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Dowmload Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Outlook 2022 Report

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“Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Outlook 2022” report analyzes the various aspects related to the emergence and development of breast cancer genetic test market across the globe. The current and future aspects of cancer genomics have covered a long path of advances and the journey is still ongoing. The technological improvements in genomic sciences had allowed parallel sequencing of both tumors and germline mutations and had provided the weapon of next generation sequencing. Under the supervision of intellectual property laws and appropriate guidelines cancer susceptibility testing has become one of the major assets in medical practice. There appears to be pervasive belief in both scientific and public circles that genetic testing is going to be the cornerstone of much, if not all, of what medicine holds for the future. Besides, what is generally meant is the wide scale testing for susceptibility to common diseases especially for cancer and for responsiveness to drugs has come to be described as genetic profiling.

With the knowledge and acceptance of the fact that the breast cancer is on alarming scale, the major concern has been diverted towards this scenario. As there are 5% to 10% of breasts cancer cases which occur due to the germline mutations and the most common ones are the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. Fortunately, these hereditary cancers can be prevented if diagnosed early or even before its occurrence which includes the susceptibility testing of breast cancer genes.

Breast cancer susceptibility has been in existence since 1966 and had served as the boon for the patients as well as the stakeholders. Certainly, 2013 have been the year of major events in the field of predictive genetic testing as US FDA approved the use of next generation DNA sequencing in clinical practice. Further, the decision of Supreme Court invalidated the BRCA patent held by Myriad genetics. These decisions made the new entries and embraced the competitions in the cancer genetics market.

Leading to the current scenario which is completely changing and the market is now subjected to the direct to consumer BRCA testing kits provided by varied pharmaceuticals. However, the new entrants to the global market will face considerable challenges in persuading physicians to choose them as a test provider. New entrants will need to provide indication of subsequent in meeting the requirements of physicians such as reputation, trust, transparency, and counseling. Some of these aspects cannot be established quickly, and take time to establish.

The future holds up for the precision medicine and cancer predictability will be proving a great deal, as through the aid of breast cancer predictive testing and better counseling measures this regimen can turn out into an effective prophylactic modality for hereditary as well as early stage breast cancer. The predictive risk calculations will be leading towards the better management and improved survival rates. Over the next decade or two, it seems likely that the technology will screen entire populations or specific subgroups for genetic information in order to target interventions to individual patients that will improve their health and prevent disease. While the evidence base is still growing, genetic services industry leaders strongly believe that emerging testing capabilities will have significant clinical impact in the future.

“Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Outlook 2022” Report Highlights:

Hereditary Breast Cancer Genes
Conceptual of Breast Cancer Susceptibility
Predictive Cancer Testing Essentials
Economical, Ethical and Social Aspects
Global Prevalence of Breast Cancer
Market and Cost Analysis of Predictive Testing
Insurance Affairs for Breast Cancer Predictive Testing

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Cancer Susceptibility Testing
1.1 Prologue to Cancer Susceptibility
1.2 Aspects of Cancer Susceptibility Testing

Breast Cancer Susceptibility
2.1 Conceptual of Breast Cancer Susceptibility
2.2 Trail of the Inherited Susceptible Genes

Hereditary Breast Cancer Genes
3.1 High Penetrant Genes
3.1.1 Breast Cancer Gene1 (BRCA1)
3.1.2 Breast Cancer Gene 2 (BRCA2)
3.1.3 TP53
3.1.4 PTEN
3.1.5 STK11 and CDH1
3.2 Intermediate Penetrant Genes
3.2.1 CHEK2
3.2.2 PALB2
3.2.3 ATM
3.2.4 Other Genes
3.3 Low Penetrant Genes

Breast Cancer Susceptible Syndromes
4.1 Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
4.2 Cowden Syndrome
4.3 Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
4.4 Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

Cancer Susceptibility Testing Essentials
5.1 Prerequisites towards Cancer Susceptibility
5.2 Sequential Stages in Testing

Genetic Cancer Susceptibility Testing
6.1 Risk Assessment
6.2 Genetic Counseling
6.3 Genetic Testing
6.4 Post-Test Counseling

Management of Hereditary Risk
7.1 Surveillance
7.2 Chemoprevention
7.3 Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Economical, Ethical and Social Aspects
8.1 Economic Aspects of Cancer Susceptibility Testing
8.2 Ethical Aspects of Cancer Susceptibility Testing
8.3 Social Aspects of Cancer Susceptibility Testing

Global Prevalence of Breast Cancer
9.1 Breast Cancer Incidences
9.2 Germline Breast Cancer Ethnicity

Prevalence over Geographic Regions
10.1 Prevalence in Developed Regions
10.1.1 US
10.1.2 Europe
10.1.3 Canada
10.1.4 Japan
10.2 Prevalence in Developing Regions
10.2.1 China
10.2.2 India
10.2.3 Africa

Preface of Monetary Prospects
11.1 Cost of Breast Cancer Susceptibility Testing
11.2 Insurance Affairs for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Testing

Aspects of Cancer Susceptibility Market
12.1 Breast Cancer Susceptibility Market Overview
12.2 Direct To Consumer Market

Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Dynamics
13.1 Accelerative Parameters
13.2 Challenges

Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Future Aspects

Competitive Landscape
15.1 Cancer Genetics
15.2 Invitae
15.3 Iverson Genetics
15.4 Myriad Genetics
15.5 NeoGenomics
15.6 Oncocyte
15.7 PerkinElmer
15.8 Quest Diagnostics
15.9 Roche
15.10 Thermo Fisher Scientific

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