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“The Laundrywoman” by Samuel Caulcrick is published

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ISBN #978-1789554069

“The Laundrywoman” by Samuel Caulcrick is published

About the Book:

The global shift of conventional bank savings accounts to stocks in the 1990s inspired a purposefully created investment conglomerate, whose methods made the mafia ownership of Laundromats across the U.S.A in the seventies pale in comparison.

From little-known oil-soaked islands in West Africa, The Farm, a rogue organisation, sprung from the ruins of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. It operated only within the limits of the imagination of its founding fathers. The Farm's purpose was evil and its methods unspeakable, as it mingled slush funds of questionable origins into the pool that contained the genuinely-earned assets of ordinary hard-working people.

It grew with global complicity, starting in the United Islands, crisscrossing the globe, across the seas and sands to Somalia - funding high-sea piracy, and in the West, it was the very highest level of politics.

Excerpt from Book:

“Sunrise was thirty minutes ago, earlier than expected; the sun bathes the city crimson as it leaves the shadows of the city skyline, to the west, across the city plains.
Inside, Raymond lies in near total darkness, unsure of his whereabouts – unthinking. He could be brain dead. A bright pinhole camera image of an object that perches on a protrusion outside is the only source of light. It is the first thing he notices as he opens first one eye and then the other. He cannot find words to describe what may be a bird; however, he has an inner peace that feels cool. Having a state of complete emptiness would be fun. The impression on the wall, in any case, looks fuzzy and inverted – must be a bird; the more he tries to figure out what the image is, the more puckered the brow on his face becomes. He soon gives up.
He continues to struggle and reckons his brain, or is it the gyroscope or whatever, inside his head must have toppled. His orientation at the moment is not the best. Where is he, in any case? He remains motionless, lies on his back with his two legs outstretched. Without too much thought, he drags the right leg inward towards the centre of the bed, until that foot rests flat, squarely on the satin bedcover. The raised knee points to the ceiling, obscuring the image on the wall.
Words trickle back to his brain, and he begins to question what woke him up. Perhaps, it was the supposedly internal biological clock that people always said he had, ever since the academy. How he hated the reveille in the army. He remains motionless and listens, and can hear the gentle whine of the air conditioner, but something else seems to invade his privacy. Surreptitiously, he scans the room with only his eyes.
Voila! Lying at the far end of the king-sized bed is a figure snoring rhythmically. Still not knowing their whereabouts, he looks at the person intently, maybe too fixedly and discovers it is the lady he was with last night. His eyes become moist, from consuming every inch of the woman’s half sheet-covered nudity. Bit by bit, his memory crawls back, and he is now sure they are in his room, and lying in his bed. He, however, remains fixated on her.”

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