Dilyx Launches Kit for Improved Protein Solubility

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(openPR) - Seattle, WA, 17 November, 2010 - Dilyx Biotechnologies, LLC announces the launch of the OptiSol Protein Solubility Screening Kit, allowing research scientists to aggregation-proof their protein samples. The resulting data saves effort and money because it informs life science researchers on how to best treat specific samples for storage or analysis.
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Since protein aggregation is the number one cause of inadvertent protein sample loss, Dilyx’ patent pending OptiSol Protein Solubility Screening Kit meets a substantial need in the protein research marketplace. The kit combines systematic solution design with array-based filtration technology enabling protein researchers to analyze and optimize protein solubilization.
Learn more at http://www.dilyx.com/resources/protein_solubilization.
The kit’s results are auto-analyzed by the included Excel-based Protein Dashboard™ and allow scientists to quickly identify optimal solution conditions for their particular protein.

Beta testers that have evaluated this new research tool have complimented on the simplicity of the kit, the utility of the results and ease of scale-up. "We have been positively surprised by the strong demand expressed by our OptiSol beta testers, both from academia and the biotech industry", says Dave Dilyx, Technical Advisor. "The data provided by these independent beta testers clearly show substantial gains in solubility for all protein samples tested. The OptiSol kit gives unique insight into protein sample behavior. In effect OptiSol users either rescue reversibly aggregated protein samples or they aggregation-proof their protein samples".

The OptiSol reagent kit employs Dilyx’ proprietary FASOS (Filter Aided Solubility Optimization Screening) – Technology, allowing for the systematic analysis and reduction of protein aggregate formation and hence minimizing protein sample loss.

Dilyx Biotechnologies’ OptiSol Protein Solubility Screening kits are available for proteins in two size categories, each $499. The included Excel-based Protein Dashboard™ helps to analyze and identify optimal pH, salt, buffer type, additives and antioxidants that maintain protein samples solubilized while exposed to sample stress such as heat, freeze-thaw cycles, extended storage or others.

Dilyx Biotechnologies, LLC is a privately held, Seattle, WA based biotechnology development company launching innovative products that help research scientists to better understand and improve sample behavior.

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