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Buzz B Gone Zap Reviews: Real Mosquito killer or not? Truth About BuzzBgone Zapper Revealed.

05-02-2022 06:05 PM CET | Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends

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Buzz-B-gone bug zapper

Buzz-B-gone bug zapper

buzz b gone zap is a mosquito zapper currently sold online at the official website.

Priced at $39.99 per unit buzz-b-gone zap promises to create a mosquito-free environment without any risk. Not just mosquitoes but other bugs.

What is Buzz b gone zap? How does buzz b gone work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the buzz b gone insect Zapper.

What Is Buzz B Gone Zap?

Buzz b gone zap is a bug zapper that attracts and zaps annoying bugs and insects.

Like most bug zappers currently sold online today, buzz b gone bug zapper creates Ultraviolet lights to attract bugs and zap them.

Many people are using buzz b gone zap to kill mosquitoes and other insects, carrying it from their home to office and vice versa. Buzz b gone zap doesn't use any chemical substance or mechanical method, it is completely electrical.

How Does Buzz B Gone Zap Work?

Buzz b gone zap zap both insects and bugs.

Here's how the device works:

1:You switch the unit on by turning the rotary switch in a clockwise direction.

2:It starts emitting blue ultraviolet light which attracts the nearest mosquito.

3:A suction fan will suck all the bugs inside where they are electrocuted instantly.

This is the process as advertised by the manufacturer.

Some bug zappers follow this principle but most of them aren't sensitive to mosquitoes. Most do kill but not as effectively as buzz b gone zapper

Buzz-B-Gone Zap Specifications

1: Size : 87 * 87 * 125 mm
2: Power: 1.2 W
3: Grid Voltage: 600V
4: Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
5: Charging Time: around 4 Hours
6: Battery Life : 3-6 Hours

See buzz b gone zap manual for more information.

Buzz B Gone Zap Features And Benefits

The manufacturer of buzz b gone zap advertised the following features and benefits

1: LED indicator light (charging and charged)
2: Rotary power switch
3: strong hanger/hanging loop.
4: micro USB charging port.
5: A suction fan
6: Rechargeable Battery

Buzz b gone Zap offers a much better way of killing those monster mosquitoes as it is chemical-free. Its lightweight design means that you can take it anyplace you want without any hassle.

How To Use Buzz B Gone Zap

Using buzz b gone Zap is straightforward. Anybody who has used any bug zapper before can easily use them. No professional knowledge is necessary. A layman should have no issue using buzz b gone zap.

Here's the little process involved:

1:Read the instruction manual, you can easily download it here.
3: Charge the buzz b gone Zap, it takes approximately 4 hours to charge
4:Set it up anyplace you feel Like staying
5: Rotate the rotary switch

It started murdering mosquitoes

That is just what you need to do. From experience, it will work better if you leave it running for like an hour or two so that it will kill all the nearest bugs and mosquitoes that might disturb you.

Buzz-B-Gone Zap Cleaning And Safety Measures

Buzz b gone Zap comes with a cleaning brush to clean it. It is recommended to switch it off before any cleaning exercise. After cleaning, wash your hands. Don't use other substances apart from the brushes and avoid using any liquid solution, like water.

Charging Buzz B Gone Zap

Buzz B gone zap is shipped with a micro USB cable. It is just like charging smartphones. Plug it in the nearest power adapter. The indicator light will turn red telling you that it is charging, when the Charging process is over, it will turn red, indicating 100% charged. Don't overcharge it, it might weaken the battery.

What Buzz B Gone Zap Can't Do

Despite being effective, buzz b gone mosquito zapper can't kill all the mosquitoes in the field. It is advertised to cover Large spaces. It is true but don't expect it to cover something like a football field, large hall or something like that. It works best in medium size spaces.

Who Should Use Buzz B Gone Zap And Who Shouldn't

From the advertisement, it is a General consumer product, meaning that is for everyone.

Here's the group that might need it more.

Students: As an electronic base mosquito zapper, it doesn't make noise. Plus, it is very compact, meaning that it requires a small space to set it up. Students can easily use them on top of the reading desk, and go on holidays or travel with them.

Office workers: yes, it will help them, buzz b gone Zap is very portable so they should have no issue moving it from place to place.

Every homeowner should be using buzz b gone zap a mosquito-free environment is necessary for a healthy life.

On the other hand, some people might not have issues with mosquito bites and others worrying bugs So anyone who happens to be so won't use them. Also people who have another super mosquito killer shouldn't have much interest.

Ways To Improve Buzz B Gone zap Performance.

Every system has its rules and buzz b gone Zap is no exception. It is a very efficient bug zapper but you still need to help.

Here are the things to be done to ensure it is up and running.

1: Avoiding too many lights. It will work but the efficiency might drop as the lights will be distracting mosquitoes. It is advised to use it in a dark place, where there are fewer Lights.

2: Don't discharge deeply: it is battery-powered, maintaining the battery is necessary. The battery is strong but requires monitoring.

