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HGRBS Honorary Volunteers In Relation To US Private Home Sector

Press release from: HGRBS
HGRBS Honorary Volunteers Rock! - USA
HGRBS Honorary Volunteers Rock! - USA

HGRBS Honorary Volunteers In Relation To US Private Home Sector
[HGRBS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation/ministry of independent volunteers. Exclusive emphasis is on supporting the rights and privileges of American private home heads towards making safer and wiser contract-related decisions and getting better results from contractors entrusted to assist with their special home maintenance and improvement projects.]

HGRBS is primarily an online entity with specialization in connecting with and supporting U.S. private home decision makers (those who own, rent, and/or lease free-standing, detached private homes) in matters of contract-related home maintenance and improvement choices. Much of this is done with the assistance honorary volunteers who get their assignments via online communications.
These are the honorable selfless individuals who are otherwise dubbed "Online Volunteers."HGRBS offers online, free of charge (and without solicitation for donations) a massive reservoir of related tips, strategies, and other conducive data; however, aside from other things, honorary volunteers from various parts of the nation (North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, WA, Iowa, Texas… to name a few), have performed well, using their own professional skills, perfecting much of this crucial resident-friendly data.
Among the greatest challenges in this regard is an immense shortfall of other people willing to demonstrate their concern for our private home residents in these matters, as well, through offering even a small portion of their time to volunteer. This is a reason these honorable volunteers are held in the highest possible esteem.
These are people who find time, although on occasion, to demonstrate their concern for private home residents through "at least doing something" to make a difference. They are very few in number, but qualitatively superior and more preferable than a million others who will not lift a finger unless there is some financial reward. If not for this nature of misdirected human values, the little known ministry of the home setting (HGRBS) would see the sort of impact it is positioned to make among our besieged residents.

Need For More Volunteer Advocates
HGRBS was founded in 2009. However, it was not until early the following year that it became apparent that more had to be done in the United States on behalf of our private home decision makers to enable them to be far better educated in the process of selecting and hiring contractor candidates for their home projects.
It was noted that there was a need to share information which is useful towards U.S. private home heads being better prepared to make the best possible decisions about contractors working in the private residential sector. In relation, HGRBS volunteer affiliates at that time realized that in order for there to be any notable impact in the realm of inspiring private home heads to want to be better informed and resort to subsequent preparational activity for making better contractor choices, it was necessary that the support of more volunteers was enlisted.

Correlation of More Volunteers to Impact
It was determined that the sparse number of volunteer affiliates at the time were limited in outreach efforts by extraordinary economic barriers. To compensate for this shortage of participation, it was decided to place more emphasis on having an "online presence."
It was surmised at the time (for a number of years following) that if the ministry would showcase their concerns for the well being of private home heads in relation to realms of home maintenance and improvement, that more residents would be reached. And, it was further supposed that this would inspire them to accept and use the helpful information towards their benefit.
Unfortunately, although the expectations are respectable, they cannot be realized unless more residents know about the entity in addition to the quality and exhaustive quantity of the available data. This is interpreted for HGRBS as providing storehouses of useful data which hardly anyone knows about.
Their websites do not encourage visitation because of the low numbers. These are directly relative to the absence of volunteers on a state-by-state basis sufficient in number to invite residents to visit them. The irony, for an online operation of this nature, is the relativity of the number of volunteers, the number residents knowing about what HGRBS does, and the level of impact.

Top 21 Honorary Volunteers (La crème!)
These are honorary volunteers who did not only step forward to share their personal time, but “took ownership,” each time in his/her own extraordinary way to deliver.
It is important to note that these honorary volunteers were not the only to step forward. Out of an estimated 2000 volunteer inquirers about HGRBS volunteer offerings in 2017, only 151 from 29 states stepped forward. However, only 21 honorary volunteers from 15 of those states did not “bail out” either before starting their suggested assignments or completing them (Last name, alphabetical order):

1. D. Ayscue, Jr. (NC)
2. K. Bacon (VA)
3. L. Baptiste (GA)
4. G. Barksdale (IL)
5. P. Calcote (TN)
6. E. Carbonneau (ME)
7. B. Christina (DC)
8. S. Custer (PA)
9. M. Gardizi (VA)
10. B. Irwin (IL)
11. P. Joshi (TX)
12. M. Lehr (IL)
13. G. Matis (CT)
14. E. Mc Laughlin (NC)
15. J. McRae (MD)
16. K. Pagett (FL)
17. M. Rey (CA)
18. A. Roberson (NC)
19. K. Stewart (WA)
20. J. Treftz (IA)
21. M. Walter (CT)

These amazing men and women who participated with HGRBS to turn in the best possible performances relative to what each opted to do are actually history makers. Since HGRBS’ upgrading to a nearly all-outsourced approach in 2017, it was found that a lot more was able to be accomplished in far less time. Invariably, these selfless men and women constitute the first group of “honorary volunteers” (individuals who are not registered HGRBS participants) to invest a small portion of their time to do at least something towards social good to the benefit of America’s private home decision makers.

2018 – Road Ahead
Among major priorities for 2018 is for an enormously increased all-state rally for more honorable volunteers online and "on the ground" to facilitate the impact which must be made. Although the details for how this will be accomplished are in process, the ministry is always open for more ideas. A lot of the ideas in this past year have actually originated from honorary volunteers who have communicated online with HGRBS for their assignments. It is an open door for people, just like these, who are concerned enough about residents, to do whatever they regard within corporate restraints, as "their" share, as well.

Interested parties are free to browse: Online Volunteers

Back up: www.hgrbs-flagship.com/Online-Volunteers.php

*Edited by E. McLaughlin in association with HGRBS

HGRBS is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation of independent volunteers. Emphasis is on supporting the rights and privileges of American private home heads towards making the safest and wisest choices in contractor-related home maintenance and improvement projects.

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