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Processing many text files at once (TextTransformer 1.2.0)

Press release from: Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz

There is a completely redesigned transformation manager now for the convenient choice of lists of source and target texts for a processing by TextTransformer projects.

With TextTransformer texts can be evaluated, extracted or converted in an individual way. However, nowadays many software projects don't consist of a single text file any more, but in a variety of files, which can be distributed over different directories. Typical examples are a web site or a programming project. With the new transformation manager the extraction, evaluation or conversion projects can easily be applied to an arbitrary collection of source texts now.

To do this, the source files are put in a table. Every row either contains a single file or a folder. The choice can be carried out via corresponding selection boxes. Corresponding filters can specify the files of a folder. It is also possible to exclude single files or folders from the processing explicitly.

Options can be set for the planned transformation on a second tabulator page of the transformation manager: Files can be overwritten or renamed systematically or they can be recreated newly at another place. In the latter case different folder structures can be chosen. A backup is made automatically.

There is a table with a preview of the list of the files, which are written at the transformation on the third tabulator page of the transformation manager. It is possible again here to exclude individual files.

The success of the processing is finally logged on the result page of the transformation manager.

The lists of files and the options can be stored and loaded as a so-called "management". So the processing can be executed again, when the source files have changed. A stored management also can be used for the control of the TextTransformer command line tool.

A concrete example of a simple application of the TextTransformer is the update of version information of different modules of a software project. This example is represented online:


In the example both the TextTransformer project and the following execution in the transformation manager are presented.

Interesting for developers:

The execution of TextTransformer projects out of programs of one's own is possible for developers now too, which don't have the professional version of the TextTransformer.
There is a free CBuilder package now (Delphi will follow), by which you can load the TextTransformer interpreter.

The TextTransformer package consists of three components:

- TTextStringTransformer for the transformation of a string into another string
- TTextFileN2NTransformer for the transformation of one text file into another one
- TTextFileN21Transformer for the transformation of several text files into a common destination file

Versions, prices and availability:

The standard version (with transformation manager and extended interpreter) can be downloaded as a 30-day trial version under http://www.TextTransformer.com/downloads/TetraInst_en.exe. As soon as the test period has passed, the functionality is adapted to the free version.

With the professional version of the TextTransformer a ready transformation program can be exported as c++ program code and so included into other software products. So the core of the TextTransformer is bootstrapping self.

The standard version costs $ 98 and the professional version costs $ 394, both availably under http://www.texttransformer.com/Registration.39.0.html.

In the free version the features of the standard version are restricted, however, it has almost all possibilities of analyzing texts and carrying out simple text manipulations. It can be downloaded here: http://www.texttransformer.com/downloads/TetraInst_en.exe

Further information about the versions, the PDF manual etc., you find at: http://www.texttransformer.com/Downloads.27.0.html

Further technical details on the IDE, the parser-generator, the interpreter, the debugger or code production (only the professional version) you find at: http://www.texttransformer.com/Technical_details.32.0.html

Pictorial material like product logo and screenshot is in our press area under http://www.texttransformer.com/Press_service.87.0.html provided for you.

Dr. Detlef Meyer-Eltz has been working for many years as software developer in different employments (measurement data evaluation, tabulation software, workflow application, artificial intelligence). He is an independent developer since 2002. After more than three-years of development version 1.0.0 of the TextTransformer could be published.

Detlef Meyer-Eltz
Burggarten 16
20535 Hamburg

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