Carole Spiers Group Launches Comprehensive Set Of Tools To Manage And Combat Workplace Bullying

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(openPR) - Not only is bullying unacceptable, it can also be extremely difficult to tackle - particularly when it has become an established pattern of behaviour. Even the mildest form of intimidation may be very disturbing, and, as this intensifies over time, the effect on the victim can be severe. It is for these reasons that the Carole Spiers Group has introduced a comprehensive set of tools to help organisations, managers and individuals understand and confront the diverse issues involved in combating bullying behaviour. These include:

* An introductory one-day training programme available both in-house and as a public training course
* A three-part professional trainer toolkit for Executives, Occupational Health and Human Resources managers
* A wide range of supplementary tools, advice and assistance to help organisations tackle the root causes of bullying within their workforces

"Being bullied is an isolating experience that tends not to be openly discussed in case this increases the risk of further ill-treatment, and because the 'target' often feels ashamed to discuss it with colleagues in case their professional credibility is called into question," explains Carole Spiers. "As a result, bullying can be extremely difficult for managers to spot, but it can also - because of the complex interpersonal relationships involved - be very uncomfortable for them to deal with or a problem that they simply do not know how to address, even when they are aware that it's going on. Unfortunately, bullying is also an issue that cannot simply be 'swept under the carpet' or left to 'sort itself out', which is why we've introduced these new tools."

New tools in detail:
The one-day training course from the Carole Spiers Group is entitled 'Combat Bullying at Work', and covers:

Recognising and tackling all forms of harassment. The content includes the identification of bullying behaviours at work and preventative measures to be taken

Defining acceptable and unacceptable employee behaviour

Promoting best practice, implementing risk assessment and developing organisational policy.

'Back Off - Combat Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace is a three-part professional trainer toolkit for Executives, Occupational Health and Human Resources managers. It is packed with proven techniques for successful intervention and resolution, and includes PowerPoint slides and a free-to-copy take away manual.

The next public training course covering these aspects and the tools in depth is scheduled for 24th February 2006, and is also available to organisations as an in-house programme.

More information on these and other tools from the Carole Spiers Group is available at

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