Introduces High-frequency Quantitative Trading System Supercomputer

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(openPR) -, introduced today the world’s first virtual supercomputer designed to evolve and distribute intraday trading strategies. By harnessing the power of subscriber’s computers linked together over the internet to form a massive grid, StrataGenie is able to sift through years’ worth of intraday stock market data to create profitable high-frequency trading algorithms. The initial product alerts subscribers precisely when to buy and sell symbol QQQQ, the Nasdaq index tracking exchange traded fund (ETF).
Although access to the supercomputer results is available only to subscribers, a thirty-day no-obligation trial lets anyone try the service for a limited time. All that is needed to join the service is a Windows PC and an email address. As more computers join the grid, the available computing power increases – along with the quality of the evolving trading strategy.
Although one would think that once the ultimate strategy is discovered, there is no more work to be done, the trading landscape is always changing and along with it the profitability of various strategies. Therefore, in order to stay on top of the market, the StrataGenie supercomputer must keep operating in order to remain fruitfully positive. Just like in the natural world, old predators can easily become the prey of younger, more agile animals. In the same way, old strategies eventually lose their effectiveness as newer strategies learn the older ones techniques.
The StrataGenie supercomputer is designed to provide consistently profitable returns for both individual and institutional investors. Many hedge funds have been profiting from high-frequency algorithmic trading for over fifteen years. They have invested huge sums of money to create proprietary trading strategies that anticipate every move of the market. However, such powerful predictive engines have never before now been available to the general investing public.
Even with the advent of the internet and efficient online brokers, the effort required to achieve profitability is tremendous and short-lived. Unfortunately, the very best automated strategy that an individual investor may have created is destined to work only for certain market conditions. That is why a continually adaptive system that requires zero effort to maintain is especially attractive. At the introductory price, the first trade profit usually covers the monthly service fee and subsequent trade profits accumulate and compound in the brokerage account.
As the available computing power increases, the company intends to expand into other forms of investments besides equity indices such as futures, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. The availability of such predictive power to the general investing public signals a new era of investing in which those investors making decisions backed by science and technology will dominate the market and those making decisions without it will be at a distinct disadvantage.

Founded by computer scientists, is a new financial website that utilizes the aggregate computing power of a grid of personal computers to search for profitable intraday trading strategies. StrataGenie has been in private development since early 2004 utilizing a hobbled-together network of PCs, similar to the early days of Google. After years of designing and testing trading algorithms and machine learning techniques, is now available for the general investing public to join and profit.
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