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Smart Workstation Simplifies Synthesis: METTER TOLEDO's OptiMax

METTLER TOLEDO has introduced OptiMax, a powerful synthesis workstation optimized for pharmaceutical, fine-chemical and specialty-chemical development. The unique design and its intuitive interface improves the organic synthesis process and maximizes time-to-result in product development in increasingly competitive markets. The compact workstation allows experiments to run from -40 to 180°C without oil or ice baths or bulky cryostats with little to no training. Rising time-to-market pressure in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

How pH Measurement Reduces Maintenance in Petroleum Processes

METTLER TOLEDO has announced an on-demand webinar, How pH Measurement Reduces Maintenance in Petroleum Processes. The webinar explains the importance of pH in refining and how new technology can lower maintenance costs as well as reduce chemical consumption. Measuring pH in petroleum refining processes is vital for corrosion protection, and in several processes pH is an important control parameter. However, when it comes to reliability, many pH analyzers have a poor

Maximize Process Efficiency and Minimize Downtime

The Tablex-PRO has been developed with today's highly regulated pharmaceutical production plants firmly in mind. With an emphasis on current and future compliance requirements, the new Safeline metal detector delivers the opportunity for manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve their competitiveness. Metal Detector Provides Cure for Productivity Headaches Mettler-Toledo Safeline has announced the release of a new generation of its well established Tablex metal detection system -

What Really Counts in Piece Counting: Best Practices Webinar

METTLER TOLEDO announces the newest installment of its on-demand webinar series, “Best Practices in Piece Counting.” The webinar offers essential piece-counting principals and addresses how manufacturers can optimize piece-counting efforts for better quality control, less product giveaway, and enhanced profits. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the latest installment of its free, on-demand webinar series, “Best Practices in Piece Counting.” The webinar offers scale-based piece-counting essentials and explores how it can

High Precision Weighing Ensures Quality of Coating Processes

Reliable quality control of coating processes Checking for a uniform coating is a process in the mechanical industry which requires highly accurate balances. This quality control application demands robust and easy to use balances. METTLER TOLEDO's new Excellence XA balances are the ideal solution and offer a unique price-performance ratio. Determining the mass of precious coatings requires a high level of accuracy. Each part is weighed before and after the coating process

A New Standard for Inline Particle Measurement: METTLER TOLEDO FBRM G Series

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the next generation FBRM-model G400 and G600 instruments. Based on 20 years of innovation supporting particle research and manufacturing, the FBRM G series has been completely redesigned. Now, it is even easier to understand, optimize, and control particle and droplet distributions in real time. "This latest technology, found in FBRM G400 and FBRM G600, establishes a new standard for in-process particle measurement. It improves accuracy

Easy-Read Precision Pharmacy Balances Improve Workflows, Safety

METTLER TOLEDO, world renowned for precise and easy-to-use scales, introduced a pharmacy-specific portfolio of precision balances today. The new portfolio encompasses two product lines: the PHS, or professional line; and the PHL, or portable line. Balances included in the METTLER TOLEDO pharmacy-specific portfolio support tasks pharmacists perform daily including cream, ointment and medication dispensing. Additionally, they provide the critical precision required when compounding top-grade active ingredients such as those used in

Versatile pH Meter Used in the Cleanest Room in the World

A METTLER TOLEDO SevenMulti pH Meter has recently been installed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart, Germany. The Fraunhofer IPA has the cleanest room in the world and the SevenMulti is used in it. A pH meter is of course seldom subjected to such extreme environmental conditions. But the SevenMulti™ easily mastered all the applications. Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is one of the

Faster and More Accurate Results with Grain Grading

Operators at Australian grain receiving sites must work quickly to keep operating costs low. However, they must also accurately grade grain to ensure quality for international food supplies. METTLER TOLEDO offers durable, high-performance balances that help grain operators meet the demand for accuracy plus speed. This benefits not only buyers but also farmers who are paid based on crop quality. Grain quality assurance Harvest is a busy time at grain receiving sites.

