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Interflon Fin Super lubricates cleanly and offers long-lasting protection.

Press release from: Interflon USA
Interflon Fin Super is for use in industry and in the home.
Interflon Fin Super is for use in industry and in the home.
Interflon Fin Super is a high-performance, all-purpose lubricant and protective coating spray with MicPol. Specially formulated to withstand extreme industrial environments, but with hundreds of applications in the home as well, it is now available to the general American public on Amazon, where it's finding an audience amongst cyclists, do-it-yourselfers, mechanics, and equipment owners, to name just a few.

After application, Fin Super dries to a clear, solid film that offers the lowest possible coefficient of friction, repels water and dirt, and is extremely durable and resistant. This film is dry to the touch and has no greasy feel. It refuses particle adhesion, so it won't create the abrasive paste that most oily or greasy lubricants do. While other well-known 'dry' sprays are easily washed away or create a messy white powder, Fin Super stays clear and solid, resisting even high-pressure water spray and extreme temperatures. Fin Super is so good at creeping that it can even penetrate sealed bearings, where it disperses existing moisture, breaks up rust, and coats every available surface.

Fin Super has only a very light odor, is colorless, and will not stain fabric. It can be safely used indoors with no protective clothing or ventilation required.

Fin Super is ideal for use on chains, bearings, rollers, hinges, springs, and anything else that needs to move freely, resist wear, or remain free from rust. In situations where deep rust has already taken hold, apply Fin Super and allow to soak for several minutes, then manipulate until free. Very corroded items may require longer soaking times or additional applications. Once Fin Super has been applied, it will penetrate layers of rust, breaking them up and preventing the formation of new oxidation or corrosion. Fin Super also lubricates and rejuvenates plastic and rubber.

Fin Super is dielectric. It can be sprayed directly onto electrical connections, where it will create an insulating layer that protects wires and contacts from corrosion. For example, an application of Fin Super to the exterior of the electrical contacts on a boat trailer will help keep the contacts protected from repeated immersion in water, even salt water.

MicPol, the lubricant technology present in Fin Super, is comprised of micronized and polarized lubricant particles. The micronization gives the lubricant excellent penetrating ability, while the polarization allows lubricant particles to adhere magnetically to surfaces. This allows Fin Super far greater staying power than its competitors, with coatings lasting up to ten times as long as other similar products.

Interflon also manufactures a food-grade lubricant, called Food Lube, which possesses all the same qualities of Fin Super and is certified NSF H1, kosher, and halal.

Interflon USA manufactures lubricants with exceptional performance for industrial and food-stuff plant equipment maintenance. Our products reduce maintenance cost and power consumption while promoting component reliability and factory output. Our portfolio includes industrial NSF® listed lubricants in all current viscosity grades for first assembly, repair and maintenance work. Similarly, we can provide you with cost saving cleaners and readily biodegradable products. Interflon's unique MicPol® technology lubricants reduce friction more than conventional lubricants.

William Kowalski
Director of Online Operations
Interflon USA
555 Route 78, Suite 403
Swanton, Vermont
05488 USA
(877) 346-5823

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