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Steady Growth in Eastern European B2C E-Commerce

In its latest “Eastern Europe B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” Hamburg-based market research firm presents data on trends, revenue figures and competitors in Eastern European B2C E-Commerce as well as internet users and online shoppers. The analysis covers the key markets of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Furthermore, the report comprises information about Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia, thus featuring

Swiss B2C E-Commerce continues rapid growth

In its most recent “Switzerland B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” Hamburg-based market research firm presents a detailed analysis of recent data on trends, revenue and market share figures, customers and competitors of the Swiss B2C E-Commerce market. In 2010, the Swiss online market increased its overall revenue. As clearly shown in the report, the main reason for this growth is the increased average online spending of Swiss consumers. In 2010,

High number of Internet users and online shoppers in Austria

The latest “Austria B2C E-Commerce Report 2011“ by Hamburg-based market research firm presents current data about trends, revenue figures, products, customers and competitors of the Austrian B2C E-Commerce market. In the first quarter of 2011, almost 80 % of the Austrian population used the internet. More than 60 % of all internet users searched online for providers of goods and services. As clearly shown in the report internet

German B2C E-Commerce market continues strong upward trend

Hamburg-based market research firm presents in its latest “Germany B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” interesting facts about trends, revenues, customers and competitors of the German E-Commerce market. First, it must be noted that Germany has the largest online population in the EU: by the end of 2010 already more than 50 million Germans were using the internet. As a result, the number of online purchases continued to grow. The report

Positive B2C E-Commerce trend in Western Europe

Hamburg-based market research firm published in its latest “Western Europe B2C E-Commerce Report 2011” the most recent figures highlighting trends, revenue, market shares, products, customers and competitors in e-commerce markets in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, also provides individual country reports for the first four aforementioned countries. In Great Britain, the largest European B2C e-commerce market, in 2010 more than 70 % of all

Dynamic trend for online payment methods

Hamburg-based market research firm analyzes global E-Commerce payment trends in its ”Global Online Payment Methods 2011“ report. The analysis takes an in-depth look at payment methods in 41 nations on 6 continents, highlighting the most important trends for companies operating in these markets. In North America in 2010 the market share of credit card payments in E-Commerce still accounted for approx. 40 %, but this figure is expected to decrease

Strong growth of the global M-Commerce market

The “Global Mobile and M-Commerce Trends 2011” report compiled by Hamburg-based market research firm points out global developments of mobile communication and M-Commerce. For this purpose, 42 nations in different regions of the world were analyzed using secondary market research tools. The results show that the major Asian markets are far ahead of their European counterparts when it comes to M-Commerce. It is expected that revenue from M-Commerce will increase

Delivery and Logistics as a decisive Factor in global E-Commerce

In its latest “Global E-Commerce Delivery Report 2011” Hamburg-based market research firm shows that delivery and logistics have become an important factor for e-commerce in the competition for customers. This latest report in the “E-Commerce” series provides an in-depth analysis of recent trends and developments in global markets, making it a one-of-its-kind source of information in this format. In the USA some traditional retailers seek to compete with the efficiency

Retail Industry Worldwide In A State Of Upheaval

In its latest currently published report “Global Retail Report 2011” Hamburg-based market research firm outlines retail trends worldwide following the global economic crisis. The report presents retail markets 38 countries worldwide listing important facts and figures along with the major players and their revenue. Furthermore, it analyzes market trends on all continents. Aside from established markets such as the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany also growth markets like

Canadian E-Commerce shows positive Growth

In its latest report, "Canada B2C E-Commerce Report 2011", Hamburg-based market research company examines e-commerce in Canada and provides interesting information about the B2C segment there. Whereas in 2007 only 19 million people representing 73% of the population were internet users, in 2009, the number of users in Canada had already reached 22 million, a figure which accounted for 80% of the adult population. Furthermore, 92% of users had

Strong Growth is expected within B2C E-Commerce in the USA

The latest report "USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2011" from Hamburg-based market research company examines E-Commerce in the USA and provides interesting details regarding the B2C segment there. Double digit growth within the B2C e-commerce segment and a turnover of more than 170 billion USD (approx. 126 billion EUR) are anticipated in the USA for the year 2011. In 2010, already 42% of internet users performed research and purchased

Eastern European online retail is catching up

Overview of Eastern European online retail Leading European online retailers have closely followed the dynamic increase in internet use in Eastern Europe over the last few years. Although not yet up to Western standards, almost all Eastern European markets are experiencing strong growth. This is the insight gleaned from the latest report titled “B2C E-Commerce and Internet Trends in 18 Eastern European Countries, September 2010”. In its newest report the