Quality of Fine Powders Under Gravity Fall Conditions Is Assured

Developed with today's highly regulated pharmaceutical processing plants in mind, and with an emphasis on current and future compliance requirements, Pharma GF-PRO detectors deliver the opportunity for manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness. Detecting the Smallest Contaminants Sensitivity enhancements have been achieved through the development of multi channel inspection technology combined with the use of ultra high frequency operation. These techniques will set new standards of performance

Meet Global Food Safety Standards and Increase Productivity

Leading supplier of precision instruments and services METTLER TOLEDO is partnering with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to present a joint webinar entitled "Adopting BRC Global Standards & Increasing Productivity." With consumer concerns on one side and expanding regulatory requirements on the other, food processors can find themselves caught in a web of media attention that saps employee morale and marshals executive resources. Documenting manufacturing processes under uniform standards such as

Home Brewing Made Better With Quick-Brix

The Art of Brewing At the beginning of a brewing process, grain is grounded and then mixed with water. After one hour, the starch in the grain is converted to sugar. The liquid generated, called wort is drained from the grains through the grain bed. After the first runnings are collected, Brandewie uses the Quick-Brix to test the brix of the solution to ensure that this conversion has successfully taken place

Suntory Ensures Quality of Recovered CO2 with In-line Monitoring

Leading brand in China Established in 1998, Suntory Brewing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is another successful development of Japanese Suntory Co., Ltd. in China. It is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province and has an annual beer production capacity of 200,000 tons. Reduced cost of CO2 use CO2 is an extremely important raw material in beer production and in the past the brewery had to spend a vast amount of money to purchase high-purity

AIChE 2011 Call for Papers Includes Crystallization

METTLER TOLEDO will sponsor several 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting Separations Division (02) sessions to help companies learn to better control crystallization conditions, improve cycle times and optimize product quality. One session co-chaired by METTLER TOLEDO's Terry Redman, "PAT for Crystallization Development and Manufacturing," is currently accepting papers on Process Analytical Technologies, or PAT, for crystallization process development. Papers must be submitted by May 2, 2011. The AIChE Annual Meeting will be

Ultrapure Water for Maximum Efficiency of Solar Cells

In the creation of solar wafers and solar cells, the highest purity requirements are imposed on the water used for cleaning and rinsing. High-precision modern conductivity and TOC instruments monitor in real time the quality of ultrapure water (UPW) with regard to trace ionic and organic contamination. Ultrapure water in solar cell production Large quantities of ultra-high quality ultrapure water are required in solar cell production. It is used to clean raw

More Accurate Filling with Weight-Based Liquids Measuring

Protecting Profits Darmstadt-based Döhler Group, a leading producer of drink, dairy and ice cream ingredients with production facilities in Europe, Asia and America, has implemented the use of weight-based overfill meters to protect profits. After careful review, Dohler determined that eliminating variances caused by consistency, conductivity, temperature, frothing and bubble generation could reduce their materials costs and ensure more accurate blend and concentrate formulations. Their research paid off. Dohler's switch to weight-based meters

Deutsche Post DHL Signs New European Service Agreement

Standardizing Service Procedures DHL has been using Mettler-Toledo's air cargo scales, parcel and pallet dimensioners as well as forklift scales for many years, and as a progression from the 10 year global agreement signed in 2007, Mettler-Toledo presented DHL with a region specific agreement. The aim of the new Framework Agreement is to provide high quality service by standardizing service procedures and terms and conditions across Europe to best meet DHL's needs. The

Particle Characterization Ensures Consistent Roller Compaction Processes

In roller compaction, particle distribution is recognized as one of the most critical parameters affecting downstream process performance and product quality of the final tablet product. Applying particle characterization during roller compaction directly links process control parameters to product quality. Roller Compaction Process Optimization using FBRM Particle Characterization In roller compaction, particle distribution is recognized as one of the most critical parameters affecting downstream process performance and product quality. The particle distribution

Gain Accuracy, Save Money: METTLER TOLEDO GWP Verification

METTLER TOLEDO's GWP Verification assesses the performance of weighing equipment to ensure accuracy. A one-time investment in preventive maintenance lowers quality control costs and improves balance performance year after year. Better weighing - and the quality it brings - can even enhance final product consistency, brand reputation and sales GWP Verification helps ensure peace of mind. Many companies do not know whether their weighing instruments actually meet day-to-day accuracy requirements. Furthermore,

Mettler Toledo has described how to optimise the roller compaction process using …

A roller compaction process is designed to yield consistent downstream tablet compression, resulting in uniform dissolution and content uniformity. A successful process produces a granule with consistent particle size distribution, density and porosity control. However, inconsistencies occur during granulation scale-up due to a change in raw materials or process dynamics. Collaboration with Patheon demonstrates FBRM at-line to map design space and optimise a series of roller compaction runs while varying

