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Delphi2Cpp 1.2.0: converts Delphi code for compilers like Visual C++ or gcc now too

Press release from: Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz
Translating properties
Translating properties

The program Delphi2Cpp was made to convert Delphi code to C++. The extended C++ of the CBuilder compiler was the primary target of the first version of Delphi2Cpp, which was published three months ago. With the new update this limitation is overcome, because optionally Delphi properties can be eliminated now.

The use of "properties" is a fundamental language feature of Delphi, that makes it difficult to translate it to C++. Only in the special CBuilder-C++ has a counterpart for this feature. The new version of Delphi2Cpp can eliminate these properties automatically. They can optionally be replaced by couples of functions: one function for reading the property and another function for writing the property. Depending on the kind of access to a property, it is replaced by the one or the other function in the code. So the translation of the code is possible not only for the rarely used CBuilder but also for the widespread Windows Visual C++ Compiler and Linux gcc.

Furthermore Delphi2Cpp 1.2.0 offers the possibility of preparing translation tables. With the translation tables the notations of identifiers are determined in the generated C++ code. In Delphi the notation of an identifier doesn't matter, in C++ however, the identifiers are case sensitive. Till now, the notation found by chance first was taken as a standard notation. By means of the translation tables desired notations can be fixed from the beginning. In addition, it is possible with these tables to rename identifiers completely, so that e.g. the calls of special Delphi functions are replaced by calls of C++ functions named differently.

Finally the quality of the translation result is increased considerably in Delphi2Cpp 1.2.0 compared with the first version of this program. Still a manual post-processing of the generated C++ code can be required now and then. For the code generated with the current version, however, such cases are much rarer than before.

For more information, visit www.texttransformer.com/Delphi2Cpp_en.html

Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz has been working for many years as software developer in different employments (measurement data evaluation, tabulation software, workflow application, artificial intelligence). He is an independent developer since 2002 and specialized on all kinds of text remodeling: text analysis, text extractions, text replacements and text conversion: e.g. log file analysis, data file conversions, source to source translations etc.

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