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PR-Tip: Press release distribution free of charge
The distribution of press releases is normally quite expensive. For many freelancers it is therefore not worth the effort. Pressetext Schweiz for instance charges 390 francs for the distribution of a single release, News Aktuell Schweiz charges 350 francs, whereas Pressrelations is comparatively cheap with a price of about 17 francs per release. But there is a way to save the costs completely. The two service providers OpenPR and distribute your press releases for free. All you have to do is enter your release into the online upload field yourself. OpenPR not only distributes press releases via RSS Newsfeed but also via e-mail newsletters. Furthermore, the releases of both providers normally appear on Google News as well. While OpenPR provides a free analysis of media response if required, does not give any information about the number of recipients. You certainly cannot compare the range of coverage with those achieved by the companies leading the field. But for economical freelancers and small companies this free service may nevertheless be an alternative.

EITEP Newsletter : "Energy Water Environment International" February 2005
Public Relations for free with openPR
Many companies and institutions publish press releases on their websites and use their own press distribution lists for spreading the news. But there is a way beyond this classical channel that extends the range and the interest attracted by your releases. In the internet you find a great number of providers offering to distribute your releases for a fee. OpenPR however, a portal launched in 2004, offers the publication and archiving of press releases for free. The articles do not only appear on the welcome page for some time, they are also recorded in the archive and can be found via search engines and on Google News shortly after the publication.

Internet für Architekten writes: "openPR - Publish Press Releases free of charge"
The online service provider openPR publishes your press releases quickly and free of charge. Ideal for your online marketing activities: Your release normally also appears on Google News just shortly after the publication and later on Google itself. receives thousands of clicks every day (self-advertising on the website). At the moment you can find 18.000 press releases by almost 5.000 authors/companies on the website. The site is run by ADicted, an advertising agency based in Hamburg.
This is how you submit your press release:
You enter the release together with the information about the author, the company etc. into an HTML form on openPR. You choose the category (construction for instance) in which you want your release to be published. You can also upload a picture to the text. In the preview function you can check the look of your article and re-edit it if necessary. After the submission your release will be reviewed by the editors of and afterwards be published on the website. On the welcome page they automatically place the 10 latest press releases with the first part of the text and 10 more with only headlines. Your release will remain there until it is replaced by 20 newer releases. Furthermore, your article will remain available in the database as long as you wish (advantage: you can pass on the URL that has been assigned to you by, for example via e-mail or your website). The press release itself can be downloaded as pdf file or sent around via e-mail.

What users say about openPR

Your portal is fast, simple, and easy to use. Others may have more functions but they also demand more editing time, you have to preformat the text in order to achieve a good result etc.
I think openPR is really fantastic!

Andreas Knepper, wallmedien AG

9 o'clock: discuss press release with client
10 o'clock: submit release to openPR
Within the briefest possible time release is published and displayed in a prominent place on openPR. I am thrilled!
Zehra Spindler, Calypso Now! - Agency for Communication

I can't but agree to the positive statements about your portal:
easy to use, clear layout, very good search function, and quick editing!

Jens O'Brien, Borgmeier Media Communication

OpenPR ist the nicest and most clearly laid out PR platform I have seen to this day. The press releases are displayed very nicely and clearly and without any unnecessary frills.
The updates are fast and the finished release looks appealing and is clearly legible.
Even with 16 years of experience one discovers new things from time to time.

Gabriele Ketterl, Director Marketing & PR, Menads

OpenPR is clearly structured and remains true to its principle of confining itself to the essential parts.
OpenPR has proven to be a very good and reliable partner to our media agency:
Within the shortest time the releases are online and go down well with the media representatives.
The success of OpenPR is reflected in the steadily increasing number of press releases.
It is good that OpenPR exists!

Ursula Koslik, Director Marketing & PR, F+W Hamburg

We publish our press releases on openPR because we like people who are "open" - just like us.
Frank Obels, CEO, INCONET - Informationssysteme, Communication und Netzwerkberatung GmbH

You want to send us your feedback as well? Write to info [AT] openpr [DOT] com
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