The future of OLED-Technology

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(openPR) - the prominent information platform for the OLED technology led an interview with institute leader of the IAPP (Institute for applied photo physics) Professor Dr. Karl Leo across the future of the OLED – technology. The OLED technology is in all mouth, OLED –TV, OLED-television and so on was presented on the CES 2007 (Consumer Electronic Show).
Prof. Dr. Karl Leo described the newest research results around the OLED technique. Short time ago the IAPP Institute announced a new record concerning the lifetime of organic light emitting diodes. This result provided for world-wide attention and underlined the good work of the IAPP.

Furthermore Prof. Dr. Leo described, which explanation hides behind these record values, there was also the question, whether Germany can keep up with the Asiatic countries at the OLED technology.

A short time ago the display producers presented again some OLED TV- prototypes with amazing, technical values (constrast 1.000.000:1). The mass production of AM-OLED displays (Active Matrix OLED) will take up by some companies in this year.

Not only at monitors and displays can score the OLED technology, also in the lighting industry the OLED – technology will win at meaning in the near future. The IAPP concentrates increasingly on the range of organic lighting and organic solar cells. In the case of the OLED lighting Prof. Dr. Karl Leo sees large potential.

Some weeks ago the Federal Ministry for education and research spent 100 millions Euro for the research and development of organic light emitting diodes for the next five years.
The whole interview and detailed information around the topic OLED can be found under: build information websites about future technologies like OLED,SED TV, MRAM, Galileo, Laser-TV
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