of energy. 8.4MW wind mill installation video carried out by ASET was presented by Dr.Murugananth Gopal Raj. Energy conservation projects carried out at Ahalia Campus was presented by Dr.Murugananth Gopal Raj -like Rain water harvesting system, wind farm, Solar farm, Solar car parking, bio-gas plant, automatic sprinkler, safety audit, energy audit etc., and many awareness activities were also carried out by the EnSAV club with positive motivation. A video presentation of installation of Grid connected PV system was also presented. There has been numerous works carried out by the institute for which it has also won awards at the state and national level and the management of ASET was happy to be part of IGEN-GREEN9 EnSAV club.

Stella Mary’s College of Engineering was the next academic partner invited to present their activities in the IGEN-GREEN9 SDG Conclave. The welcome address was given by Mr. C. Milton and the Presidential address was given by Dr. R. Suresh Premil Kumar, Principal of Stella Mary’s College of Engineering. He briefed how the EnSAV club has created awareness among the students and nearby community too, the execution of bio-gas plant, solar power plant etc., within campus and nearby community. Technical talk on SDG 7, 9 and 13 was presented by students- Mr. Ashik Mourin, Mr. K. Sivaprasanth and Mr. S. Chandru and faculty coordinator- Mrs. P. Sony. A technical debate on SDG 7 vs. SDG 13 was presented by the students with Ms. R. S. Reshma as the moderator. It was an interesting debate. The assembly of solar study lamp was demonstrated by Mr. A. Vigneshwar and Mr. J. Abhishek.
The various projects and activities executed by EnSAV club was presented as a video by Mr. M. R. Saravanan, EnSAV club Advisor. Vote of thanks was presented by Mr. M.R. Saravanan.

The next college to be part of IGEN-GREEN9 SDG Conclave was Sri Sairam Engineering College. The welcome address was given by Ms. P. Sharmila, Faculty Advisor – SEC G9 EnSAV club. The Presidential address was given by Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad, Principal, SEC. A technical talk on “Role of the Self to Sustain the Energy Law” by Dr. C. Nayanatara, faculty of SEC. She expressed this in a simple way E=mc2 i.e., Energy = manufacture with compatible climate. She appreciated the plans of government like swatch bharat etc., helps in achieve the SDG’s with innovation.
Then the student members conducted the events – Connect and Convey, Potpourri and Sketch it, where in they involved the YouTube participants too and explained the concepts related with sustainability and SDG’s. The SSEC G9 EnSAV Club activities and accolades were presented as a video during the conclave. It was an interesting session for all the participants as they were involved in answering questions in the quiz organized during the events. A well-managed show was presented by Sri Sairam Engineering college.

The Panimalar Engineering College started their session with Dr.Selvi’s welcome address followed by a skit by the students wherein they portrayed the importance of focussing on SDG’s and how they have come up with the execution of the project- IOT based environmental pollution monitoring system. A presentation about SDG’s 7, 9 and 13 using case studies was given by Ms. Reshma. Mr. Akash has presented a monologue using art work to discuss the importance of SDG 7, 9 and 13. They concluded by saying follow what we preach so as conservation of energy. Ms. Darshini presented about the different renewable energy sources. A panel discussion was conducted by the students as representatives of different countries- India, New Zealand, UAE, Germany and ICELAND. It was an interesting panel discussion which enlightened about the renewable energy sources production and utilization and policies carried out by these countries. The panel discussion was followed by wind powered electric cars presentation by Mr. Mohan. The student members also presented the different schemes of MNRE and how it can benefit for the farmers and rural India. Using the concept of “Did you Know?”, the different project ideas were discussed. It was an interesting session with varied concepts by PEC to discuss about activities and projects of PEC. Mrs. G. Merlin Suba, faculty advisor of EnSAV club of PEC presented the vote of thanks.

