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True Fleet in Germany swings to positive as the roller coaster ride continues

Somehow the trend for the German True Fleet Market for July was predictable. The roller coaster ride is still in full swing. Up in January, March and May, down in February, April and June it logically follows that the Fleet Market showed a positive result in July with + 7.3%. The year-to-date growth of + 2.0% is remarkable taking into account that 2016 is a challenging benchmark as it provided

The outlook for True Fleet in the UK remains dark and gloomy

While the UK is enjoying the sunny weather the same cannot be said for the Fleet market which was hit with this year’s 2nd month of double-digit negative growth sliding by 13.1% in July. The Total Market finished down by - 9.3% with all channels playing their part. True Fleet was the most afflicted market segment with - 13.1% while Special Channels dropped by - 7.1%. The Private Market was

True Fleet in Spain continues to gain ground, expanding for yet another month

While July’s growth in the True Fleet Market was a little more muted than June’s it was still a double-digit growth of 15.0% that helped push the year-to-date channel growth to + 13.4%. The Total Market finished with 115,000 registrations, remaining in a positive position of + 3.5% despite the Private Market achieving the same figure just with a negative result (- 3.5%). Special Channels once again returned to double-digit

Italian True Fleet continues its positive run into June

True Fleet in Italy finished its half year with another positive month, April being the only blip in what would have been a straight sweep. The Total Market achieved 194,000 registrations generating a very healthy +14.5%. For June the Private Market managed a +3.8%, True Fleet secured a growth of +14.8% though it was Special Channels delivering a +43.2% that draw the most focus. This has pushed these tactical channels’

French True Fleet secures its 2nd consecutive month of positive growth

True Fleet in France scores another month of growth helping to push the year-to-date volume towards +3.0% for 2017. The Total Market finished just a little under 231,000 registrations with a month-on-month growth of +1.6%. True Fleet took the highest monthly growth for the channels with a +8.1%, the Private channel also remained in the black with a solid +2.6%, Special Channels though slipped a little with a -4.3% its

The German True Fleet Market continues its 2017 roller coaster ride

Germany’s True Fleet Market has once again taken a dip and continues to perpetuate the opposing months of positive and negative growth. The Total market finished just shy of 340,000 registrations, down 3.5% over last June’s tally but still remaining positive with a year-to-date growth of +3.1%. Looking into the channel split we saw the Private Market register a -6.5%, True Fleet hit its third negative month of the year

Spain’s True Fleet continues to surge with highest growth rate of the year

The Spanish Fleet Market can seemingly do no wrong with yet another double-digit growth, this time a +19.5%, the highest growth rate for the year so far. The Total Market achieved 137,000 registrations with all channels bettering their volume of June 2016. The Private Market grew by 3.6%, Special Channels by 4.9% with True Fleet taking the crown in terms of the highest growth. As an interesting sub note, True

UK True Fleet remains in a negative territory for another month

The UK slump continues with the three channels all recording negative growth for June. The total market finished with 243,000 registrations, equating to a - 4.8% in the growth stakes. Once again it was the Private Market hardest hit registering - 7.9%, followed by True Fleet with - 4.5% (coincidently the same drop as last month) with Special Channels the least negative with - 0.3%. Interesting to note was the

Is the True Fleet Market in France on its way back ?

After a very bumpy start to 2017 with four consecutive months of declining volumes, the French True Fleet Market has finally come back into growth with + 5.1% over May 2016. This positive result helped to reduce the year-to-date loss from - 7.2% to - 4.9%. The Total Market finished with 191,000 registrations equating to a + 8.9% growth rate. With the recent election of the pro-euro Emmanuel Macron to

True Fleet in Italy back in black with a positive May

Italian Fleet numbers once again returned to plus, with a good month from all the market channels. Total market finished very close to 212,000 registrations with a 10.3% growth over last May and the year-to-date figures breached the 1,000,000 mark. True Fleets month-on-month was positive to the tune of a + 4.7% and the Private market bounced back well from last month just beating True Fleet growth numbers with a