18th Annual IPDC Set for September: Call for Papers Made

This year's conference chair is Fabio Visentin, European Team Leader, Technology & Applications Consultants at METTLER TOLEDO. Focus areas for the 18th Annual IPDC will be Chemical Research & Development, Process Characterization and Crystallization, Process Safety and Scale-up and Manufacturing. Special emphasis will be on Process Analytical Technology/Quality by Design (PAT/QbD), continuous processing & flow chemistry, and kinetics. Papers on chemical or process R&D, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), crystallization, process

On Demand Webinar presenting "A Unique Workflow for Linearity Testing using Auto …

METTLER TOLEDO today announced the availability of the on demand version of a highly succesful webinar in collaboration with Dionex Corporation which describes a unique automated approach to linearity testing. The webinar will be of interest to anyone who has to manually prepare samples and standards, anyone who works in pharmaceutical method development and QA/QC, and anyone who wants to learn how UHPLC can improve productivity in their lab.

Calibration Free Supersaturation For Crystallization

In this webinar, a method will be presented which facilitates the calibration free use of in situ ATR-FTIR spectra for the production and control of qualitative supersaturation trajectories. Development and scale-up experiments are performed in a 100ml and 1L scale laboratory reactors. These lab reactor platforms, used in conjunction with Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), are used to develop and optimize the crystallization of both an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and benzoic

Conversion Prediction of an Enzymatic Esterification with the ReactIR 45m and iC …

Recently, a new process of the fatty acid ester production using Novozym 435 as a catalyst in a highly viscous solvent free environment was developed and tested on pilot scale2. Despite of good process characteristics there is still room for optimization of the operation parameters and process control analytics. One promising improvement is the implementation of FTIR based online analytics due to its robustness, cost efficiency and rapidity3. To confirm the

Reduce Risk When Scaling-up Explosive Compounds

This online seminar discusses highly energetic reactions that were studied using heat flow calorimetry, in situ infrared (IR) and offline High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The results were evaluated with iC Safety - an efficient interface for providing process safety assessments - required to establish safe operating conditions for chemical processes. The approach and results will be presented. The numerous challenges associated with scaling-up chemical processes is compounded when the materials

METTLER TOLEDO develops Ultra Compact High Precision Weigh Module

METTLER TOLEDO has launched the WMC weigh module with an ultra compact design. It has a width of 1 inch only. This makes it the smallest and most compact high precision weighing sensor in the world. The WMC has a capacity of 20g and a readability of 0,00001g. The WMC is made for fast and very precise filling of pharmaceuticals and check weighing of small parts or quantities. It is easy

Application of Flow Cell to Continuous Processing Technology Webinar

During this on-demand webinar, Professor Steven Ley presents the utility of the flow cell for different reaction types, including Curtius rearrangement using the Vapourtec R2+/R4, Butane-2,3-diacetal protection using the Uniqsis FlowSyn, hydrogenation using the ThalesNano H-Cube Midi, and a Marshall reaction using Future Chemistry microfluidic devices. The ReactIR Flow cell is presented as a convenient inline analytical tool for continuous flow chemistry processing. The flow cell, operated with Attenuated Total Reflectance

20 Years of Reaction Calorimetry at Johnson and Johnson

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to offer this free online seminar that describes how reaction calorimetry is used to evaluate modifications to original conditions and how it has helped improved scalable processes at Johnson and Johnson. During this online seminar, Stephen Stefanick discusses how Johnson and Johnson uses reaction calorimetry to resolve process safety concerns associated with the development of synthetic route into a safe, economical, and environmentally acceptable full scale

Choosing the Right Serialisation Equipment Supplier

METTLER TOLEDO offers this free webinar that addresses the questions to ask when approaching a potential serialisation equipment supplier. Although it is primarily aimed at global players with multiple production lines located throughout the world, the information given is just as applicable to smaller pharmaceutical companies operating at a local or national level. This webinar contains a wealth of information on current serialisation technology and technical components. It explains how these

On Demand Webinar: Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

Wastage should be avoided, and this is lean manufacturing’s main objective. The advantages of this production practice include high quality products, punctual deliveries and significant reduction in stock inventories. Plus you will save time and money. 3 ways to optimize your production processes and avoid waste will be demonstrated: * Speed up manual processes with the colorWeight colored weight display * Avoid overfilling & errors with user-prompted formulation systems & accurate

Reliable Small Batch Processing Helps Lower Cost, Protects Results

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of the RC1sp Small Scale Production Workstation. This semi-automated and highly reliable workstation allows chemists, process chemists and chemical engineers to produce small batches of high value chemicals for traceable, reproducible and more profitable reaction results. "The RC1sp offers a safe and controlled way to produce building blocks, intermediates, pre-clinical batches and resin materials at the highest quality, even for the most sensitive

