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Winter ladder safety tips for homeowners

Press release from: Browns Ladders

It is dangerous to perform outdoor tasks in winter – especially when working at height. If you must clear snow or ice, and ensure you follow these ladder safety rules.

When venturing outside to clear snow or ice from your roof, remove broken tree branches or take down your Christmas lights, be careful when using your ladder.

There is a much higher risk of falling in harsh weather conditions. Ladder falls can happen to the best of us, even indoors.

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that you use extreme caution when removing ice and snow from a roof.

It goes on to recommend that you ‘call a professional if you do not feel safe performing the work yourself’.

However, people often believe they are quite capable of clearing roofs themselves without taking safety into consideration at all.

In the current hazardous environment, with ice and snow on the ground, if you are thinking about clearing your roof or using a ladder for some other reason, hire a professional to do it for you.

If you fall, you could miss the holiday season because of an injury, or worse, you could have a fatal accident.

Many people have been seriously injured or died simply because they didn’t obey safety rules while using ladders and extension ladders.

To ensure you are not on the receiving end of a ladder accident, be careful to follow these ladder safety tips:

Ensure the weight the ladder supports and does not exceed the maximum load rating – including both the ladder user and the materials used. Only ever allow one person on a ladder at a time.

The ladder must be the proper length for the job – a minimum of around three feet extending over the work surface. Never stand on the top three rungs of the ladder.

Single, or straight, extension ladders must be set up at around a 75-degree angle and all metal ladders must have slip-resistant feet.

Always be aware that aluminium ladders will conduct electricity. If working near power lines or other electrical equipment, use a wooden or fiberglass ladder. Never ever let a metal ladder make contact with any materials in contact with live electric wires.

When using extension ladders, ensure all locks are properly engaged.

Always check the ground under the ladder – ensuring it is both level and firm. If it is not, you can level uneven or soft ground using large flat wooden boards under the ladder.

It is wise to have someone else manning the ladder at the bottom to help keep it secure. Do not leave your ladder unattended.

Never ever place your ladder at the front of an unlocked door. Accidents can easily happen if someone walks out of the door.

Remember to keep your body in the centre of the rails of the ladder at all times and under no circumstances never lean on either side while working.

Use appropriate ladders for the tasks at hand. Never step on the top step or try to use the rear section of a step ladder.

Most importantly, always follow use instruction labels on ladders.

For more information on different types of ladder safetyextension ladders and ladder safety, visit http://www.brownsladders.co.uk.

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