The UK True Fleet continues to suffer negative growth in 2017

While the rest of the EU-5 has swung back into positive growth for May the UK is still dealing with negative growth, perhaps fuelled in part by consumers with eyes on June’s snap election. The Total Market managed a little over 186,000 registrations in May but this was down 8.5% over last year. True Fleet struggled with a negative 4.5% but it was definitely the Private Market with -14.1% that

Germany’s True Fleet market performance the strongest for 2017…so far

After a roller coaster ride in the first four months (up in January and March, down in February and April) the May performance for the German True Fleet Market was strong, registering a + 16.0%. This pushed the year-to-date performance into the positive (+ 2.5%) with almost 341,000 fleet registrations from January to May helping to achieve an all-time high. For the Total Market, May ended just shy of 324,000

True Fleet Market Spain: another month with a double-digit growth

After a moderate 1.4% growth in April, the May result for the Spanish True Fleet Market was truly excellent with a + 11.8%. The year-to-date performance is very similar with an increase by +11.6% over January-May 2016. The total fleet volume over the first five months in Spain is more than twice as high as back in 2013 and constantly growing year by year ever since. At the same time

French True Fleet down 9% for April despite strong numbers from the home brands

Another tough month for the French True Fleet Market with April being the fourth consecutive month with registration volumes below last year’s. The decline by 9.0% led to a year-to-date result of -7.2%. The Private Market had a similar disappointing April with -8.1% but at least its YTD performance is (still) slightly positive with +0.2%. Let’s have a look at the brand ranking within fleets. Despite the weak market Renault in

French True Fleet down 9% for April despite strong numbers from the home brands

Another tough month for the French True Fleet Market with April being the fourth consecutive month with registration volumes below last year’s. The decline by 9.0% led to a year-to-date result of -7.2%. The Private Market had a similar disappointing April with -8.1% but at least its YTD performance is (still) slightly positive with +0.2%. Let’s have a look at the brand ranking within fleets. Despite the weak market Renault in

April’s True Fleet feeling the effect from three negative elements

With April bringing a triple combination of negative elements to effect the market it was perhaps a foreseeable downturn for the both the Total Market and True Fleet. Three less business days, the usual hangover from the UK plate change plus the somewhat confusing new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) all contributed to the less than stellar - 19.8% for the Total market. While True Fleet suffered with a - 25.1%

Spanish True Fleet positive...just, while Private market takes a tumble

Spain is the only country from the EU-5 to see positive Total Market growth (numbers) for April. Spain’s Total Market finished at 105,000 registrations keeping it in the black by 1.6% over April 2016. The Private Market took a tumble, dropping by 14.5% but Spain was not alone as we saw a drop for the rest of the EU-5 also. True Fleet managed to remain positive for another month but

True Fleet Market Germany: Easter holidays are affecting April results

Three working days less compared to April 2016 had undoubtedly a serious (negative) impact on April `17’s performance. Minus 8.0% for the German passenger car market overall is the weakest output this year so far. While the Private Market was declining by -8.1% True Fleet registrations were even down by -14.6%. As a result, the year-to-date fleet performance turned slightly negative ( 1.0%). Within the Top 10 Mercedes (3rd) and BMW

When will Italy’s True Fleet Market reach its peak?

So it seems that last months’ subdued growth rates from True Fleet have quickly been forgotten with Italy’s first month of double-digit growth for 2017. While it seemed the growth looked to be slowing somewhat with January’s + 9.2% followed by February’s + 5.1% Italian fleet has once again delivered with a + 12.5% for March. The Total Market finished with 232,000 registrations, the best March numbers since 2010, with

True Fleet Market France: One of the last bastions of Small Cars

A decline by - 1.2% compared to March 2016 is surely not a reason for getting euphoric but at least this is a better result for True Fleets in France than in the first two months of 2017. It’s fair to say that the first quarter was challenging for fleets with a drop of 6.7% while the passenger car registrations on private households increased by 3.1% in Q1 (+ 3.6%

True Fleet Market Germany: back to growth

After a slightly disappointing result in February (- 6.7%) the German True Fleet Market performed very well in March. The double-digit growth of 10.1% pushed the overall rate for the first quarter of 2017 to + 4.4% while the Total Market grew by 6.7% in Q1. The Top 10 ranking by brands didn’t show many changes. Despite some impressive growth rates (Opel + 56.8%, Renault + 80.9%) the positions 1-9 remained unchanged.

