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Buzz B Gone Zap Review; Why do I need BuzzBGone?

04-28-2021 12:05 PM CET | Health & Medicine

Press release from: BUZZ B Gone

Buzz B Gone Zap Review

Buzz B Gone Zap Review

If you happen to live in tropical areas especially and in the woods generally, there can be very nasty bugs around that you can bite or sting you and thereby leave you with very unpalatable scars and pain. Mosquitoes especially account for about five very deadly diseases of which they are: malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika fever and the West Nile virus. These problems certainly need to be taken care of.

Although there are various other ways that had been employed in the past to control this bug problem such as physical control and chemical control. We now have a simple electricity based device to do all that dirty work for us.
Of course, prevention is better than cure hence the need for something effective. This article presents us with the ‘Buzz B-Gone Zapper’. This device is particularly useful where you have bugs flying and crawling all around. It is a chargeable device that attracts bugs to itself and zaps them.

You also do not need to worry about if any substances it contains can harm you. The Buzz B Gone Zap is free from harmful chemicals that only has negative effects on the bugs and insects. It comes with useful features such as a carry handle, ultra violet light, a USB charging cable and a rotary switch.


Buzz B-Gone is an electricity powered bug-killing device that is electrically operated and can be used to get rid of problematic insects in and around the house. It works by emitting purple LED light that attracts bugs and insects to the center of the device and they are then electrocuted.

The ultra violet light is coloured purple because studies have shown that insects, particularly mosquitoes are more attracted to purple light
It comes with features needed to function properly such as:

A carry handle
A USB charging port
Electric wire grid
A non-slip mat
A purple LED light source
A rotary switch


The Buzz B Gone Zap Review is a bug killer that is known in more formal quarters as n electrical discharge insect control system. It works as follows:
There is a light source placed within an enclosure of an electrical grid. This light attracts flying insects towards it. The electrical grid then electrocutes the insects with a high voltage.

Bug Zappers like the Buzz B Gone have been around since the early 20th century. In 1911 the Popular Mechanics magazine published a piece which displayed a model fly trap which included the electric light and the electrified grid. The device had a dimension of 25 by 38cm and had 5 incandescent light bulb. The interior was supposed to be baited with meat by users of this bug trap.

Away from that history, presently modern bug zappers are housed in a protective cage usually made of plastic or grounded metal bars. This is to prevent larger animals from accessing the high voltage grid of wires around it.
They also retain much of the early designs in terms of lighting just that now the light source is an ultra violet light. ultra violet light is visible to insects and attracts them to it.

Then we talk about the wire grid: There is a pair of interleaved bare wire grids or at times spirals which then surround the ultra violet light source.

The light source is particularly useful because before the invention of artificial light we use, flying insects used the light from the stars and the moon to navigate at night. Now we have light sources which serve as an artificial moon to them, they then confuse these bugs thereby interfering with their natural light source. So, they heavily tend to navigate towards these artificial light thereby causing a nuisance to us.

Ultra Violet Light is chosen in the construction of bug zappers because of the preferences of insects towards it as opposed to red and yellow lights
Usually, there is a distance of about 2mm between adjacent wires. A high-voltage power supply powered by mains electricity then generated a voltage of about 2 Kilo Volts. Electric current flows through the body of the insect that tries to go through to get to the light it is attracted to and it heats it to a high temperature.

However, The impedance of the power supply and the arrangement of the grid is such that it cannot drive a dangerous current through the body of a human.
Many bug zappers are fitted with trays that collect the electrocuted insects; other models are designed to allow the debris to fall to the ground below. Some use a fan to help to trap the insect.

Other variations of the bug trap are external traps which do not kill biting insects but attracts harmless and beneficial insects and also some hand held types often in the shape of a tennis racket to hit flying insects. These devices are Lithium ion battery powered.


Step One: Use the USB cable to charge up the device. The LED indicator then turns red to indicate charging then turns green when the indicator is fully charged

Step Two: To then activate the Buzz B-Gone, turn the rotary switch and you will hear a click and indication of a purple LED light.

Step Three: Place the Buzz B-Gone zapper in your room corners or hang it. You can leave it there for a minimum of two hours. The Buzz B-Gone then traps mosquitoes and other flying insects.
At the end of use or after you wake in the morning, you would find a small circle of dead insects around the base of the unit. You can then proceed to sweep them off including some that may still be trapped by the zapping unit.


The pros of the Buzz B-Gone zapper include;

Rechargeable battery: The Buzz B-Gone makes use of a rechargeable battery. There is a USB cable included in order to recharge the bug zapper’s battery
It is very portable: because of the previously mentioned point of a rechargeable battery, it is a portable device that can be carried almost anywhere. It is also portable due to its sheer small size. It is about the size of a can of milk and this also makes it easy to carry around.

There are no harmful chemicals used: Unlike some other insect control devices, the Buzz B-Gone zapper contains no extra chemicals like insecticide or pesticides that cam be harmful to people in the house and even the environment. The Buzz B-Gone solely relies on electricity for its insect control.

