College Notre Dame de Louaize Implements Skoolee Tools

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(openPR) - College Notre Dame de Louaize is in the process of incorporating Skoolee Tools as its vanguard school management and student information software. Aligned with and located next to Notre Dame University in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, the school has a student enrollment of around 4000 students.

College Notre Dame de Louaize will use Skoolee Tools base solution with add-on modules to help school personnel manage all academic, administrative, and extracurricular activities. With Skoolee Scheduling module, administrators will be able to create conflict-free timetables for course schedules.

Reverend Father Naji Khalil expects the school to benefit substantially from the community building nature of the solution: “Skoolee Tools integrates the diverse aspects of the school’s functions and needs, and consolidates it into a community. It has everything we need, in a much better way than the disparate applications we’ve been using so far.”

Skoolee Tools allows all members of the school community to interact: from principals to teachers and back, teachers to students and parents, and parents with the school.

Skoolee Tools is specifically designed for private, international and progressive public schools in the Middle East and North Africa. The software is uniquely tailored to the Arabic, English, and/or French administrative requirements of schools in the region.

Father Khalil concludes, “I believe that, with Skoolee, you’re doing a great service to Lebanon by leveraging its educational and civil strengths.”

For additional information or a 20-minute live presentation, contact Romy Haddad in the Arab Gulf region and Hoda Badri in Lebanon. Or submit the Request Information form at

About Skoolee Tools

Skoolee is an evolving online initiative for the education sector in the Middle East and Africa. As a first step, Skoolee Tools management software assists multilingual international, private and progressive public schools in the Middle East and North Africa schools to operate more efficiently. It also brings together directors, principals, teachers, staff, students and parents for an even more dynamic and interactive community. The brand is sometimes mistakenly called Skool Tools, School Tools, Skooli, Skoolie, Schooli, Skoole, Skooly, Schoolee, or Schooly.

Skoolee Tools complements other White Mountain software products for the Arab and North African education sector. UniversiTools (or University Tools) software modules help universities and institutions of higher education manage academic year cycles and services: exam scheduler module, course scheduling module, course catalog module, academic calendar module, resource facilities allocation module, grants & scholarships module, career center module, and alumni module.

BaseCamp LMS corporate learning management system helps medium to large companies and organizations manage their executive and professional education and training requirements online.

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