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What's driving the Youth Sports Market Size Key Players are: Nike, Ameri Sports / Wilson, Adias, Underarmor, InterContinental Hotels Group Marriott, Bauer, Sports Facilities Advisory, Blue Star Sports, NBC Sports / SportsEngine

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What's driving the Youth Sports Market Size Key Players are: presents the Youth sports Market report that provides a detailed overview of major drivers, restraints, challenges, opportunities, current industry trends and strategies impacting the global market along with estimates and forecast of revenue.

The 2018 study has 338 pages, 149 tables and figures. Worldwide $22 billion youth sports markets are poised to achieve significant growth as travel teams become more popular and families learn to enjoy time together during a weekend sporting event. Enormous market efficiency is being achieved as youth and recreational teams move to automated process. Apps can be used to book hotels and make travel arrangements.

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A $17 billion market in the US, the youth sports market rivals the size of the $15 billion NFL. Youth sports markets are comprised of segments that represent revenue generation from travel, equipment, team membership, facility construction, software, and venue rental. Leagues who purchase and distribute sports software to teams or clubs have created a large market from what were previously disparate parts of what was not ever not even a market, just people buying clothes and equipment, and loosely organized groups of youth playing games on community fields.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders
Ameri Sports / Wilson
InterContinental Hotels Group Marriott
Sports Facilities Advisory
Blue Star Sports
NBC Sports / SportsEngine

In a $22 billion worldwide market, a $17 billion U.S. youth sports market, the youth sports team, tournament, and league play is big business. League travel teams are gaining traction because they provide family vacation fun while improving skills of a youthful player. This is a nascent market, there is no end to growth in sight. Markets are expected to reach $57.8 billion by 2024. Youth sports teams will continue to get more organized and depend on software to provide increased management efficiency. Video images of play will provide better coaching.

As a result of this coalescence of the varying market segments brought about by youth sports software, the youth sports market has become well defined. Apps are used for communication. The primary purpose of youth and adult sports team sports is to deliver fun for the youth. Other agendas get mixed in, like building a strong and healthy body, developing a well-rounded and pleasant personality, developing team skills, and preparing a child to be a professional athlete. Youth sports depend on communication, tournament play, and video coaching that are needed to run a team effectively. Transaction management, registration, and fee collection are key aspects of some of the software.

Youth sports facilities can become part of a community development program. Every team, every sport has appeal and as there is more leisure, as the economy spins out more and more wealth at the top of the economic scale, there will be more spending on sports. Professional sports, betting, fantasy teams, semiprofessional teams, and teams just for fun will continue to look for venues and players.

Youth sports are sure to benefit from this trend. The brightest and the best will want to get top notch sports training for their children, and the entire middle class will follow as best they can. Sports are fun, the professional teams have begun to recognize that they need to invest in team development programs targeting children starting at age 3. This is when you can get the attention of the child and build skills incrementally that are providing a steady stream of youth available later for the professional teams.

Professional teams have noticed that the most ardent fans are those who played a sport as a youth. All the professional leagues have to invest in youth sports because otherwise they do not have players now and fans later.

Foundations and corporate arms of all large companies want to invest in supporting youth of the country and what better way than through sports. They can tie educational advancement of the sport interest.

Communities have to invest in youth sports providing activities that are supervised and better for all the residents, sports and teams have greater society benefits than the enjoyment of team play. Communities have found that it is cheaper to invest in planned sporting activities and keep children involved than to deal with the problems caused by kids that grow up without supervision, getting in trouble all the time.

The police departments have become interested in connecting with youth in a positive manner, spending money and time to get to know kids and provide guidance when needed. They are active in getting communities to fund development of facilities. It will be a problem to pay for all the facilities that communities want to build, so it will be interesting to see if communities find ways to contribute to the capital investment needed.

Private investment that sees benefit youth sporting programs is building in quantity. Foundations generally see the benefit of children being given sport opportunities.

The schools have by and large defunded gym programs for children creating a healthcare crisis
of major proportion in the US and other parts of the world with childhood obesity and asthma creating lifelong chronic disease problems. The good news is that youth sports programs are becoming more available in more affluent parts of the world, poised to deliver healthy activity and build life long habits of movement and athletic skills development.

The market opportunity for youth team sports depends on a strong alliance between the schools and modern recreational facilities that meld education, drama, music and sports in a manner that supports learning and athletic development as one melded event.