The IGEN-GREEN9 SDG Conclave day 1 was concluded by the participation of St. Joseph’s College of Engineering. The welcome address was given by Dr.Jayarama Pradeep, Head, EEE. Dr.VaddiSeshagiri Rao, Principal, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering has given presidential address and appreciated IGEN for conducting this conclave which enlightened the student and faculty community about SDG’s. A conversation about SDG’s was presented by student coordinators – Ms. Andrea and Ms. Gayatri. Dr. V. VasanPrabhu briefed about the projects implemented in the campus to meet the SDG-7 i.e., LED lamps, biomass plants and tower air conditioners etc. Awareness videos on SDG was presented by EnSAV Club students. An event was conducted in which photos were posted wherein the participants have to guess what is the word and when the participants guess it- the terms were explained by Ms. Yojana. The event concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. M. Venmati. Day 1 of the IGEN- GREEN9 SDG conclave concluded by summarizing of the events of the day by Dr. Ishrat.
Day 2 started with welcome address by Er. Madan Kumar, Organizing Secretary of this conclave. The session began with prayer by Bhagvadeesh from Erode. Then, the moderator of the conclave briefed about the events that are expected on day 2. The day 2 started with the Veda Vyasa Institute of Technology. Mr. B. K. Joseph has given welcome address and briefed about what VVIT EnSAV club is aiming at. Dr. Sangeetha S, Principal, VVIT has given the welcome address and appreciated that EnSAV club is doing lot of energy conservation activities and events that they carried out to create awareness on SDG 7,9 and 13. Prof. Balakrishnan Pillai, faculty advisor of VVIT G9 EnSAV club has presented the EnSAV club activity report of the club and how they are helping the nearby community with their activities.
A presentation on “Climatic Aberrations” was presented by AthikaRiyas, followed by the presentation on e-waste management by Mr. Mohammed Farhan. Ms. Sheba presented her views on the sustainable and clean energy by detailing about the various renewable energy sources and its applications in different parts of India. Vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Edwin K. Thomas.
Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute started with the Inaugural address by Dr. V. Cyril Raj, Joint Registrar of the institute. He emphasized the importance of awareness of energy saving, conversation and about achieving the SDG’s. Venkatesh has briefed about the MGR Green9 EnSAV club like awareness about conserving energy in the local community, bicycle run, save 1 unit per day etc. Mr. Mohammed Rizwan, moderated the event of word’s tussle- Is Green Energy durable? with the student participants Maadheshwaran, Abhijith, Pratik and Vishal. A project presentation on “Thermal management system for electric vehicle and batteries” was presented by R. Logeshwaran. Mr. Venkatesh demonstrated about the Air pollution tester along with the innovator Dr. Narayana. Ms. Kemnisha and Ms. Annie talked about plastic recycle and reuse concept for climate action. A highlighting event was “World in 2050” – MGR G9 ENSAV News headlines by Ms. SrirathiMuthuraman. It was followed by a talk show on SDG 9 with Booja S as host and guest – Dr. J. Arun Kumar, Mentor at Dr. Abdul Kalam Research Center. Mrs. R. Aishwarya Devi proposed the Vote of thanks on behalf of Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute.

The next college to participate was St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering. Mr. M. AbragamSiyon Sing, faculty advisor of SXCCE EnSAV club had given the welcome address. Dr. A. Darwin Jose Raju stressed that we need to achieve the SDG’s by 2030 by motivating the students to carry out innovative ideas to conserve the energy. Dr. J. Maheswaran, Principal, SXCEE had given the Presidential address. Dr. Jain B. Marshel had given a talk on SDG 9, it was followed by the video presentation on affordable and clean energy by Mr. K. T. Branesh. A quiz was conducted for the participants moderated by Ms. Atchaya. Mr. Dave Andrew presented a talk on “Energy Efficient Floating Solar Farm”. The EnSAV club members carried out a discussion on “Renewable Energy of Different Countries”. It was followed by video presentation of the various activities of the club. The vote of thanks on behalf of SXCCE was presented by Mr. V. Jesus Bobin, Coordinator of EnSAV Club.

Mr. M. Muralikrishnan had given the welcome address on behalf of the Velammal Engineering College. Dr. N. Duraipandian, Principal had given Presidential address of the session of Velammal Engineering College EnSAV Club. The activities of the club was briefed by the faculty advisor – Dr. R. Umamashewari. The activities briefed are saving of 150 units of power in a month by 100 faculties and energy conservation awareness and utilization of alternative power sources to save water and aquatic animals. The project details of Green Energy Corridor were presented by Mr. Alvin Samuel D. The project is about integrating thermal and wind energy for transmission of power to high consumption centers. The project is planned for 20,000MW costing Rs.10141 Crores with funding from government, state equity and loan from KfW, Germany. The poll data related to the Green Corridor project was presented by Mr. M. Muralikrishnan followed by the survey video of the same. A discussion was presented by EnSAV club members. The future projects and events of the club were presented as a mind map. Mr. M. Muralikrishan had presented the vote of thanks.
Dr. P. Ravichandran, Principal, St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology had given the welcome address by briefing about the college and the activities of the EnSAV Club. Mr. Dhinesh and Parithi Selvan had given presentation on automated light switching system. The EnSAV club members presented the projects of Solar power automated irrigation system using FRP’s and power quality analysis. Mr. Dhanush Ganesh presented an interesting presentation on integration of energy, industry and environmental action using IOT and Machine Learning. Mr. Dhanush also proposed vote of thanks.

