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BL3SS3D Introduces Different Tune in his Hip Hop Blend ‘Sunset Blvd’

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While other musicians are concentrating more on creating the same traditional hip hop blend, BL3SS3D has produced something groovy to entertain the audiences. This music duo has come up with their exclusive hit music beats in soundcloud. Hip hop and rap, of course, are the preferred genre of these young singers. All they want is to create something very exciting to keep the listeners tuned for hours. Two rising stars - Dylan Howell and Colby Blake, one is 21 years old and another is 19 are producing exceptional hip hop fusions. Music enthusiasts, who are in love of their musicality, expect these artists to come up with more new tracks in future.

Recently, they have fused a strong release and the name is - ‘Sunset Blvd’. Here, this music duo has introduced their excellent rhythmic approaches. Soundcloud has already become the witness of some the achievements of these two artists. Opening riffs in their track will overwhelm your mind as well. However, BL3SS3D has gained excellent knowledge in the hip hop genre. Therefore, the music they create is full of flawless rap tunes. It will also provide a groovy feeling to your mind. The singers wash to reach the desired goal and set recognition in the music industry. Fans are expecting these aspiring singers to gain their desired success very soon. In ‘Sunset Blvd’, they have maintained a wonderful balance between the high to low pitches.

Both the signers Dylan Howell and Colby Blake are delivering mind-captivating musical blends for the listeners. ‘Sunset Blvd’ proves to be a unique hip hop blend of them. It has perfect use of instruments. The leading vocal performance has made them popular as well. Being heard by thousands of music enthusiasts is what these artists exactly want. They stop no sign of slowing down and keep on delivering exclusive rapping style.

Chek out this Track of BL3SS3D: soundcloud.com/bl3ss3dmusic/sunset-blvd

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