With the advent of online learning, more students can move at their own pace and achieve academic excellence. One challenge is to make this happen in the context of incorporating sports achievement at the same time. Athleticism and brain development can be melded if education is done right.

Six in 10 children ages 6-12 regularly participate in team sports in the US. These sports programs are organized or casual.

With organized sports, there has been a rise in the number of travel teams, with the programs active at ever-earlier ages. There has been significant definition and growth in the youth sports industry. The coaching and league formation task is demanding for kids, families, and communities. Much of the organizational process has been automated with software.

The youth sports market is set to grow in response to increased interest worldwide in youth sports development programs. The programs are inherently satisfying to children and youth, giving them skills and accompanying self-esteem that translates to support academic skills as well as athletic ones. Software has become an important aspect of making team play easy to manage.

More changes are coming as digitization drives use of video so parents and children can share on the Internet the experience of team play. Video capture of game and practice play is poised to provide coaches and assistant coaches with an ever-increasing array of ways to help players improve play on the field.

Little league coaches bring a lot to the children whom they coach. The individual attention to skills development is a treasure to each child it touches. Stories proliferate about the value of little league coaches to girls and boys who had a dad or mom missing at crucial times of growing up. The same is true for the Girl?s and Boy?s clubs.

In these cases, a substitute parent is an invaluable part of forming a strong personality, able to be responsive to others, fit into a team, and perform with integrity. The coaches teach values in a context of fun.

The youth sports software is sold or given away free to teams, leagues and tournaments. Often a league will distribute the software to teams, clubs, or tournaments. Sometimes teams and clubs buy the software directly. A lot of youth sports software had been homegrown functionality bolted onto a stable platform. This homegrown small market software has basically become outdated, slated to be replaced with packaged, licensed or cloud software that is more robust.

The youth sports software provides registration and payment collection. The payment collection aspect of the software is sometimes important because it creates a way to collect a transaction fee that is used to pay for the software and provide continuing revenue to the provider.

The primary purpose of youth and adult sports team software is to deliver robust, automated process for the registration, scheduling, web site construction, coaching management, communication, tournament play, and video coaching that are needed to run a team effectively. Transaction management and fee collection are key aspects of some of the software.

The market research team that prepared the study for WinterGreen Research, ?Vendors are making acquisitions to upgrade software so it is able to provide a wide range of capabilities. Modules brought in from different companies and developers are difficult to integrate into a functioning platform. Once a platform is in place, the organization of travel teams is facilitated.?

Market growth comes from increased benefits of organization in youth sports leagues. Travel teams and tournaments are in vogue. These do not happen in a consistent manner unless there is automated process in place. Automated process is just better for making a team function smoothly, eliminating vast amounts of politics. Shared resource is always a problem, having automated management is better. Once one aspect of the team management is automated, there is demand to automate all the processes across the board leading to plenty of consolidation and acquisitions in this market.

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Youth development programs
Youth Travel Teams
Youth Sports Software
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Youth Sports Coaching
Sports Team Refistration
Sports Wearables
Travel Teams
Team Volunteer Management
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Team One tap payment
Sports Software
Club Management
Sports Websites
Sports Technology
Team Roster Software
Team Registration Management
Volunteer Management Software
Flexible payment options.
Youth Sports Team Communication

