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Bags Triumphant: Ceresana publishes study on the European market for flexible pa …

Bags increasingly replace metal tins and rigid containers. The market research institute Ceresana analyzed the European market for flexible packaging made from plastics, paper, and aluminum. These not only include consumer good packaging for end customers, but also shrink and stretch films for storage and transport, paper labels, all kinds of carrier bags, sacks for heavy loads, and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC). "We expect the European market for flexible

Ethylene Market in Transition: Ceresana Analyzes World Market for the Most Impor …

Ethylene is the by far most important raw material in the petrochemical industry. About 130 million tonnes of ethylene were processed worldwide in 2013. Direct applications include, among others, the three polyethylene plastics HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE as well as petrochemical intermediates, which are in turn mainly used for the production of plastics. The most important of these are ethylene oxide, ethylene dichloride and ethylbenzene. The new "Market Study Ethylene"

Films and No End: Ceresana Expects the Global Market for LDPE to Grow

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most commonly produced plastics and mainly used for packaging. According to a new study published by the market research institute Ceresana, low-density polyethylene worth almost US$33 billion was sold worldwide in 2013. Ceresana expects global sales to rise by 1.5% p.a. until 2021. Largest Growth Potential Lies East Asia-Pacific single-handedly processed about 7.1 million tonnes of LDPE in 2013. About 58% of this amount were

Fakuma 2014: Ceresana Presents New Market Studies for the Plastics Industry

Who wants to find out about the latest trends in the plastics industry is bound to stop at the Fakuma: the international trade fair for plastics processing is one of the worldwide leading meeting points for the sector. Ceresana can be found in hall B5 of the completely booked out fair grounds in Friedrichshafen, Germany, between October 14th and 18th. Experts for Growth Markets The market research institute Ceresana has been supporting

Well Connected: New Study on the European Market for Pipes by Ceresana

Large-scale pipeline projects are not only interesting for international politics, but also the industrial sector. Ceresana scrutinized the European market for pipes from top to bottom: The market research institutes expects demand for these products to rise to more than 51 million tonnes in 2021. Pipes are comparatively safe and environmentally friendly ways of transport and play an important role for supply and discharge in many sectors. Pipelines Stimulating In order to

Open For New Materials: Ceresana analyzes the European market for closures

Plastic, metal or rather cork? Not only for wines caps and closures are an integral part of the packaging. Ceresana has analyzed the European market for closures in regard to the most diverse applications, for example the segments lemonades, water, fruit juices, beer, wine & spirits, but also foodstuffs or cosmetics & pharma. In the recently published study the market researchers forecast European demand for these everyday products to rise

A World First: Ceresana Analyzes the Global Market for Xylene

Xylenes are aromatic, colorless liquids needed, e.g., for PET plastics, PVC plasticizers, fuels and solvents. In the now available analysis of the global market for xylene, the market research institute Ceresana provides data concerning individual xylene isomers: for the first time, markets for para-, ortho- and metaxylene split by important countries and regions are analyzed separately in a single study. Additional analyses cover corresponding application areas. Considerable Increase in Asia-Pacific

Ceresana Analyses the Global Market for Solvents

No matter if paints or adhesives, pharmaceutical drugs or cosmetics: solvents are immensely important in the manufacturing of many industrial goods. Ceresana publishes the most comprehensive report on the global market for solvents. According to this study, already published in its third edition, solvents valuing about US$25 billion were sold in 2013. Market analysts expect revenues to rise by another 4% p.a. Until 2021. Disputed But Common The largest consumers of solvents

Important Petrochemical: Ceresana Analyzes Entire Chinese Propylene Value Chain

With its market study "Propylene Value Chain China", Ceresana is setting new standards. For the very first time this novelty product provides complete transparency regarding current and future development of the entire propylene value chain. Attention is also given to various downstream products at various points of the value chain until final end applications. Propylene – Important Petrochemical In 2013, China single-handedly processed more than 18 million tonnes of propylene. Thus, propylene,

Market study on the entire ethylene value chain in China: Ceresana is setting ne …

Ethylene is an important feedstock in the petrochemical industry. For the first time ever, market study "Ethylene Value Chain China" by Ceresana offers complete transparency on the current and future development of the entire ethylene industry in the People's Republic. Attention is given to various downstream products at various points of the value chain and final end applications. Dynamic Market Development Chinese demand for ethylene more than doubled between 2005 and 2013.