Use of purple LEDs: This makes it very effective for killing mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are more attracted to purple LED lights ans they fly towards the bug zapper and eventually get zapped.
It would certainly eliminate nasty bugs: With all the factors put together, you would certainly get an effective result from the Buzz B Gone

Very user friendly: You don’t need any special knowledge of pest control to use this device. You just plug, play and let it work its magic.

It is affordable: So many Mosquito repellant products has been made and sold for large amount of money. Get the best product at an affordable price which am sure you wont see elsewhere.


It has a relatively small area of coverage: You won’t necessarily cover a large area of space when using it. It is often limited to your bedroom area or whatever room you are using it in. I advise you get more than one if you want the best effect throughout your house.

It can only be gotten online: You can only purchase this Buzz B-Gone bug zapper on their official website. Though this can be useful to prevent fraud, it can be a bit tedious when you cannot get it off the counter as it were. You would have to wait for it to be shipped to you.

It has limited availability: Because of the high demand for the Buzz B-Gone zapper, it has caused a drop in the available number of units so it is best you quickly order it to get an available unit.

It kills more insects indiscriminately: It would eliminate your regular insect pests like mosquitoes and also has the tendency to kill the less harmful ones that you don’t intend to.

Dead bugs "mist" created by vaporized bug parts: There can be quite a mess made in form of a mist when the bugs are killed.

More expensive than some other insect control devices: It tends to be more expensive than other electric based insect pest control devices such as the bug light.

Replacement light bulbs for zappers more expensive than bug lights: It can be quite expensive when you are using the zappers as it can not easily affordably be replaced as opposed to alternatives like bug lights.


Q: Can I use Buzz B-Gone Zap safely around children and pets?
A: The Buzz B-Gone Zapper contains no harmful chemicals or substances and is thus ideal for use with children and pets.

Q: Do I need a power supply in order to use the Buzz B-Gone?
A : Not necessarily. The Buzz B-Gone Zapper is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged via the USB cord provided.

Q: For someone like me who is not technology savvy, how easy is it to use Buzz B-Gone Zapper?
A: You absolutely need no special technology experience. You only need to take it out of the box, charge it with the provided USB cable, and you're ready to go! You can stand it up or hang it almost anywhere. To clean it is as simple as sweeping mosquitoes and debris from the electric coil with the included brush.

Q: Can I use the Buzz B-Gone to control mosquitoes?
A: Yes you can. ultra violet light insect electrocution devices like the Buzz B-Gone are purchased in huge quantities by home owners due to their demonstrated ability to attract and kill thousands of insects over a twenty four hour period. 

Q: Who came up with the brilliant Buzz B-Gone Zapper concept?
A: The Prestige Alliance Enterprises, Ltd. is the company behind this ground breaking new mosquito repellent. It is an Hong Kong based firm and has been the topic of several recent blog reviews. They are most notably known for their gadgets and technological tools, which have grown in popularity in the United States of America this year.
You can contact Prestige Alliance Limited via the following:

Q: Are there some advice or hints I can take to get the best out of my Buzz B-Gone zapper?
A: Tip #1: In order for you to get the best results, you need to set up the Buzz B-Gone Zap in the desired area of the building and keep it running for a minimum of two hours. This will eliminate any mosquitoes or other flying insects within the region.
Tip #2: Since the system relies on the purple LEDs to attract insects, it is in your best interest to keep the surrounding ambient light to a bare minimum. Too many lights on are often overwhelming, and you'll not get the results you would like.

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: Yes, there is. The manufacturers of the Buzz B-Gone Zap offer a 30 day refund. This refund applies only if the Buzz B-Gone unit is unopened and unused.. If you have not opened or used your Buzz B-Gone Zap, then you can request a refund which excludes the original shipping costs of $8.95 to $11.95 per order within 30 days of your original purchase date. In addition, the company does not offer refunds on any used or opened products. Despite claiming to offer a satisfaction guarantee, the company does not accept refunds if you used the Buzz B-Gone Zap and were unsatisfied with its performance.


Buzz-B-Gone has been a trend for quite a long time and has been available for purchase online. On the official website, the bug zapper has had a lot of positive feedback, but there aren't many reviews elsewhere. Most buyers believed that it works as advertised to kill mosquitos with minimal effort.
Customers have posted the following BuzzBGone Zapper testimonials online:

Henry says: "I was sceptical initially that this device would work, but i need to say I'm very happy with it." It charges quickly and stays charged during the evening. My wife and that i can now enjoy our drinks within the backyard without being chased into the house by mosquitoes! We're getting tons more out of our summer now."

John says: "As soon as I read the testimonials, i noticed Buzz B-Gone was the important deal. It utilizes an equivalent equipment because the thousands-of-dollar commercial bug zappers used on restaurant patios. I built one in each of our bedrooms because we roll in the hay the windows open. If we're getting a barbeque, I even take one outside. It repels ALL mosquitos and attracts flies and other bothersome insects as well!"