Quality Assurance Increases Savings

The plastic cups that we get at drinks machines are essentially mass produced products. Nevertheless, when they are being manufactured they have to meet up to twelve strict quality criteria. At the Swiss manufacturing factory of Bellaplast AG in Altstaetten (SG) quality checks are carried out using a METTLER TOLEDO Statistical Quality Control system. The system saves up to 10 kg of material per hour. Such ambitious objectives can only be

Systematic Hazard Reduction Enhances Process Safety, Profitability

Runaway chemical reactions can be costly for manufacturers. They can result in materials loss and endanger lives and equipment. METTLER TOLEDO is helping manufacturers gain greater control over reaction processes with the RC1e Process Safety Workstation. Paired with METTLER TOLEDO’s iC Safety software module, this powerful analytic tool helps gauge thermal risk and hazard potential so process safety measures can be instituted before accidents occur. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce

Systematic Hazard Reduction Enhances Process Safety, Profitability

Runaway chemical reactions can be costly for manufacturers. They can result in materials loss and endanger lives and equipment. METTLER TOLEDO is helping manufacturers gain greater control over reaction processes with the RC1e Process Safety Workstation. Paired with METTLER TOLEDO’s iC Safety software module, this powerful analytic tool helps gauge thermal risk and hazard potential so process safety measures can be instituted before accidents occur. METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to introduce

METTLER TOLEDO Automated Count Terminal Reduces Error, Cost at ELESA

With more than 65 years producing plastic and metal components for a variety of industries, ELESA trusts METTLER TOLEDO to provide the exacting weighing and counting technology it demands. "METTLER TOLEDO instruments give us maximum precision, quality and reliability," said Marcello Porro, Technical and Production manager of ELESA S.p.A. Already certified to ISO 9001 in 1993 and ISO 14001 since 2007, ELESA is "very careful," Porro noted, when choosing measurement instruments

Automatic Pallet Dimensioning: An Investment that will Make You Money

Charging for Space A truck will either reach its limitation in volume or its limitation in weight and when it does it can hold no more. Dimensional (or Volumetric) Weight Pricing compares actual weight with dimensional weight and uses whichever is greater as billable weight. This pricing structure allows the freight transporter to get the most out of the space available. Investment in an automatic weighing and dimensioning solution allows transport

When Sterile Pipette Tips are not Clean Enough

BioCleanTM - 100% Inert When sterile is not clean enough For successful experiments, pipette tips have to be completely inert and must not interfere with samples in any way. For this, being contamination-free is no longer enough. Pipette tips also need to be free of any bioactive components: they need to be BioClean. From raw material selection to clean production, extensive testing and safe packaging, RAININ BioClean tips are the purest and

Product Inspection Solutions Provide Quality Assurance and Brand Protection

Nasch, Schatztruhe, Landliebe and Botterbloom - these are all wellknown delicious ice cream brands and licenced products produced by R&R Ice Cream Deutschland GmbH. The recent merger of the German-based company Roncadin and Richmond Ice Cream in Great Britain has now made R&R into one of the largest ice cream manufacturers and distributors across the whole of Europe. Although the vast variety of R&R products vary greatly in terms of their

Multi-Parameter Analysis: The Next Stage in Automation Revolution

Modern laboratories are already automated but a recent new development is taking this to a new level: Combining multiple parameters into one analysis station further improves accuracy, productivity and security. METTLER TOLEDO's LiQC allows the simultaneous measurement of up to four parameters often analyzed in the quality control of liquids. Combining Parameters for Improved Productivity Laboratory automation has been a constantly improving process over the past decades. It started in the 1970s

Mettler-Toledo launches AXR X-ray system in China

The Mettler Toledo Safeline AXR X-ray system is now available in China and is designed to achieve very fast start-ups and product changeovers in food and pharmaceuticals production. He X-ray system can automate the identification and rejection of contaminants at production-line rates of more than 500 packs per minute. It is said to guarantee speed, hygiene and cost effectiveness, as well as comply with the latest Chinese food safety laws. X-ray inspection systems

New xray inspection systems from Mettler Toledo Safeline boost throughput and en …

Mettler Toledo Safeline has released two new x-ray inspection solutions - the InspireX R50S 400 AFD and InspireX R50SB 200, to address the need for improved detection at higher production speeds on can manufacturing lines. The latest x-ray systems are able to inspect cans spaced rim-to-rim, allowing contaminant detection to take place at a rate of up to 1500 cans per minute (cpm). The new x-ray technologies feature reduced focal

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