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Download Global Carbon Nanotubes Market and Patent Insight 2023

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“Global Carbon Nanotubes Market and Patent Insight 2023” Report Highlights:

* Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
* Global Carbon Nanotube Product Outlook
* Global Carbon Nanotube Patent Insight by Sector/Application: 300 Patents
* Global Carbon Nanotube Project Insight by Sector/Applications: 50 Projects
* Global Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications and Region
* Global Carbon Nanotube Market Dynamics
* Global Carbon Nanotubes Market Future Outlook

Carbon nanotube (CNT) is undoubtedly among the most sought after and most dynamic item among the numerous categories in the evolving field of newly synthesized nano-materials. There has been considerable growth in the research, development and technological understanding of these remarkable materials to enable them for industrial applications. Universities, small businesses and start-ups, as well as large corporations, have continued to probe and exploit numerous commercial possibilities for these fascinating materials. As a result, the list of product applications is expanding considerably and is projected to do so well into the future.

The most tangible evidence for growth and interest in global carbon nanotube market is reflected by the emergence of new carbon nanotube producers capable of offering carbon nanotubes in commercial-scale quantitiesandmdash;in kilograms, tons and even hundreds of tons, depending on the specific gradeandmdash;at more affordable and increasingly competitive unit pricing. In addition, after several years of incubation, there is a new breed of more mature university spin-offs, or nanotechnology companies, targeting specific application sectors.

In order to meet the growing demand across the sectors, global carbon nanotubes production capacity has increased considerably as more firms have started production of carbon nanotubes. In last five years from 2011 to 2016, total production capacity of carbon nanotubes in all the countries together became twice andndash; approximately grew from close to 10000 tons in 2011 to 20000 tons in 2016. However, the actual production was much below the capacity because of low demand as carbon nanotube market across the world is at the nascent stage. As the result of minimal demand, the average capacity utilization factor of the production facilities has so far been only about 35% andndash; 40%

Carbon nanotubes market by area of applications change from one region to another. In Asia-Pacific region, growing electronic and automobile sectors along with rapid overall industrial growth are driving the carbon nanotube market. On the other hand, in North America, Europe and other regions including Latin America and Africa, market of Carbon nanotube is dominated by polymer and chemical industries with moderate impacts of electronic sector sectors. Though at the beginning North America and Europe were the two leading market segments for CNTs, the economic slowdown in both of these regions badly affected the growth of this market.

The sector comprising polymers and composites is likely to retain its maximum share in market. Discovery and commercial use of carbon nanotubes have benefited this sector the most as the excellent physical properties of carbon nanotubes match to the requirements of the materials in this sector. Researches indicate many more applications of carbon nanotubes are possible in this sector and exploration activities are also going on. Hence it is quite natural that this sector will continue its dominance in the entire carbon nanotube market. However, there will be a gradual decline of relative share of polymerand composites sector while those for electrical and electronics and energy will continue to increase, though marginally.

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With excellent physical properties and hence appropriateness in large number of industrial applications, the future market of carbon nanotubes is bound to grow exponentially. This growth is going take place both in terms of end-users and geographical regions andndash; the scope of applications of carbon nanotubes has already broadened and is expected to broaden further while instead of being concentrated in few regions, carbon nanotube market is expanding all the regions across the world. The demand for carbon nanotubes is likely to grow annually at an approximate rate of 20% in the coming years.

Report Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes
1.1 What is Carbon Nanotube
1.2 Overview of Global Carbon Nanotube Market

2. Production of Carbon Nanotube
2.1 Arc Discharge Method
2.2 Laser Ablation Method
2.3 Chemical Vapor Deposition
2.4 Other Methods

3. Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
3.1 Covalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
3.2 Non-Covalent Functionalization
3.3 Protein Functionalization
3.4 Polymer Functionalization

4. Global Carbon Nanotube Product Outlook
4.1 Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT)
4.2 Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube (MWNT)

5. Carbon Nanotube Applications Outlook

5.1 Polymers and Chemicals
5.1.1 Polymer-Nanotube Composites
5.1.2 Mixtures
5.1.3 Coatings and Films
5.1.4 Automotive and Aerospace
5.1.5 Sporting Goods

5.2 Energy
5.2.1 Hydrogen Storage
5.2.2 Supercapacitor
5.2.3 Solar Cells

5.3 Electrical and Electronics
5.3.1 Transistors
5.3.2 Field Emission Display
5.3.3 Sensors

5.4 Medical and Pharmacy
5.4.1 Carbon Nanotube based Therapeutics
5.4.2 Carbon Nanotubes in Drug Delivery
5.4.3 Carbon Nanotubes in Tissue Engineering
5.4.4 Carbon Nanotubes in Cancer Therapeutics
5.4.5 Carbon Nanotubes in Diagnosis/Imaging