How to Remove Mosquitoes And Other Bugs From Buzz B Gone Zap

It is pretty much easy, the dead mosquitoes just fall out of the bottom. To remove them use the included soft brush. If you have blowers like a portable hair dryer, the process might be faster. Sometimes you just need to give it a tap and all the bugs fall out.

The above method is how the maker advertised it. It mustn't be exactly, you might discover a more convenient approach as time goes on. but this method looks simpler.

Buzz-B-Gone Zap Battery

Buzz b gone Zap features a high-quality lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is around 1200mAh with a run time of 6 hours (maximum).

Buzz B Gone Zap Weight

Buzz b gone zap is a lightweight zapper. It is measured to be around 0.04 kilograms. One of the lightest zappers.

What Makes Buzz b Gone Zap Special bug zapper

A lot of things. There are many insect zappers sold today. Buzz b gone seems special due to some unique features.

See some of them

1: It is Compact, Lightweight, and Portable
2: Durable battery
3: Ergonomic design.
4: Effective, Affordable, and reliable
5: Noiseless
6: Tough
7: Guarantee high quality
8: Easily remove dead and clean.
9: Cordless.

(Buzz b gone Reviews) CONS

1: It is only sold online
2: Limited stock
3: No remote control
4: Can not be charged using solar power
5: You might need more than one in an extremely larger space
6: Need time to kill all the mosquitoes in your home.

Buzz b gone Zap vs other bug zappers

Buzz b gone Zap and other zappers are related in design. Almost the same approach but a different company. Buzz b gone Zap is cord-free, looks more effective, and is more versatile.

Prices of course differ. Buzz B gone Zap looks cheaper, though the company is selling it at a discounted price which if they stop will be like some zappers.

Buzz B Gone Zap vs mosquito Repellent

Both products do entirely different things. The only thing they have in common is that they are produced by man, sold by man, and sold to a man.

Here's the thing.

Mosquito repellents are mostly in liquid form. Their work is to repel mosquitoes away from objects including human beings. They don't kill mosquitoes.

Secondly, they are chemical-based solutions. Advertised to be free from any side effects but look risky most times

In terms of cost, some repellent might look cheap at first but you Keep buying. That is another difference. Buzz B Gone Zap is a one-time investment, provided that you are charging it.

Buzz B Gone Zap vs FAN

Fans do distract most bugs, so is a solution. It is free from harmful substances, not really portable, makes some noise, sometimes looks like it is distracting people, and doesn't kill mosquitoes or any other bugs.

See the difference

Buzz B Gone Zap uses an electrical method and it can attract and kill bugs while fans, a mechanical system only distract them. Don't kill at all nor attract.

Effect Of Buzz b Gone Zap On Our Environment

Yes, it is worth knowing. Sometimes protecting yourself from danger leads to another potential danger.

Here's the good news, buzz b gone Zap has no environmental effect. It uses an entirely different way to handle bugs and mosquitoes. The Ultraviolet light it emits does not affect pets and other things.

It is odorless, so it can't cause any pollution. It is entirely safe.

Materials Used In Buzz b gone Zap

The manufacturer claimed to use the best materials on the market. It looks to be true because they have been in the industry for a long and are known for producing quality electronics gadgets. Consumer reports are also positive.

Buzz b gone Zap instruction manual

Buzz b gone zap comes with a readable and understandable user manual. It covers things like how to set it up, precautions, and some helpful tips. Check it here

Buzz B Gone Zap Price

The Price ranges from $39.99 to $109.97.

Here's how it is arranged

1X buzz b gone zap cost $39.99

2X buzz b gone zap cost $79.98

3X buzz b gone zap cost $89.98

4X buzz b gone zap Cost $109.97

This is a discounted price as of the time of writing. The company might change the price policy without notice. We recommend buying at this price.

Check the updated price at

Where To Get Buzz b Gone Bug zapper

Buzz b gone bug zapper is exclusively available online; at the official website. They claim to have several secured payment platforms and also offer them at a discounted price and promised to ship them in the shortest time.

In terms of availability, they said that it is currently available for sales and has enough customer care service to attend to any potential buyers. For more purchase information, contact their customer care at checkout.

What Is Included In The packs

When your buzz b gone Zap arrives, check for a cleaning brush, micro USB charging cable, and instruction manual.

In case you don't see the above items, contact them for replacement. The company claims to replace it once they receive the information, though it is rare.

Buzz b Gone Zap Return Policy

The manufacturer said that their return policy is valid for 30 days. Contact their customer service to process your refund.

For total refund, they said that

1: The product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn, and its original packaging.

2: Product packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.

3:The product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

How Can Buzz b gone Zap help

In addition to other things, buzz b gone Zap saves money. At first, some repellent seems to be the best in terms of cost but they can finish and you keep buying. Once you buy buzz b gone zap you don't need to do that again. In the long run, it saves a lot, and we love anything that we save our readers money.