True Fleet numbers for March boosted by April’s new tax legislation

The month of March is historically a good month due the release of new registration plates but the UK auto market received some extra registrations due to the impending tax changes. With the new VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) legislation coming in to force on April 1st figures were boosted by consumers bringing forward their purchases as they looked to capitalise on the more favourable tax option still on offer. The

True Fleet booming alongside the rest of the Spanish automotive market

With the Spanish economy outperforming the rest of the Eurozone since 2015 according to the January article from “” it comes as no surprise to see the continuing reflection in Spain’s automotive market place. The passenger car Total Market finished with 131,000 registrations up 12.9% for March and 8.8% YTD. True Fleet had a strong March with a + 18.4% which was the 2nd highest growth rate from this month’s

EU-5 True Fleet pushing to stay positive after difficult start for France

The EU-5 seems to have begun 2017 with some tumultuous results from the different countries, French presidential elections and Brexit are perhaps the cause of some market fluctuations and with Italy hosting the G7, Spain’s economy outperforming the rest of the EU-5 and Germany’s federal elections in September the markets are certainly looking to produce some interesting results. On the whole total market is positive with a + 5.1% YTD

French True Fleet Market stumble continues for a 2nd Month

The True Fleet Market in France produced its 2nd negative month in a row finishing with a negative growth of 17.1% and producing its lowest February volume since 2014. The Total Market was down by 2.9% finishing with around 162,000 registrations with the Private Market registering a - 2.1% and Special Channels the only positive with + 7.7%. For True Fleet the Top 5 manufacturers maintained their positions while only 2

True Fleet Market Germany: bigger is better

With a drop of - 6.7 per cent compared to February 2016 the True Fleet Market in Germany had a difficult second month of the year. Even if you take into account that February 2017 had one working day less than last year the result was still negative. The Total Market was also slightly negative down to a little over 243,000 registrations generating a -2.6% over its comparable figures for

Positive February figures for Spain’s True Fleet Market

Spain has continued with positive numbers for February 2017. The passenger car Total market managed 102,000 registrations which produced a 1.6% growth for the month on month comparison and as we looked into the market segmentation it was True Fleet showing the best growth rate. True Fleet delivered + 8.9% and inside the Top 10 Manufacturers there were some good results from Renault, BMW and Opel. Renault pushed into 2nd place

True Fleet gets off to a positive start in 2017 with only France stumbling at th …

2017 has started well for most of the EU-5 and while France seems to have had a hiccup in January they should hopefully recover a little in February based on the last year’s figures. We take a look into the EV and Hybrid markets which for the EU-5 have registered a + 13.1% over January 2016 and also focus on changes around the top manufacturers for the respective markets. Spain The Spanish

UK True Fleet Market puts in a solid performance for the start of 2017

The UK True Fleet Market has started its year with a + 5.5% beating the Private growth rates and delivering a little less than 60,000 registrations in January. Overall the Total Market was up 2.9% and while both Private and True Fleet ended positive Special Channels recorded a - 4.9%. There were three new additions to January’s True Fleet Top 10 for manufacturers. Skoda jumped two places into 10th position, Toyota

Italian True Fleet Market continues to produce record figures

Italian True Fleet has continued on from its outstanding form in 2016 by producing an exceptional start to 2017. The fleet market produced the highest volume on record for a January with a robust + 9.2% growth over January 2016 figures. This has helped propel the passenger car Total Market to finish with 172,000 registrations equating to a + 8.7% in terms of growth. Inside January’s Top 20 models for