6. Global Patents Insight on Carbon Nanotubes Applications by Sector
6.1 Medical Diagnosis
6.2 Drug Delivery
6.3 Cancer Treatment
6.4 Medical Devices/Implantation and other biomedical applications
6.5 Renewable Energy
6.6 Capacitor
6.7 Polymer and Composites
6.8 Plastic
6.9 Mixtures and Coatings
6.10 Automotive
6.11 Space Research
6.12 Electronics
6.13 Transistor
6.14 Field Emission
6.15 Sensor
6.16 Electricals
6.17 Functionalization/Processing of Carbon Nanotube
6.18 Energy Storage
6.19 Battery
6.20 Environmental Remediation
6.21 Production/Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
6.22 Carbon Nanotube Fiber
6.23 Carbon Nanotube Film/Array
6.24 Semiconductors
6.25 Miscellaneous

7. Recent and Ongoing Projects on Carbon Nanotubes
7.1 Medical and Pharmacy
7.2 Biomedical
7.3 Electronics
7.4 Sensor/Detector
7.5 Electricals
7.6 Energy and Power
7.7 Energy Storage
7.8 Polymer and Composites
7.9 Coatings
7.10 Water Purification/Desalination
7.11 Carbon Nanotube Synthesis/Functionalization
7.12 Environmental Remediation
7.13 Carbon Nanotube Properties
7.14 Others

8. Global Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications

9. Global Carbon Nanotube Market by Region

10. Global Carbon Nanotube Market Future Outlook
10.1 According to Applications
10.2 According to Regions

11. Global Carbon Nanotube Market Dynamics
11.1 Market Drivers
11.2 Commercial Challenges

12. Competitive Landscape
12.1 SUSN Sinotech
12.2 Nano-C
12.3 Showa Denko
12.4 Nanocyl
12.5 OCSiAI
12.6 Hanwha Nanotech
12.7 Raymor
12.8 LG Chem
12.9 Timesnano
12.10 Thomas Swan
12.11 Kumho Petrochemical
12.12 Klean Commodities
12.13 Arkema
12.14 Nantero
12.15 XiNano Materials Inc.

Figure 1-1: Global - Annual CNT Production Capacity (Tons), 2010 and 2016
Figure 1-2: Top 5 Global Firms for CNTs According to Production Capacities (Tons), 2016

Figure 3-1: Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Using Different Molecules
Figure 5-1: Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Medical
Figure 5-2: Carbon Nanotube Applications in Therapeutics

Figure 8-1: Global - Carbon Nanotube Demand by Applications (Tons), 2017
Figure 8-2: Global - Carbon Nanotubes Demand by Applications (%), 2017
Figure 8-3: Global - Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications (US$ Million), 2017
Figure 8-4: Global - Carbon Nanotubes Market Value by Applications (%), 2017

Figure 9-1: Global - Carbon Nanotubes Market Demand by Region (Tons), 2017
Figure 9-2: Global - Carbon Nanotube Market Demand by Region (%), 2017
Figure 9-3: Global - Carbon Nanotubes Market Value by Region (US$ Million), 2017
Figure 9-4: Global- Carbon Nanotubes Market by Region (%), 2016

Figure 10-1: Global - Projected Demand for Carbon Nanotubes (Tons), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-2: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Demand by Sector (Tons), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-3: Global - Projected Demand for Carbon Nanotubes by Applications (%), 2018
Figure 10-4: Global - Projected Demand for Carbon Nanotubes by Sector (%), 2023
Figure 10-5: Global - Projected Market for Carbon Nanotubes (US$ Billion), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-6: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications (US$ Million), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-7: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications (%), 2018
Figure 10-8: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Market by Applications (%), 2023
Figure 10-9: Global - Projected Demand for Carbon Nanotubes by Region (Tons), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-10: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Market Demand by Region (%), 2018
Figure 10-11: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotubes Market Demand by Region (%), 2023
Figure 10-12: Global - Projected Market for Carbon Nanotubes by Region (US$ Million), 2018 and 2023
Figure 10-13: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotube Market by Region (%), 2018
Figure 10-14: Global - Projected Carbon Nanotube Market by Region (%), 2023

Figure 12-1: Average Price of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (US$/Gram)

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