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Transatlantic connection – A comparison of different standards for trailer connectors

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Cable short adapter from SAE J560 plug to ISO 1724 socket
Cable short adapter from SAE J560 plug to ISO 1724 socket

To be internationally successful, a company needs internationally applicable products. With connector systems, for instance, there is the problem that various industrial standards are valid all over the world. Therefore, the compatibility of connectors from different countries cannot always be guaranteed, and the applicability of a particular system is limited. An example for that is the 7-pin trailer connector which is used in the commercial vehicle and agricultural industry: These connectors are designed according to the standard SAE J560 in the USA and according to the standard ISO 1185 in Europe. However, taking a closer look at the standards, it can be observed that they are not that different.

SAE J560 and ISO 1185 – Connectors for commercial vehicles

In 1951, the American standards development organization SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) introduced the norm J560 to create a standardized connector system for trailers in the area of commercial vehicles. It was meant to control ABS systems and lighting units of trailers. About twenty years later, a similar standard was developed in Europe, and as a result, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) introduced the norm ISO 1185 in 1971. Both norms describe a 7-pin connector system for transferring electrical signals from towing vehicle to trailer. A remarkable fact is that the systems are intermateable – an SAE J560 plug fits into an ISO 1185 socket and vice versa. However, problems may arise when combining the standards: European trucks operate on a supply voltage of 24 V while American trucks merely use 12 V. However, the lower voltage causes a higher strength of current. This situation entails that the SAE-norm, which is tailored to the American conditions, has to be able to bear higher currents thus needing bigger cable cross-sections than the European ISO-norm. So if an American truck is equipped with a plug according to the standard ISO 1185, an overheating of the cables may occur due to the low cable cross-sections.

ISO 1724 – The European standard for the agricultural industry

Taking a look at the agricultural industry, the situation is a different one: For agricultural trailers, the load on the connectors is not as high as for truck trailers. Therefore, the current is lower, and the application of plugs and sockets according to ISO 1185 in the USA is possible without any problem due to the intermateability of the standards. First of all, European exporters of agricultural machinery can benefit from the compatibility and equip their vehicles with European connector systems. For instance, John Deere, manufacturer of agricultural vehicles, has been using respective ERICH JAEGER sockets for its tractors which are built for the American market for a long time now. However, in Europe, the prevailing industry standard for trailer connectors in the agricultural sector is yet another one. Due to the lower load agricultural trailers have to bear, the standard ISO 1724 for 7-pin 12 V connectors has been established. This norm again is not intermateable with SAE J560 but the cable cross-sections fit for application on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, nothing more than a simple adapter – for example by ERICH JAEGER – is necessary to establish the compatibility of the different standards.

The company
Erich Jaeger GmbH + Co. KG was founded in 1927 in Bad Homburg, Germany, and is part of the AdCapital AG, Stuttgart, since 1998. About 500 employees world-wide work, in close co-operation with the customers in the automobile, commercial vehicle and agricultural industry, on innovative solutions in the areas of wiring, plug-in connections, electrics/electronics, and trailer couplings up to series production. In addition to the headquarters in Friedberg, Jaeger maintains subsidiaries in France, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and China as well as sales offices in Italy, Sweden, and Poland. The annual turnover amounts to approx. 34 Mill. Euros.

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