Lucy says: "My dogs like evenings on the deck, but the bugs feast on them, which they dislike it!" I took my Buzz B-Gone Zap with me, and it worked well. There will be no more mosquitoes, and therefore the puppies are going to be ready to relax in peace."

William says: "I'm reclaiming my season." I understand that mosquito bites are unpleasant. Yet, they were much worse for me. The bites cause an allergy , and therefore the itching and swelling are intolerable. I tried some salves and lotions, but they were far more painful to my skin than mosquito bites! It's a good thing Buzz B-Gone exists! It allows me to enjoy the evening outside instead of being cooped up inside sort of a prisoner."

Samuel says: "Last spring was extremely wet, with many sunshine. Mosquitoes were fully effect, making time on the patio even less fun. I was doubtful that this insect zapper would work, but it does an incredible job of reducing pests while we're outside having fun. It's quick to empty and equally very transportable."

Angela says: “It really works! I have had many zappers over the years but none have actually killed mosquitoes. This one does do that and does it well. I would recommend it highly to anyone.”

Jason says: “I love that this product comes with useful light indicators, so you don't need to turn it on and off constantly in order to save the electricity cost and also to not have to make noise when you are trying to kill the bug. The previoud one I got was very noisy unlike this one. The price for the Buzz B-Gone is also very reasonable I have just used it for two days and obviously all flying insects fly around my house less now”.

Josh says: “This is merely the second night of me using this Buzz B-Gone but it's been the foremost satisfying thing to observe .”

Cathy says: “There's a hoard of mosquitoes during a ball swarming around it and each half second may be a satisfactory zap and discharge .”

Andy says: “These are perfect to have everywhere. I love the portability and the durability. I also love not having so much to waste on a daily basis controlling mosquitoes”.

Chris says: “My dogs love lounging on the deck within the evenings, but the bugs feast on them and that they hate it! I put my Buzz B-Gone Zap out with them, and it works sort of a charm. No more mosquitoes and therefore the pups can lounge in peace.”

Grace says: “Listen, i buy it – nobody likes mosquito bites. But for me, they were even worse. I get an allergic reaction to the bites, and the itching and swelling are unbearable. I tried variety of salves and lotions, but they were even harder on my skin than the mosquito bites! Thank goodness for Buzz B-Gone Zap! It lets me enjoy the evening outdoors instead of being trapped inside like a prisoner.”

Jack says: “It was really warm last Spring with lots of sunshine. The mosquitoes were call at full force making patio time much less enjoyable. I was skeptical initially that this insect zapper would do the job, but it actually works very well to reduce the pests when we’re enjoying our time outside. It’s easy to empty and very portable too.”

Mary says: “I was surprised at how small this unit is for the value and marvel at how light it's . I have put the Buzz B Gone outside 3 nights in a row. So far, it has killed an average of a dozen flying insects per night - mostly gnats. I am trying to protect seedling fruit trees with this device. This bug zapper doesn't appear very sturdy but I have no way to know if it will last through the season. Honestly, i feel my fly paper is attracting as many insects because the zapper. Only time will tell.”
Emmanuel says: “I put this zapper near the entrance of my sunroom in my house. I haven’t noticed any more mosquitoes in the house. It works!”


You can get it on the official website so you can be sure of an authentic version. You can even get a 50% off promo currently so do well to order soon.
The price list is as follows depending on the quantity of Buzz B-Gone units purchased at once:
One Buzz B-Gone Zapper for 39.99 dollars
Two Buzz B-Gone Zappers for 79.98 dollars
Three Buzz B-Gone Zappers for 89.98 dollars
Four Buzz B-Gone Zappers for 109.97 dollars

In addition to these, there is a refund policy but only on unopened and unused products. If you opened and used Buzz-B-Gone, but were unsatisfied with the results, then you cannot obtain a refund. If you have not opened or used Buzz-B-Gone, then you can request a refund (minus shipping costs) within 30 days. You must return the unopened package to the manufacturer to complete the refund process.


This Buzz B-Gone zapper would be a great addition for your family for your almost inevitable bug problem and particularly the more dangerous mosquito issue.

With a sufficient battery life, you can get an up to two hour period of work when you charge it fully
It uses safe components so you need not worry about any harm to your skin or even inhaling any chemical substances. You just plug and play.

Its portability has also been a source of attraction to the users. You can carry this device anywhere you go especially since it is a rechargeable bug zapper.
It also goes for a very affordable price for between 39 dollars and 109 dollars depending on the number of purchases. In fact, presently you can get a 50 percent discount so you have nothing to worry about here. Just enjoy your new bug-free life.

UAB Ekomlita
Gedimino g. 45-7
LT-44239 Kaunas
Phone: +1 (916) 999-9982

Phone: 855-378-9408
Mailing Address: 48 Bi-State #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675

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