Cash Unclaimed Hopes to Find Owners of Unclaimed Money

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(openPR) - December 6th, 2011, Huntington Beach, Ca – According to recent reports, State and Federal Government Treasuries are holding onto billions in unclaimed money. The missing money typically comes from uncashed paychecks, child support or alimony payments, IRS refund checks, inheritance and estate funds, stocks, bonds and dividends.

The money and property held by these State and Federal Treasury offices are first reported abandoned or unclaimed by the company in question. This can happen when a person changes jobs, fails to report a change of address or it can happen upon a person's death. The money is then sent to State and federal Treasury accounts so that the rightful owners can step forward. Typically money only reaches the Treasury accounts when it has been abandoned for a period of three years. However, Treasury officers urge individuals to conduct searches for missing money using a secure database. Cash Unclaimed is one such database and can help anyone all over the country locate and claim missing money.

Treasury officials are desperately trying to empty the State and Federal accounts, but those efforts have not been very successful. In fact, many Treasury officials are reporting problems with finding the rightful owners or heirs of this unclaimed money. The money is reportedly sitting in accounts waiting for those owners to come forward, but Treasury officials so far have been at a loss on how to reach so many people. Cash Unclaimed hopes to change that by offering free searches all over the United States.

Cash Unclaimed checks the databases from all 50 states and even federal databases in order to search for lost or missing money. The search will tell users if there is any is any money owed. The users can then verify the money and claim it using the service. The user will then receive a check in the mail for the amount owed. The process is designed to be fast, easy and convenient so that all of the missing money can go to the individuals who rightfully own it.

About Cash Unclaimed: is considered one of world's largest databases for locating unclaimed money, Cash Unclaimed is hoping to reconnect the rightful owners and heirs to billions of dollars in abandoned and unclaimed money and property. Cash Unclaimed offers users a free search where it will search all fifty states and federal treasury databases and users can even verify the missing money and claim it, where it will then arrive as a check in the mail. To learn more about Cash Unclaimed and to conduct a search for unclaimed money all over the U.S., visit the database at:

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