The German Fleet Market off to a promising start for 2017 – Alternative powert …

A more than solid growth of + 9.2% is certainly a very promising start for the German True Fleet Market in 2017. 58,705 new passenger cars was the highest volume ever for the first month of the year and the Private Market also achieved an outstanding result as well by scoring a growth rate of + 13.5%. Meanwhile the Total Market recorded its best January figures since 2003 with a

French True Fleet Market stumbles out of the blocks in January

The French True Fleet Market appears to be recovering from a slight overindulgence while celebrating the record year of 2016 producing a - 1.5 % for January. However this was still the 2nd highest January on record for True Fleet since Dataforce statistics started in 2004. Private and Dealership/Manufacturer showed healthy gains over Jan 2016 but it was the Short Term Rental Market showing by far the most interesting gain,

Spain’s True Fleet Market continues its growth into 2017

The Spanish True Fleet Market has hit the ground running for the start of 2017 providing a + 18.0% when compared to January 2016. The passenger car Total Market also started well delivering a little over 89,000 units achieving a + 12.1% over January 2016. We took a look through the most popular vehicle segments of SUV, Compact and Small Car which all showed newcomers to their respective Top 5

True Fleet in 2016 ends with bang for the EU-5

2016 has ended with a record year for the True Fleet EU-5, recording its highest volume as a collective since 2005, registering a little over 2.8 million cars. All countries finished with positive figures, though some more than others but in terms of growth the Italian’s reigned supreme. Spain What a successful year for the Spanish True Fleet Market. A very strong result in December (+ 20.2%) pushed the growth rate

Despite Brexit worries a positive finish for UK True Fleet Market

Overall the UK Total Market finished with 2,692,786 registrations generating a +2.3% for its year on year comparison but as we know from previous releases it was clear to see the market endured a turbulent 2016. True Fleet for the most part remained positive and while the market stumbled slightly in the months preceding the Brexit vote it finished well and delivered a + 2.9% for the full year. Within

SUV lift French True Fleet Market to record high

Similar to Germany the True Fleet Market of its western neighbour state France achieved a new all-time record as well. With a count of more than 467,000 new passenger car registrations for full year 2016 the growth rate amounted to an impressive + 9.0%. As the Private Market growth was flat (+ 0.3%) the Total Market share of both True Fleets and Special Channels (Short Term Rentals, Dealerships/Manufacturers) peaked with

A new record for the German True Fleet Market

Boom! We have a new all-time record: with almost 829,000 new passenger car registrations the German True Fleet Market achieved its new record outpacing 2015 (which was already a record year) by + 5.3%. Although the fourth quarter was not as impressive as the first three, by years end 10 out of the 12 months produced a growth against its 2015 comparative month. Compared to last year the Top-9 brands all

Italian True Fleet Market saves the best for last

The Italian True Fleet Market has had a tremendous 2016. Not only did it achieve its best year and its best December numbers since Italian Dataforce statistics began in 2004 but with true style and flair registered the highest monthly growth rate of 2016 with a + 45.2% against its 2015 comparative month. Passenger Car Total Market also had a standout 2016 registering 1,864,018 vehicles and delivering on its 5th

The sun is shining for the Spanish True Fleet Market

What a successful year for the Spanish True Fleet Market. A very strong result in December (+ 20.2%) pushed the growth rate for the full year 2016 to an impressive + 15.4%. Putting this into context, the passenger car total market achieved 1,192,418 registered vehicles for 2016 (an increase of 11.96% over 2015 total) so the 235,895 produced by True Fleet not only represents almost 20% of the Spanish Total

Fleet Market Europe still positive with 3.1% growth in October

EU- 5 True Fleet remains positive following a challenging month, the + 3.1% figures continue to help the year-to-date growth rate which stands at + 7.4%. Italy, Spain and the UK all recorded improvements to October 2015 figures with Italy once again the leader in growth for the month. France With France perhaps suffering a slight hangover from the Paris Motor Show the True Fleet Market recorded its 2nd month of

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