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Open Wide: Dental Malpractice

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In most cases when something thinks about dental care, the last thing they think about is the need for surgery. However, when surgery is necessary in order to adjust or resolve a dental issue, there is a possibility that the dentist may leave some part of his or her equipment in the jaw or mouth, if the dentist is not as attentive as he or she ought to be. This results in what is referred to as dental malpractice.

In instances where a surgical procedure or treatment leads to the use of equipment while working on the jaw or within the mouth, as with all forms of surgery, errors are bound to occur. One of the worst types of medical errors that can occur is one in which an instrument is left inside areas that could become infected or damage parts of the tooth or mouth. In cases where a dentist is unable to remove it or was not aware that one of his or her tools has broken during the procedure this forms grounds for dental malpractice. One article points out that, “the victim often needs another dentist or medical practitioner to resolve the matter which increases costs for him or her”.

At times, it is a routine procedure done by a dentist, such as a tooth extraction, whereby a tool could break during the treatment. In other instances, the dentist is unable to find the broken pieces or may be unaware that anything happened. In some instances, the broken bits are so small that the individual may not even become aware of an issue until an infection or pain occurs later. If undetected the problem may persist or become worse over time. When the infection is treated with medication this does not resolve the issue as it is necessary to remove the broken pieces of instrument.

A Crowson Law Group attorney stated the following; “It is at the point of discovery of the broken pieces that a dental malpractice suit is born. The Alaska statute of limitations is limited to 2 years after discovery of the injury or harm. As a result, an injured patient must file the dental malpractice lawsuit within 2 years of discovering that pieces of the dental instruments were left in their mouth.”

Once the patient discovers that there are broken instrument pieces in his or her mouth, there are many options to pursue. One article notes that, “For a quick fix or immediate remedy, the patient could contact the same or another dentist for removal. If the same dentist is used, the dentist could perform the procedure free of charge.” However, the incident may lead to litigation in many cases. It should be noted that while the patient may receive compensation, such compensation can be reduced if the patient is partially at fault as a result of moving, jerking quickly or distracting the dentist while he or she has the instrument in the mouth. 

In most medical or dental malpractice cases plaintiffs choose to settle out of court. Such actions may result in the case being confidential and depending on the Anchorage medical malpractice attorney handling the case, it could result in fair compensation for the patient.

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