Why Mosquito Bite Is Dangerous

Mosquitoes are real human hunters and disease spreaders. Only female mosquito bites. Wondering why there is a lot of mosquito repellent and zapper, perhaps, knowing some diseases it can spread might help.

Malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, Yellow fever, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya are some severe diseases. A mosquito bite is dangerous and leads to a variety of mild, occasionally serious, and rarely life-threatening allergic reactions. A round, red bump with a dot in the center is a popular symptom. If you experience any of this, seek medical attention instantly. Mosquitoes are dangerous insects and need serious measures.

Buzz B Gone Zap Alternatives

Buzz b gone zap is a very smart way of getting rid of bugs and insects but it is not the only technique.

Here are other things that might help.

1: Chemical repellent
2: Mosquito netting and traps
3: oscillating fans
4: Some outdoor soaps
5: Essential oils
6: Coconut oil
7: Candle, garlic, and camphor
8: sage and rosemary
9: Basil, lemon balm, and listening

All these are potential safety measures for bugs and insects. For many reasons buzz b gone zap seems to be the best option. Other bug zappers might help as well.

Information About Buzz B Gone Zap Manufacturer

Buzz B Gone bug zapper is manufactured by A Hong Kong-based company, Strong Current Enterprises, Ltd. They are specialized in consumer electronic gadgets.


Latitude: 22.2803800672
Longitude: 114.178891182

Headquarter Location
Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buzz B Gone zap

How large an area can it cover?

There is no specific area it can cover. Its performance depends on the environment, the more distracting lights the less area. The good news is that it zaps and kills mosquitoes. For best results, try using it in a medium-size space, like your personal space, it works just fine.

How effective can it be when used outdoors?

Whether indoor or outdoor, it is very effective. For outdoor use, don't use it when it is raining or when there is a strong wind. The wind itself is distracting mosquitoes because they are weak flies.

The purple LED light is not turning on when I rotate the rotary switch. What might be the issues?

Ensure that it is fully charged before turning it on. Once on, you will hear a click sound. Otherwise, something might be wrong, contact the customer service for professional advice.

Will the device function while charging?

Not recommended to use it while charging unless you must do that.

Here's the reason

Charging and using it works fine but you are weakening the battery because once in this mode it will take a longer time to charge meaning that it is charging slowly. Slow charging is good but not that great. In the long run, the battery cells might be damaged.

Does Buzz b Gone Zap Bother pets?

No, it is entirely safe to use in your home.

Does it work on all mosquitoes?

Yes, it is designed for bugs and insects, just leave it running for two hours. Buzz b gone will kill any mosquito.

What does my warranty cover?

It covers any manufacturing defects.

Does it make Noise?

Not at all, it is a true silent killer.

What Other Buyers Have Said About Buzz B Gone Zap

Daniel W, from the US, says that he never believed Buzz B Gone zap ever had a chance against the bugs to talk more about mosquitoes. I have seen the ads before but I couldn't believe it. A friend visited and advised me that I should try. I placed my order and my order arrived as it was estimated. I read the manual and do the stuff it said. It works like magic. I thought I had wasted another $40.

Another user from the United States says that he was very pleased with it. It charges quickly and holds a charge all evening. My wife and I can enjoy our backyard drinks without being chased into the house. It is really helpful, we love it. My daughter will go back to school with one.

Louise D. From Portland said that he received Buzz B Gone zap and was pleasantly surprised at the truly portable size! It charged quickly through a standard USB port. It is a great decorative tabletop accessory. This little device is perfect for a small area. It glows softly which is quite nice and not distracting at all. Mosquitoes are attracted to it and zap!!

Mark P from Los Angeles, CA said that he is always drinking coffee with BUZZ B GONE zap on the table next to me. I did not pay any attention to this device. I finished my coffee and took a look at the device to carefully examine if any mosquitoes were caught there. And yes! There were a lot of them. It works. I'm impressed!
It might work for you.

Brooke K. Said
"I Love this gadget. It is very easy to use and a great idea on the go. I have this "tennis racquet" to hit mosquitos, but BUZZ B GONE zap is so much easier and it does the job by itself without me catching or hunting the mosquitos down. It charges faster and stands the test of time. Work well both indoors and outdoors. I would recommend it."

Final Thought On Buzz-B-Gone Zap Reviews

By now you must have known more about buzz b gone bug zapper. Whether it will work or not. The product is currently available for sales and the consumer reports are very impressive.

It makes no sense to compare buzz b gone zap with other bug zappers or some mosquito repellents. The truth is that both work but you get what you paid for.

For some readers who have an interest in buying, we recommend getting from the official website, there are similar insect zappers around. To avoid getting another package order from buzz b gone zap manufacturer.

Any problems, contact their customer care service. They will always help as the maker claimed.

The price policy might change anytime without notification. So in case you see another price, don't be surprised. Buzz b gone zap is at $39.99 for the time being.

Affiliate Disclosure

This link contained in this article might result in Little commission to us if you buy from it. This is at no cost to you. It is a way to help us to create awareness like this.

Thank you for reading our review.


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