Tribal Art Hunter Guides Collectors of Ancient Art Through Legal Pitfalls

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(openPR) - FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, March 6, 2012 – The Director of Tribal Art Hunter has written an article entitled, “Tribal Art: Collecting Made Easy and Ethical.” Stacey A. Giulianti, Esq., an attorney and Managing Director of Tribal Art Hunter, wants collectors to purchase with confidence. “Simple guidelines and rules of thumb – along with appropriate advice, when necessary – will keep the average collector far away from any potential infractions,” Mr. Giulianti wrote.

The overarching rule, Giulianti emphasizes, is that collecting artifacts is both generally legal and historically necessary. “No one should be intimidated or fearful of following this wondrous pursuit.” In the article, Mr. Giulianti explains the major laws which impact tribal artifacts, and gives straight forward advice for staying within bounds.

Specializing in ethnographic – also known as tribal or primitive – art, Tribal Art Hunter assists clients in purchasing historical artwork of the highest provenance, negotiating prices, appraising artifacts, and assembling collections for customers of all levels and interests. Tribal Art Hunter has worked with private collectors, corporate entities, art dealers, and the design trade, assisting their clients in making the best possible decisions regarding their artifact purchases or sales.

For private collectors, Tribal Art Hunter assists both in one-time purchases as well as creating long-term collection strategies, utilizing its broad-based knowledge of market costs and trends. For interior designers and fine art dealers, Tribal Art Hunter brings the added dimension of authentic artifacts to their clients’ homes and businesses.
“The legal trade in historically significant artifacts permits dedicated collectors the ability to buy, sell, trade – and cherish – important mementos of human history,” Mr. Giulianti writes in his essay. “By following basic guidelines, and using expert advice when necessary, the acquisition and protection of cultural works of art can coexist.”

Tribal Art Hunter consults and sells in the area of primitive art for collectors, art dealers, and interior designers. The experts at Tribal Art Hunter work closely with clients in art purchasing and negotiation, documentation, valuation, sales, appraisal, liquidation, and exhibition.

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