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4 of the Most Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Indiana

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Catastrophic injuries are life-threatening injuries that often result in permanent disability or disfigurement. These injuries are not common, but when they occur, they can be remarkably expensive to treat, and those who sustain them have little chance of living a normal life. Fortunately, with the help of Blackburn & Green, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries if you have been injured in a catastrophic accident.

If you are considering taking legal action, here are some of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries in Indiana.

Car Accidents
Car accidents are the most common cause of catastrophic injuries. Car accidents can be especially devastating at high speeds, and despite increasing legislation, a high number of car accidents are still caused by drunk drivers. Car accidents are often responsible for the following types of catastrophic injuries:

Traumatic brain injuries
Spinal cord damage
Internal bleeding & organ damage
Permanent scarring & disfigurement
Catastrophic car accidents are often caused by speeding and reckless drivers, as well as inexperienced, distracted, and intoxicated drivers. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord damage not only in the United States but across the world in general.

Pedestrian Accidents
The vast majority of drivers pay careful attention to pedestrians and honor their rights and space. Unfortunately, a considerable number of pedestrians are struck by cars on a regular basis, and often, accident victims are left with expensive, catastrophic injuries. Much like vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents are often caused by inattentive, intoxicated, and reckless drivers who do not follow basic traffic laws. Pedestrian accidents can be even more deadly when they involve children or occur in crowded areas.

Bicycle Accidents
Bicycle accidents are relatively common, even though many cities and suburban areas have installed bike lanes. Unfortunately, more than 840 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents across the country in 2016. Much like pedestrians, bicyclists are relatively unprotected (even with helmets), and when they are struck by large, multi-ton objects moving at fast speeds, they are likely to sustain catastrophic injuries. Many bicyclists are thrown from their bikes during accidents, increasing the chance of them sustaining serious neurological injuries.

Truck Accidents
Truck accidents tend to result in a higher number of catastrophic injuries than other types of vehicle accidents. This is largely due to their weight and size, and usually, they collide with relatively small vehicles. Truck accidents often occur on highways and interstates, and they are frequently caused by driver fatigue and inexperience. Some trucking companies even encourage their drivers to forego rest in an effort to meet strict deadlines or get more deliveries in. Trucks carrying large or flammable materials can even cause explosions at high speeds.

Other Causes

Although the other causes are more common, the following causes can still result in catastrophic injuries:

Medical malpractice
On-the-job accidents
Violent crime
Sporting activities
Slips and falls
Fires, infections, and motorcycle accidents can also result in catastrophic damage to the human body.

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If you have sustained a catastrophic injury at the hands of another person or organization, call to discuss your case with the lawyers at Blackburn & Green today.

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