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Download Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022 Report

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“Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022” recent report published by Kuick Research analyzes various multiple clinical and non-clinical aspects related to development of HIV vaccine worldwide. Currently there is no particular vaccine available for the treatment of HIV across the globe. There are multiple vaccines in clinical trials for the treatment and the prevention of HIV. This report gives comprehensive clinical insight on the 65 HIV Vaccines in clinical trials and analyzes all clinical parameters involved in the development of HIV Vaccine. Report analyzes multiple approaches in the development of the HIV vaccine and lists decisive factors responsible for the commercialization of HIV vaccines.

Worldwide, around 35 Million people are currently infected with the HIV and about 30 Million people died because of the AIDS infection since the beginning of the epidemic. There is no human example of clearing an HIV infection naturally. HIV virus makes copies of it very quickly, many types of HIV exist and new types of virus are continue to rise. Many scientists are still trying to understand the specific ways of immune system which needs to respond against the HIV infection.

Vaccines are among the most powerful and cost-effective disease prevention tools. A vaccine that could prevent the HIV infection or stop the development of the disease would greatly support in the fight against the AIDS disease. Vaccines have been crucial in worldwide smallpox elimination efforts, have nearly eliminated polio and have drastically reduced the incidence of infectious diseases like measles and pertussis in the US. However, the question is arising that whether HIV vaccine should be developed for a single strain or it should be designed for varied strain structures. The whole aim is to provide the better medication for the eradication of the virus by any means.

There are also questions about how an HIV vaccine would protect the individuals and the vaccine might not be able to actually prevent the infection, but could stop or delay progression to disease, or simply reduce the infectiousness of people who do become infected with HIV. HIV prevention education and counseling are important constituents of vaccine programs and after the release of a vaccine; there will be an ongoing need for effective behavioral prevention programs.

The successful development of a preventive HIV vaccine will almost positively depend upon the involvement of both the private and public sectors from around the world. Currently, no one government or company has the resources and encouragement to take on the challenge for developing an HIV vaccine alone. Within the public sector, the development of an HIV vaccine is important for a number of different agencies, which includes the concerns in health, economic development, and international development.

“Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022” Report Highlights:
Introduction to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Vaccines
HIV Vaccine Development Process
Modified Approaches for HIV Vaccine Development
HIV Drugs Taxonomy and Resistance
Decisive Factors for Commercialization of HIV Vaccines
Global HIV Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication and Phase
Global HIV Vaccine Clinical Pipeline: 65 Vaccines

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Introduction to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Vaccines
1.1 Overview
1.2 Antiquity of HIV Vaccine

Need for the Development of HIV Vaccine

Primer of HIV inside the Body
3.1 Inclusion of HIV Virus into the System
3.2 Interaction of HIV with Host
3.3 Eradication of HIV Virus

HIV Vaccine Development Process
4.1 Introduction
4.1.1 Classification of HIV Virus
4.1.2 Structure of HIV Virus
4.2 HIV Vaccine Construct Methodologies
4.2.1 Live Attenuated Vaccine
4.2.2 Synthetic Peptide Vaccines
4.2.3 Inactivated Vaccines
4.2.4 DNA Vaccine
4.2.5 Recombinant Vector Vaccine

Modified Approaches for HIV Vaccine Development
5.1 HIV Vaccine Expansion by Computer Aided Drug Design
5.2 Genetic Variety Attentions for Vaccine Design
5.3 Virus like Particles Approach for the HIV Vaccine Production
5.4 T-cell based Approach for HIV Vaccine

Prophylactic and Therapeutic HIV Vaccine
6.1 Prophylactic HIV Vaccine
6.1.1 Pre Exposure Prophylaxis
6.1.2 Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
6.2 Therapeutic HIV Vaccine

HIV Drugs Taxonomy and Resistance
7.1 Categorization of the Drugs
7.1.1 Nucleoside Analogue Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs)
7.1.2 Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs)
7.1.3 Protease Inhibitors
7.1.4 Fusion Inhibitors
7.2 Contrivance of HIV Drug Resistance
7.2.1 Resistance to Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs)
7.2.2 Resistance to Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
7.2.3 Resistance to Protease Inhibitors
7.2.4 Resistance to Fusion Inhibitors

Decisive Factors for Commercialization of HIV Vaccines
8.1 Efficacy
8.2 Controlled Transmission
8.3 Relapse
8.4 Economical
8.5 Manufacturing Scalability

Global HIV Vaccine Market Outlook
9.1 Overview
9.2 Current Market Scenario
9.3 Incidence and Prevalence
9.4 Funding Scenario for HIV Vaccine

Global HIV Vaccine Clinical Pipeline Overview

Global HIV Vaccine Market Dynamics
11.1 Favorable Market Parameters
11.2 Commercialization Challenges

Global HIV Vaccine Market Future Outlook

Global HIV Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication and Phase
13.1 Research
13.2 Preclinical
13.3 Clinical
13.4 Phase-I
13.5 Phase-I/II
13.6 Phase-II
13.7 Phase-III
13.8 Preregistration

Competitive Landscape
14.1 AlphaVax
14.2 Antigen Express
14.3 Argo Therapeutics
14.4 Bionor Pharmaceuticals
14.5 Celldex Therapeutics
14.6 FIT Biotech
14.7 Crucell Pharmaceutical
14.8 GeneCure
14.9 Genetic Immunity
14.10 GenVec
14.11 GeoVax Labs
14.12 Glaxo Smithkline
14.13 Immune Response BioPharma
14.14 Inovio Pharmaceuticals
14.15 Novartis
14.16 Oncolys Biopharma
14.17 PaxVax
14.18 Profectus Biosciences
14.19 Sanofi
14.20 TVAX Biomedical

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