Table of Contents

Abstract: Youth and Recreational Sports League Markets are at $22 Billion Worldwide, $17 Billion in the US 1
Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Executive Summary 24
Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Driving Forces 24
Six in 10 Children Ages 6-12 Regularly Participate In Team Sports in the US 31
Youth League Sports Market Dynamics 33
Youth League Sports Market Shares 35
Two Major Segments to Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports 35
Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Forecasts 38
1. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports: Market Description and Market Dynamics 40
1.1 Sport Participation Develops Core Values 40
1.1.1 Professional Sports Embrace Youth Development Programs 41
1.1.2 Emphasizes Fundamentals for Youth 42
1.2 Clothing and Apparel a Core Aspect of Youth Sports Market 43
1.2.1 Little League Chose Dick?s Team Sports HQ As Its Tech Provider 44
1.3 Hotels Leverage Vendor Positioning in Youth Sports Markets 45
1.4 Youth Sports League Software Is Highly Specialized 46
1.5 Barriers to Youth Sports Participation 47
1.5.1 Barriers To Youth Sports Participation 48
1.5.2 Aim To Ensure That All Kids Have The Chance To Grow Up Fit And Strong 50
1.5.3 Developing the Athletic and Human Potential of a Child 51
1.6 Youth Team Web Sites 52
1.6.1 Youth Sports Team Web Presence 55
1.7 Supervising the Money from Youth Team Sports 59
1.8 Youth Sports Software Communications Functions 60
2. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Shares and Forecasts 61
2.1 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Driving Forces 61
2.1.1 Six in 10 Children Ages 6-12 Regularly Participate In Team Sports in the US 68
2.1.2 Youth League Sports Market Dynamics 70
2.1.3 Innovation Is Core To The Market Growth Of The Youth Sports Organizations 71
2.1.4 Backyard Sports 71
2.1.5 Movement Toward Travel Teams 72
2.1.6 Linking To Team Sponsors 74
2.1.7 Youth League Sports Market Growth Development Programs 75
2.1.8 Youth League Sports Software Functions 77
2.1.9 Protecting the Money Collected for a Youth Sports League 78
2.1.1 Team Sports Financial Reporting 79
2.1.2 Youth Team Sports Acquisitions 81
2.1.3 Youth League Sports Apps Model Market Factors 82
2.1.4 Applications 85
2.2 Youth League Sports Market Shares 86
2.2.1 Stack Sports 89
2.2.2 Comcast / NBC Universal / SportsEngine 91
2.2.3 Active Network / Active Sports 91
2.2.4 Hudl 91
2.2.5 TeamSnap 92
2.2.6 Dicks Sporting Goods 92
2.3 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Facilities Market including High School, College, Market Shares, Number Field Rentals, Worldwide, 2017 94
2.3.1 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Software Number Employees vs. Revenue Analysis, Number Employees, Dollars per Employee 97
2.3.2 Youth Sports Athletic Footwear, Apparel And Equipment Market Shares 98
2.3.3 Youth Sports Team, League, and Tournament Facilities Consultants Market Shares 102
2.3.4 Youth Sports Team, League, and Tournament Hotels and Motels Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016 103
2.4 Segments of Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports 104
2.4.1 Youth Sports Team, League, and Tournament Software: Market 112
2.5 Youth Sports Travel, Field, and Ice Rink 117
2.6 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Forecasts 120
2.6.1 High School Football Participation Numbers Dropping Amid Health Concerns 127
2.7 Youth and Recreational League Sports Trends 128
2.8 Local Recreational Sports Facilities are Being Developed as Services 129
2.8.1 Further Leverage the Reach That Team Sponsors Have 130
2.8.2 League Registration Features 133
2.8.3 Youth Sports Tournaments and Hotels 135
2.8.4 Youth Sports League Penetration Analysis 135
2.8.5 Youth Team Sports League Unit Analysis Assumptions 138
2.8.6 Youth Team Sports Functional Models Registration, Communication, and Web Site Development or Combination 139
2.8.7 League Software and App Revenue Models 142
2.8.8 Transactional App Revenue Model 144
2.8.1 Charge Card Revenue per Transaction 148
2.8.2 Software Licensing Model 149
2.8.3 Advertising Model 151
2.8.4 Extracting Value from Data 152
2.8.5 Youth League Sports Software Shipments by Sport: US and Worldwide 153
2.8.6 League Software Larger Market 155
2.8.7 Youth League Software by Sports 158
2.9 Healthcare and Youth Sports 160
2.10 Varsity and Collegiate Intermural and Club Sports 162
2.11 Youth and Adult Sports League Participation, United States and Worldwide, Number of Players, 2016 164
2.11.1 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Software Revenue Models Market Forecasts, Transactional Apps, Free Apps Information Based License Fee per Software Package, Cloud Based SaaS Model, Dollars, Worldwide, 2017-2023 165
2.12 Youth Sports Travel Teams 173
2.13 Youth League Sports Software Prices / Sports Software Pricing 175
2.13.1 Hudl Prices 179
2.13.2 Hudl Revenue Model 180
2.13.3 Stack Sports Prices 183
2.13.4 Affinity Sports 185
2.14 Youth League Sports Software Regional Market Analysis 186
2.14.1 US 189
2.14.2 Canada 191
2.15 Youth Team Sites Revenue Model 192
2.15.1 Applications 194
3. Youth League Sports Product Description 195
3.1 Vendors Build Brand with Significant Well Targeted Demographic 195
3.1.1 Vendors Address Needs of Different Types of Teams 195
3.1.2 Stack Sports GoalLine 196
3.1.3 Stack Sports Strengths 197
3.1.4 Stack Sports Challenges 198
4. Youth and Recreational League Sports Software Research and Technology 201

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