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MilitaryConnection.com Launches the Veteran Art Connection

Press release from: Military Connection

· VeteranArtConnection.com features an online gallery of work created exclusively by Veterans of our Armed Services suffering from PTSD

· Online Gallery has pieces available for purchase

· The Veteran artist gets 50% of the sales after production costs and the art therapy organization gets 10%

· VeteranArtConnection.com turns art therapy into an entrepreneurial method for Veterans

MilitaryConnection.com is pleased to announce the launch of Veterans Art Connection, a joint partnership with Visions For Vets, that features an online gallery of art produced by America’s military heroes. The artwork, created by Veterans as a method of therapeutic release, will be featured and available for purchase in an online gallery. Alan Rohlfing, MilitaryConnection.com’s Editor-in-Chief was critical in negotiating the project. “I spent over 30 years in uniform and I’ve seen a lot of my brothers and sisters struggle over the years. It wasn’t until I spent time getting to know the artists that are working with the Visions for Vets organization that I realized how much of a game-changer that art therapy can be. Hearing how the healing power of art has made such a powerful, positive difference in many of their lives...it is truly inspirational.”

Visions for Vets, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a program designed by a Veteran for other Veterans that utilizes art therapy techniques as a treatment for PTSD, lifelong disabilities or any other issues that have been a result of a soldier’s military service. Prior to now, Visions for Vets has been a safe outlet for self-expression and a critical step in the healing process. Through this partnership with MilitaryConnection.com, Veterans are able to turn the results of their therapy into an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Art therapy has been proven to be an effective therapeutic method in the relief and reduction of tension and anxiety. In the instances of our retired servicemen and women, it also provides the opportunity for self-expression, healing and achievement of self-awareness. “You can not create a pot without being centered,” says Visions for Vets founder Scott Beaty. Beaty, a 20-year-service veteran and disability sufferer reminds us all that “PTSD does not equal broken. You work with clay and when it all falls apart, you have to remember that it is just a piece of clay. You start over and build again and that is OK.” Many of these Veterans, including Beaty, have been on disability and unable to work since leaving active duty. The Veteran Art Connection supplies these men and women with a unique opportunity to heal their invisible wounds through the power of art while establishing a possible revenue stream for their future.

Participating veteran artists have a building excitement as well. Lisa Conway, Visions for Vets artist: “Veteran Art Connection was up and running before I knew it! I am proud to be a featured artist on the website. I have been impressed by the professionalism and I am looking forward to finding out if my art has been purchased. I am immensely grateful. It made my day to watch the video and see my art displayed for the world wide web to see! Amazing!”

MilitaryConnection.com is the “Go-To” site or the one-stop shop for Veterans, active military and their families. The site features a real-time job postings board with new employment opportunities for candidates across the country.In addition to the job postings board, MilitaryConnection.com is loaded with information that has proven helpful for active and retired military, military spouses, families, retirees and more. From writing a competitive resume and cover letter to preparing yourself for the interview; from finding a local place to get your free flu shot to picking an exercise that works best for you, MilitaryConnection.com has your needs covered.

MIlitaryConnection.com is the “Go-To” site for Veterans. With offices in Missouri, California and Maryland.

The Veteran Art Connection is the place where healing meets entrepreneurship. Veterans often experience a mix of emotions when they come home from deployment. Acclimation to civilian life is difficult, especially considering many of them bring home a delicate baggage from their time overseas. PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder – is a disorder that can develop when a person has witnessed and survived something shocking, devastating or traumatic. There are a wide variety of treatment options available for PTSD patients. One of the most effective treatments is art therapy. Art therapy allows veterans to express themselves and the trauma they have survived without putting words to the events.

MilitaryConnection.com has partnered with Visions for Vets to bring this healing collaborative project to the public and turn personal statements into entrepreneurial masterpieces. We are proud to launch Veteran Art Connection, the online gallery that will feature the products of art therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and other service-related injuries and ailments. The results of art therapy are as varied as the stories of the veterans who created them.

Art therapy as a means of healing from trauma has proven success. In addition to finding relief from PTSD and other invisible disabilities, art therapy increases self-awareness, boosts, self-esteem, reduces tension and anxiety and can help alleviate physical pains. PTSD is just one of many lifelong disabilities that face the men and women who serve in the armed forces. Combat Veterans often face difficulties maintaining gainful employment when acclimating to civilian life in addition to battling their disabilities.

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