Lucrative Growth Market: Ceresana publishes new study on the market for silicone …

Silicones are irreplaceable in many industrial sectors. Silicone elastomers, silicone oils and silicone resins are the most important product types that are manufactured based on quartz sand. They are utilized in construction, automotive and E&E industries as well as in medical technology, cosmetics, textiles and paper or in innumerable day-to-day goods. Growth of this market is astonishing: According to the latest study of Ceresana, worldwide revenues generated with silicones rose

Established Construction Material: Ceresana publishes study on the European mark …

For centuries, bitumen has been used in a wide variety of applications, mainly in the production of asphalt. The viscous mixture is very important in the construction sector in particular. The market research institute Ceresana is currently publishing a complete overview of the European market for bitumen: Analysts expect total revenues to rise to approx. € 12 billion until 2021. For the purpose of the study, Russia and Turkey are

Succeeding faster: Ceresana analyzes the global market for catalysts

Fertilizers, detergents and crude oil products in general: Catalysts are need almost always. More than 80% of products in the chemical industry are manufactured using catalytic processes. Accordingly, the economic importance of catalysts, substances used to speed up chemical reactions, is high. This latest study published by the market research institute Ceresana analyzes the world market for these products: Analysts expect total market value of catalysts to rise to more

Worldwide first study on the European market for bags and sacks now published by …

Plastics bags are increasingly attacked by environmental activists and legislators alike; yet at the same time consumption of plastic packaging rises. The market research institute Ceresana analyzed the European market for bags and sacks manufactured from plastics and paper. Analysts expect European demand for these products to increase to approx. 9.12 million tonnes until 2020. Polyethylene is the by far most common material for the production of bags and sacks.

Ceresana Presents the Worldwide First Study Regarding the Complete Market for Fl …

Fluorochemicals can be found almost everywhere: in refrigerators and pharmaceutical drugs, in crop protection and paints, in clothes as well as in fuel cells. They are also used in the production of aluminum, insulation material, lubricants, anticorrosives, semiconductor chips and innumerable other products. The market research institute Ceresana has now published the worldwide first study that provides a complete overview of this key sector of the chemical industry: from feedstocks

Shale Gas Boom Reduces Ethylene Prices

Ethylene is the by far most important raw material in the petrochemical industry. Consumption is immense: the USA single-handedly processed 25 million tonnes of ethylene in the past year. As the first market research institute ever, Ceresana has analyzed the entire ethylene value chain in a specific region, namely the USA. "This is the worldwide first study of its kind, it provides complete transparency of the ethylene market, beginning with

Dynamic Change: Ceresana expects profound changes on the market for stabilizers

Plastics last forever – but only when protected against effects of heat and light. Therefore, stabilizers are indispensable for many products made from plastics and rubber: They ensure safe processing and prevent premature aging and weathering. Especially polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has to be treated with stabilizers. The market research institute Ceresana has just published a new study regarding the market for these essential additives. "The global market for stabilizers is

Ceresana forecasts: Windows and Doors to the Market are Wide Open

Windows and doors are essential for the construction industry, not only in new constructions and the renovation of residential units, but also in commercial construction. For the very first time, Ceresana has now published a study regarding the European market for windows and doors (both interior and external) that are utilized by the construction sector. In addition to demand and revenues, this report also includes figures concerning production and trade.