The next college to participate was CMR Institute of Technology. Dr. Chitra, HOD, EEE, CMRIT has given welcome address and mentioned about the various projects like solar tree, hybrid power, awareness among the community etc., were also discussed by her. The Prime time on SDG 7 event was conducted by EnSAV club members which enlightened about floating solar plant generation, Pavegen etc. The Chronicles of climate action in tune with SDG 13 was presented by Mr. Anubhav. Detail about SDG 9 was presented by Ms. Rethika. Different remedies and suggestions for execution were presented by the EnSAV club members using the video presentation. Mrs. Lokasree presented the projects executed by the club i.e., Solar powered vehicle, wind turbine project etc. The club has adopted Manasundara village, where they have implemented the solar tree installation. The same has been demonstrated by the faculty and the student members. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.Monisha.

The day 2 last academic partner joining the event was PONJESLY College of Engineering. The Presidential address was given by Dr. G. Natarajan, Principal, PONJESLY College of Engineering. He said that the mother earth has enough for everyone’s need but not for their greed. He stressed on creating the awareness among the community for SDG’s and appreciated IGEN for conducting the Conclave. Mr. L. Puhazhwin had given a talk on SDG 7, 9 and 13 and discussed the goals that can be achieved using these SDG’s. The EnSAV club students Ms. Afisha and Ms. Hana had given presentation on Green and Clean energy. It was followed by the video presentation of electric bike, solar power installation, solar lighting and biogas plant etc. Dr. Mary Linda, Head, EEE presented the vote of thanks.

Summary of the conclave of the 2-days was presented by Dr. Ishrat and the next session of Green9 SDG Award session was moderated by Dr.Venmati and Dr. Sharmila.

Mr. Kumar Deepak, Environment officer(Policy & Planning), EcoDRR, United Nations Development Program/ UNDP was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory event of IGEN- GREEN9 SDG Conclave. He stressed on preserving the ecosystem and climate change should be in a direction to provide conservation and sustainability.

Dr. Ram Boojh, CEO, Mobius Foundation, Former UNESCO Program Chief was the Chief Guest for the Green9 Awards 2020. He said that the pandemic situation of COVID has turned the focus of the world towards conservation of nature. He said that UN is focussing on sustainability and he stressed on launch of bio-diversity, world conservation etc., which are scheduled. He said that the SDG’s are for the development of the world but these all the goals are not achieved, especially goals 1-5. He said that we should strive to create the awareness of these SDG’s and motivate the community to achieve these goals. He said that the New Green Deal is in place and governments should address to it.

The program concluded by the vote of thanks by the Organising Secretary Er Madhan Kumar, Head IGEN GREEN9 ENSAV CLUB. The two day Conclave was moderated and Compared by Dr. Ishrat Meera Mirzana : Head I2C MISSIONG999

The two day Program Video @

Two day full event report @

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ABOUT THE INSTITUTION OF GREEN ENGINEERS (IGEN) - A warm and pleasant goodevening, to everyone .connected here.

The transition to a green economy . will not be possible . without well trained professionals able to tackle the challenges of globalization. and to manage major socio-economic .and environmental transformations. - Irina Bokova Director-General - UNESCO

In line with the UNESCO/ a healthy discussion was held between a group of technical experts across the globe / on greener environment and effective use of natural resources. This discussion/ lead to an effective conclusion of forming a nonprofit professional society named /“The Institution of Green Engineers”/(IGEN)

The IGEN works towards/ achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals/ (3, 4,6,7,9,11,12,13 & 17). It aims to be the solution provider/ for government policy drafting/, to develop Innovative products which in turn/ would lead to provide solution/ to sustainable greener world /and to organize activities through 9colour nonagon VIBBGGYOR society./


In order to fulfill IGEN objectives and perform effectively/ and efficiently, the Institution has structured its members according to their expertise/ in a particular discipline of engineering /and grouped them under a society /and named it as 9colour VIBBGGYOR./
The nine working disciplines VIBBGGYOR are/ Waste Management, Next Gen Transport, Build Environment ,Intelligent Agriculture, Energy Efficiency Research Group, Clean Air and Water, Smart Health and wellness ,Future Computing and Safety and Standards
Any member across the globe /is eligible for IGEN Membership/ if he or she is interested to work/ and contribute whole heartedly towards GREEN Environment.

more @

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