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Just in time for Christmas: Ketterer Kunst has Nolde in the bag

Munich, 8 November 2007 (kk) - Not all that long ago, a record-breaking € 2 580 000* for the Emil Nolde portrait “Nadja” was achieved at Ketterer Kunst. Robert Ketterer has pulled two more Nolde paintings on a single canvas and carrying an estimate of € 400 000-600 000 from the sack to be sold at auction in Munich on 5 December at 3.30 pm. On one side is the

Student Finds Painting in Flea-Market Sofa - Sold at Ketterer Kunst for € 19.2 …

Hamburg, 31 October 2007 (kk) - When she bought a sofa bed last year at a flea market for € 150, she didn’t know how lucky she was. When the Berlin student drew out the bed tray for the first time at home, she discovered a painting in it that was sold at auction by Ketterer Kunst in Hamburg on Saturday, 27 October, for € 19 200*. Surprised at this unusual

Of Dead Hares and Other Things

Hamburg, 09 October 2007, (kk) - Adriaen van Utrecht’s “Küchenstillleben mit erlegtem Wild und Gemüse” [“Kitchen Still Life with Game and Vegetables”], carrying an estimate of € 40 000-60 000, is one of the important works to be sold at the Ketterer Kunst auction of Old Masters & Art of the 19th Century / Marine Art to be held in Hamburg on 27 October 2007.

From New York to Munich or from Emil Nolde, Edvard Munch and David Hockney to Ca …

Ernest Rathenau Verlag back in Germany to première new programme on 15 October 2007 at the Florian Walch Gallery in Munich Munich, 1 October 2007 – They have come directly to Munich from New York to join forces here: the renowned Ernest Rathenau Verlag New York/Munich is launching “Streetprints 2000-07” featuring the internationally working artist Caro Jost as their first art book produced under new owner Robert Ketterer, owner of

Ptolemy: The Whole World in a Book

Hamburg, 24. September 2007, (kk) - It is extremely rare and much coveted. Now the 1525 Strasbourg edition of the “Geographicae enarrationis...” by the mathematician and astronomer Claudius Ptolemy is to be sold (estimate: € 48 000) at the Ketterer Kunst auction of Rare Book on 19/20 November 2007. The “Geographia” is valuable for several reasons, among them the Lorenz Fries world map after Martin Waldseemüller - especially prized among

Dead Hares and Playful Cats

Hamburg, 13 September 2007, (kk) - Adriaen van Utrecht’s “Küchenstillleben mit erlegtem Wild und Gemüse” [“Kitchen Still Life with Game and Vegetables”] is, at an estimate of € 40 000-60 000, as things look at the moment, the most important work to be sold at the Ketterer Kunst auction of Old Masters & Art of the 19th Century / Marine Art in Hamburg on 27 October 2007. Dating from

A Jug and Two Horses for € 35 000

Hamburg, 4 September 2007, (kk) - Moses Feygin’s “Stillleben mit Krug und Pferden” [“Still Life with Jug and Horses”] is top lot (estimate € 35 000) at the Ketterer Kunst Modern Art & Post War auction to be held at Meßberg 1, Hamburg, on 26 and 27 October 2007. Works by Moses (Moisei Aleksandrovich) Feygin are owned by the Russian Museum in St Petersburg, the Tretyakov Gallery and the

Of Genies in Bottles and White Rabbits

Berlin, 28 August 2007 (kk) - Green toadstools, blue girls, genies in bottles and white rabbits are motifs that occur in the work of Lambert Maria Wintersberger. Until 10 October, Ketterer Kunst are showing about 20 works by the Munich artist, who was exhibiting alongside Gerhard Richter as early as the 1960s, in the Berlin-Charlottenburg showrooms. Both the Berlin Nationalgalerie and the Düsseldorf Kunstmuseum own works of Wintersberger\'s. Lambert Maria Wintersberger

Antes, Indiana, Uecker - all for less than € 1 000

19 July ’07 (aabykk) - From Gnomes through Classic Love to Flying Dragons, anything goes at the Live Online Auction Art of the 19th Century, Modern Art and Post War to be held by art.auctions by Ketterer Kunst. On 4 August 2007, the above exciting works and more by internationally acclaimed artists will be sold from 4 pm Central European Summer Time - and reasonably priced, too. Nearly

Live Online Auction 07.07.07 - Picasso, Vasarely & Co. for less than € 1000

28.06.07 (aabykk) - art.auctions by Ketterer Kunst make it possible! On 7 July 2007, starting at 4 pm Central European daylight saving time, exciting works by internationally famous artists can be bought at the Ketterer Kunst live online auction Old Masters, Modern Art & Post War - and at very reasonable prices, too. Some 150 objects will be auctioned online for less than € 1000

Nolde's "Nadja" Now Living in Mönchengladbach, Germany

Munich, 13 June 2007, (kk) - The dark beauty with the green eyes has a new home. Yesterday Nolde’s portrait of “Nadja” in oils was sold at auction in Munich by Ketterer Kunst for € 2 580 000*. As from now she will be residing with an art collector in Mchengladbach. It was love at first sight for the collector in question, a tobacconist whose interest in art has to


Munich, 10 May 2007, (kk) - For nearly 30 years the whereabouts of Emil Nolde’s world-famous portrait “Nadja” was unknown. Now it is up for sale at Ketterer Kunst’s auction Modern Art on 12 June 2007 in Munich, a world sensation. The story reads like the plot of a detective story: In the late 1970s the painting was stored in the depot of a shipping agent from where it disappeared. It

Wall Street for Sale - The Bidding Starts at € 550

25 April 2007 (aabykk) - art.auctions by Ketterer Kunst makes it possible! The action starts on May 5, 2007, when the 1993 Martin Kippenberger monogrammed colour offset work “WALL ST” is to be sold at auction online. Some 330 objects by world-famous artists are to be called on that date, starting online at 4 pm, Central European Daylight Saving Time. The prices of the works to be sold at

Landscape Gardening by an Eccentric Dandy

Hamburg (kk) - Carrying an estimate of € 25 000, the important “Andeutungen über Landschaftsgärtnerei ...” by the brilliant landscape architect and garden designer Prince Hermann Pückler-Muskau is to go under the hammer at the Ketterer Kunst auction of Rare Books - Manuscripts - Autographs - Decorative Prints to be held at Meßberg 1, Hamburg, on May 21 & 22, 2007. Among the initiated, the eccentric nobleman, who, as an inveterate

Beuys, Christo and Richter for less than 1,000 Euro

(aabykk) - art.auctions by Ketterer Kunst make it happen! After the enormous success and repeated demand last year, it’s about to happen again on February 3, 2007: starting at 4 pm, some 350 objects by world-famous artists can be bought online at our Old Masters & Modern Art & Post War live auction. Live online art auctions by Ketterer Kunst in 2006 attracted dealers and numerous clients from abroad, who

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