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Christophe Didillon (36)
Christophe Didillon (36)

He once walked for Kirsten Dunst 300 miles from San Francisco to L.A. and donated her his WALK OF FLAME. One year later, he made a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago through Belgium and the Netherlands to France in order to collect donations for amnesty international and its fight against female genital mutilation and for the rights of women in the Third World. Now wants Christophe Didillon (36), German action artist and painter, to create paintings together with prominent persons in order to sale the paintings by auction in the end. Finally, the auction proceeds will be given to a society that advocates the interests of children and juveniles suffering from cancer.
Didillon: "My idealism comes from an experience in my own childhood. The brother of my classmate had leukaemia, and it took a long period until he died. Every day I could see this boy, when I visited my classmate. But one day, he had gone… This experience deeply engraved on my memory."
Even though it is a serious theme, I try to help in a cheerful way. Just a few days ago, I distributed my flyer on the Croisette at the Film Festival in Cannes, wearing a SPIDER-MAN costume, because I would like to create a painting together with Kirsten Dunst, a Hollywood actress. Admittedly, I felt a little bit nuts to act as SPIDER-MAN and to walk over the Croisette for hours and hours every day of the Festival in order to inform the public about my painting project. However, what else could I do? As an artist, you need sometimes to appear very colourful and shrill in order to get attention and acknowledgement for your idea. Otherwise, there is no one who takes you with your idea seriously. I don't want to get told by people for the rest of my life, "Your idea to do paintings for children with cancer sounds very nice, but you aren't famous enough for a meeting with me!"
As me was told in the meantime, Kirsten received information about my desire. She appreciates my efforts for the suffering children, but she is too busy for a painter meeting with me in the moment. "Maybe later on…"
I accept Kirsten's answer and search for an alternative prominent painter. Fortunately, my painting project is not dependent upon one certain person, and I already received an alternative promise by another prominent representative of the movie world. At present, I want to observe secrecy about the name of this person, until all things will be settled definitely. Simultaneous, I try to inspire further prominent persons to participate my painting project. Of course, I would work together with less celebrated persons as well. Indeed, as more prominent a painting partner is, as more offers for the paintings can we expect at a sale by auction!"
Christophe Didillon likes to answer every question referring to his project. The resolute action artist and painter asks everybody, who gets information about his action art: "Please, support my idea! If you would like to create a painting with me or know someone else, don't hesitate to inform them and me!"

Christophe Didillon
Eschenweg 1
D-26506 Norden / Germany
Telefon +49 (0) 49 31/120 22
eMail: didillon-art@web.de

Christophe Didillon, born 1971 in the city of Aurich (Germany) found his vocation to become an artist (painter) when he studied for one year in China. From 1997 to 2004, after high school examination and professional training, Didillon studied Sinology, Law and History at Philipps University Marburg and Tongji University Shanghai. He did a photo journey with Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to Moscow. In the year of 2004, after being admitted into the Paradox artist group had Didillon exhibitions at the Parliament of Hessen / Germany and museums in China, beyond that at the internet gallery of German Foreign Ministry. He created paintings for Crown Princess Viktoria of Sweden and Michael Gorbachev.
In May 2006 Didillon made his WALK OF FLAME, a pilgrimage from San Francisco to Hollywood, dedicating his pilgrimage to the actress Kirsten Dunst and to his grandfather Johannes Schumacher, who had been Prisoner of War in World War II in Russia, and escaped walking hundreds of miles home to his family in Germany.
In the last half year he used an art scholarship and lived in the Flath Villa in the city of Bad Segeberg / Germany. Referring to the motto of his scholarship, "Search Of A Mermaid", Christophe dresses girls' and ladies' long and sleek hair with water and wetgel for giving it a "mermaid look", and he uses the dresses to create photos and paintings.
"Welchen Wert hat die Wuerde eines Menschen?" – How much is the human dignity? This was the motto of his demonstration under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in February 2007. The artist asked and tried to appeal to the people for more respectfulness of others.
After his Walk of Flame in the last year made Christophe Didillon a pilgrimage on the "Camino de Santiago" through the Netherlands and Belgium. He had to stopp his pilgrimage in France due to a foot injury. The pilgrimage served the collection of charities for amnesty international (ai) and its fight for the rights of cultural und religious suppressed women in the Third World, amnesty-in-bewegung.de/ChristopheDidil_2102.html .
Didillon gave his voluminous collections of historical fire extinguishers and international car registration plates, begun in his early childhood, to a few museums in Germany.
You will receive more information referring to Christophe Didillon, his life and his artistic producing at www.didillon.eu and through the internet search engines.

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