Colorful Europe: Ceresana Publishes New Market Study on Paints and Varnishes

The wide variety of available paints and varnishes brings color and diversification into the world. Additionally, they have protective qualities and are used in, e.g., wind turbines and container-vessels, which would last an only short time if no varnishes were used. In vehicles, varnishes do not only enhance the look, but primarily serve as rust protection. The sale of paints and varnishes in Europe will generate approx. €27.1 billion in

Crucial Building Block for Many Products: Ceresana Presents the First Complete A …

Styrene is an important product in the petrochemical industry and used to manufacture a broad range of day-to-day products. The importance of styrene is reflected by the revenues generated with this product: market value amounted to about US$41.8 billion in 2012. In the recently published study, the market research institute Ceresana comprehensively analyzes and describes the development of the global market for styrene. Diverse Applications for Styrene About 40% of the styrene

Add Color to Life: Ceresana Publishes the 3rd Edition of Its Market Study Pigmen …

Pigments are mainly used in the production of paints and varnishes as well as the coloring of plastics and construction materials. Other applications include the manufacturing of printing inks and paper. The most important indicator for the development of the pigment industry is the construction sector, as total demand for construction material, paints, varnishes, and plastics largely depends on the development of this branch. In its latest study, Ceresana forecasts

Plastic Pipes Still Winning: Ceresana Publishes 2nd Edition of the Most Comprehe …

Pipes made of plastics are becoming more popular in all sectors. They have important advantages compared to those made from other materials such as aluminum, concrete, cast iron, copper, and steel. Due to their low weight, their resistance to corrosive effects and chemicals as well as the simple handling, e.g. trenchless installation, their importance in all application areas increases. The market research institute Ceresana expects revenues generated with plastic pipes

Data, Facts, Background: Ceresana Publishes the First Complete Market Report Reg …

Polystyrene is a widely used, well-established plastic that can be encountered in many situations in everyday life. In this recently published study, the market research institute Ceresana analyzes and examines the development of the global market for polystyrene. That this market is worth a detailed analysis becomes obvious simply by the fact that revenues generated with polystyrene are likely to rise to approx. US$26 billion in 2020. This worldwide most

Adhering to Europe: Ceresana Publishes 2nd Edition of the Market Study Adhesives …

Adhesives are a part of all aspects of daily life and beyond: at home and at the office, in sports and leisure goods as well as in industrial processing and many other segments. Given their versatility and increasing performance, they are still becoming more and more important. Today's world would no longer be possible without adhesives. The market research institute Ceresana forecasts consumption of adhesives in Europe to increase to

Innovation and Protection: Ceresana Publishes Completely Revised Analysis of the …

Synthetic antioxidants are indispensable additives in numerous industries. They are used to, e.g., maintain quality and durability of products. Even though antioxidants are applied in very small quantities, their type, amount, and purity have a notable impact on the physical properties as well as processing, durability, and often also economic viability of the final product. Many plastics, for example, would only exhibit limited durability if no antioxidants were used. Plastics and

Manifold Developments on the Market for Butadiene: Ceresana Publishes the Worldw …

Butadiene has been indispensable for a range of important industrial and consumer products for decades. Even though maybe invisible to the eye of the consumer, this preliminary product of the petrochemical industry can be found in computers, carpets, and various rubbers. Its use in tires causes butadiene to be a basic product for the growing transportation industry. In 2012, however, indications multiplied that demand for butadiene declines due to slow

European Market for Plastic Bottles Continues to Grow

Plastic bottles are an important packaging material in many sectors. Beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals as well as household and industrial chemicals can be packaged and sold in plastic bottles. Market analysts at Ceresana expect the volume of the European market to increase to approx. 170 billion units in 2020. Plastic Bottles Ever More Popular The bottle industry is capitalizing on the popularity of single-use PET bottles in particular, which has considerably

CERESANA has completed an up-to-date Study of the Plasticiser Market

Plasticisers are chemicals, which are added to a variety of products, like plastics, rubber, paints and adhesives, in order to make them flexible and elastic. More than 5 million tonnes of plasticisers, with a total value of over 7 billion Euro, are annually used in various areas of application. The total consumption and production quantities continue to increase. However in China and India the increase is far above average, whereas

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