Turkish fast food market continues its accelerated growth

In its latest “Turkey Fast Food Market Report 2010” Hamburg-based market research firm offers a detailed account of the Turkish fast food market along with an analysis of the major competitors in the industry. The report first surveys economic and demographic trends, as well as retail figures in Turkey, before moving on to national food market trends. The percentage of household spending in Turkey on restaurant visits, hotels etc. increased

Multi-sector analysis of Turkish market

In the “Turkey Multi-Sector Trends 2010” Hamburg-based market research company provides a detailed account of the developments in various major industries in the Turkish market: 19 different sectors such as furniture, food and construction were analyzed. As a result many important findings can be presented that are especially useful for companies that operate in multiple sectors. Positive trends seen in most Turkish markets - One example from the “Turkey Multi-Sector Trends

Global trends in various industries

The “Global Multi-Sector Trend Report 2010” published by Hamburg-based market research firm provides a comprehensive overview of global trends in various key industries: The report investigates trends in 19 widely varying sectors including construction, real estate and technology. Aside from important markets such as the USA, Europe and Asia, South America is also accounted for. Characteristic development of offer and demand in various sectors The “Global Multi-Sector Trend Report 2010” by

Informative ranking of companies that dominate the Indian online market

Despite its growth, the Indian online market has not yet caught up with the major Asian markets. This and other findings are presented in the comprehensive report “Ranking of Indian Internet Companies 2010” published by Hamburg-based market research firm In India the number of internet users grew in 2009 by double-digits, however only 5% of all internet users shopped online by mid 2009. Indian B2C e-commerce grew from 2008 to

International underwear market is drastically changing

Not even the underwear market has been spared by the global recession. This and other findings are presented in the “Global Underwear Market Report 2010” compiled by Hamburg-based market research firm In 2009, global revenue in the industry decreased to approximately 29 billion US dollars, or by almost 3% compared to 2008. Due to the slow growth rate observed in traditional western markets, producers now focus on emerging markets, amongst

French online travel market remains stable

The French online travel market remains stable despite difficult global economic conditions. This is the conclusion drawn by Hamburg based market research firm in its latest comprehensive analysis “France Online Travel Report 2010”: In 2009, the percentage of online bookings for both business and leisure travel increased slightly to 33% relative to the total travel market. In addition, French based internet travel sites generated 25% of all online revenue. These

Comprehensive study: Top 100 companies that dominate the Turkish e-commerce mark …

The “Turkey Top 100 E-Commerce Players 2010” report published by Hamburg-based market research firm provides a comprehensive ranking of the top 100 Turkish e-commerce players. At the same time it highlights the positive trends that have been observed in recent years about the Turkish e-commerce market: The number of internet users in Turkey was already estimated as high as 32 million in 2009, which accounts for 42 % of the

The increasing influence of multi-channel marketing on successful sales

The significance of multi-channel marketing is growing: More and more customers undertake online research, either at home or on the go, before purchasing a product in a store. This trend is highlighted in the latest “Global Multi-Channel Trends 2010” report published by Hamburg-based market research firm Multi-channel consumers are gaining significance as a target group Multi-channel consumers account for 67 % of all repeat buyers and tend to have the highest

South African Retail on the Rise

The “South Africa Retail, Home-Shopping, E-Commerce Report 2010”, the latest report published by Hamburg-based market research firm, shows a positive upward trend in South African retail: Figures and trends in South African retail Based on the latest estimates retail revenue is expected to rise from 64 billion US-$ in 2009 to 106 billion US-$ in 2014. The main reasons for this encouraging development are seen in the economic boom and a

E-commerce on the rise across the globe

From India, Brazil and Thailand to Turkey and the USA, ever more people are using the internet to buy goods online. But despite the size of the boom, many countries and regions remain far behind in terms of internet shopping as the 25 current e-commerce reports from Hamburg market research firm make clear. In spite of the financial crisis, B2C e-commerce sales in Asia have increased greatly. In India, internet

Otto Group follows Amazon as world’s second largest E-Commerce retailer publishes first ranking of top E-Commerce providers. The international market is dominated by E-Commerce companies from the US. The German Otto Group ranks second place. Amazon’s online sales figures total more than twice the market share of the world’s second and third largest E-Commerce providers. This is the result of a current survey conducted by the research company The survey is based on an analysis of the sales figures

Effective decision support for E-Commerce managers

The Hamburg-based market research company,, is a provider of international market reports on electronic commerce. It offers access to a valuable pool of comprehensive and up-to-date facts and information allowing top managers to push their E-Commerce business forward. E-Commerce is the sales channel of the future. However, even the brightest prospects will not materialize, unless providers keep track of trends, consumer demands and competitors in this challenging market environment. The

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